Worksheet on Word Problems on Measurement


Practice the concerns
given up the worksheet on word issues on measurement.

1. Rachel has a rope of length 40 m. She offered 12 m 53 cm to
Sam, 18 m 35 cm to Ron and 9 m 7 cm to Jack. What length of rope is still left
with Rachel?

2. John has actually a container filled with juice. After he put 350 ml
of juice in each 8 glasses he was still entrusted to 200 ml juice in the container. What
was the capability of container in liters?

3. An employee moved 50 bags of rice weighing 38 kg 500 g each into a truck. The weight of empty truck is 1480 kg. What will be the weight of the truck with the bags?

4. Jane has 63 m of ribbon , if she cuts 56 m 21 cm ribbon.
from it, what length of ribbon will be left?

5. Victor wishes to make a book tower of height 48 cm. , if the

density of each book is 12 mm, the number of books will he require to make the
preferred height?

6. Adrian needs to take 2 spoons of multivitamin syrup each
day. What amount of syrup will be if the capability of the spoon is 15 ml
taken by him in a week?

7. Neil has a bag of pulses which weighs 25 kg. While
putting them in the rack, he tore the bag and for this reason 1850 g of pulses fell on
the flooring. What amount of pulses is still there in the bag?

8. A box of frozen veggies weighing 144 kg 780 g was
provided at a grocery store. , if there were 15 packages of equivalent weight inside

package, what was the weight of each bag?

9. Menasha took a trip 86 km
520 m by train and 11 km 480 m by cars and truck. What range did she take a trip in all?

10. In a grocery store, there
was 2510 kg 350 g of wheat in the early morning. Throughout the day, 890 kg 600 g of
wheat was offered out. Just how much of wheat was left in the store at night?

11. A tin includes 10 l 150 ml, a 2nd tin includes 5 l 750
ml and a 3rd tin includes 3 l 875 ml of ground nut oil. What is the overall
amount of oil?

12. An individual purchases 3 m 30 cm of fabric and stitches a.
t-shirt utilizing 2 m 48 cm of it. Just how much fabric is left?

13. Maria purchases 2 l 500 ml of milk daily. Discover the overall.
amount of milk purchased by Maria in a week.

14. Aaron purchased for 18 boxes of sugary foods each weighing 1 kg.
250 g. Find the overall weight of the sugary foods.

15. If 9 cups of equivalent mass are made out of 1 kg 530 g of,

silver, what is the mass of each cup?

If 24 metres of fabric is required for 10 t-shirts, just how much.
fabric is required for one t-shirt?

Anju made 14m 10cm of rope on the very first day and 12m 15cm on the 2nd day. What is the overall length of rope made by Anju in 2 days? 18.

Raj took a trip 750km by cycle and 142km by bus. Just how much did he take a trip in all?

19. Hari purchased 222kg of veggie. He offered 111kg veggies. Just how much is he entrusted to now? 20.

A milk cubicle had 150/300ml of milk. He offered 501 200ml of milk. Just how much milk he left now? 21.

Ram purchased 5kg 400g sugar and 2kg 100g rice. What was the overall weight of posts? 22.

A carpenter had 26kg 350g of glue. 14kg 230g of glue spilled. Just how much glue he is he entrusted to now? 23.

Sita purchased 3600g mangoes and 550g apples. What was the overall weight of the fruits? 24.
The weight of Ajay is 62 kg 50 g which of Sanjay is 58 kg 35g. Whose weight is more and just how much?

25. 3 tins include 28195 ml, 46150 ml and 181 90 ml oil. Discover the overall amount of oil in the 3 tins? 26.
Kamal took a trip 345 km by train, 48 km 765m by cars and truck and 36 km 990m by scooter. What is the overall range that he covered?


Answers: 1.

0.05 m 2.

3 liters 3.

3405 kg 4.

6.79 m 5.

40 books 6.

Worksheet on Word Problems on Measurement

210 ml 7.

23.15 kg 8.

9.652 kg 9.

98 km 10.

1619.75 kg 11.

19.775 l 12.

0.82 m 13.

17.5 l 14.

22.5 kg 15.

0.17 kg 16.

2.4 m

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