Two Dimensional Shapes and Lines | Plane and Curved Surfaces


Two dimensional shapes and lines are talked about here.

All solids are 3 dimensional fits. Solids are covered by faces. Hence the external covers of a strong are called faces, i.e., surface areas. These surface areas might be aircraft or curved. The cuboid, cube and so on have aircraft surface area, while sphere has actually curved surface area. Some solids like cylinder have both aircraft and curved surface areas.

3-D shaped solids are covered by 2-D surface areas. A line section is formed if any 2 points are signed up with. In this chapter airplanes and lines will be talked about.

2-D aircraft figures

A 2 dimensional aircraft figure is gotten if the lays out of any face of a 3 dimensional face are drawn.

Two dimensional shapes

Consider the following aircraft figures

( i) Rectangle

( ii) Square

( iii) Triangle

( iv) Circle

( i) Rectangle:

The summary of a face of a cuboid kinds a rectangular shape. It has 2 sets of opposite sides i.e., it has 4 sides. The opposite sides are equivalent. It has 4 corners i.e., vertices.

Here the name of rectangular shape is rect. ABCD.

A, B, C, D are corners or vertices of the rectangular shape.

vertices of the rectangle

( ii) Square:

The lays out of a cube make a square. All its sides amount to each other.

It has 4 vertices or corners.

PQRS is the name of the square whose sides PQ = QR = RS = SP and P, Q, R, S are 4 corners.

four corners or vertices of Square

( iii) Triangle:

A triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners.

DEF is a triangle whose sides are DE, df and ef.

The triangle has 3 vertices or corners called D, E and F.

three corners or vertices of triangle

( iv) Circle:

The summary of the aircraft surface area of a cone forms a circle.

It has a centre whose range from any point on the summary is constantly the exact same.

This range is called the radius of the circle.

A circle has no side and no corner.

no corner and no side of circle

The surface areas of rectangular shape, triangle, circle and square are aircraft surface areas. All the surface areas or faces of cuboid, cube i.e., books, matchbox, and so on are called aircraft. The surface area of a sphere i.e., ball is curved surface area. A cylinder and cone have both curved and aircraft surface areas.

Color the Geometrical Shapes:

Color the triangles Blue

Color the Rectangles Green

Color the Circles Yellow

Color the squares Red

Color the Geometrical Shapes


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