Tom Bridges visits and speaks at the COAST water wave laboratory at the University of Plymouth


This week (31 October to 2 November) Tom Bridges went to the Coastal, Ocean, and Sediment Transport (COAST) Laboratory (link here) at the University of Plymouth. He was participated in the see by Hamid Alemi Ardakani, from the University of Exeter. Their host for the see was Simone Michele. Hamid, Simone, and Tom have a network grant from the Newton Institute for cooperation. Tom and Hamid were provided a trip of the research study and the laboratory centers, after which Hamid and Tom lectured, providing an introduction of present research study on water waves at their particular organizations. The title was “ Exeter-Surrey water wave tasks: wave breaking, wave forecasting, and wave energy harvesting“. The image listed below programs the water-wave basin at COAST in action.



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