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Here we will go over about the 4 seasons
and the period.

Generally, we have 4 seasons in a year.

They are spring, summertime, fall and winter season

The Four Seasons

Each season lasts for about 3 months.

Some months are too hot and some are too cold. The duration of hot months is called the hot or summertime season. The duration of cold months is called the cold or winter.

In in between the summertime season and winter season
season the sky frequently stays cloudy and it rains a lot. This rainy and cloudy
season is called the rainy season.

After the winter, for about 2
months it is neither too cold nor too hot. There is excellent weather condition all around.
This duration of lovely weather condition is called the spring season.

Thus, there are 4 primary seasons.

S. No.





of the seasons

Summer season

Rainy season




from April to June

from July to.

from October.
to January

February to March

Kids let’s take pleasure in the story about seasons.

The story about seasons:

One day, the seasons had an argument. Every one of them stated, “ I am the very best!“.

seasons, the story about seasons, spring, summer, autumn

Spring stated, “I am when flowers flower and it is fresh and green all over. Birds fly and pests have a good time with brand-new flowers.”

stated, “Yes, however I am when the sun shines brilliantly and it feels too hot.
to do anything. Individuals consume ice-cream, take pleasure in cold beverages and consume tasty.

Autumn stated, “I am when trees shed their leaves and cover the earth in orange luster. The air feels cool.”

stated, “I am when individuals use woolen clothing, gloves and caps to keep.
their bodies warm. They get to consume hot chocolate. Birds fly south for.
the winter season since it’s too cold.”

Since they could not choose who was best, they concurred that they were very important since one might refrain from doing without the other.

In India, the year is divided into 6 seasons.

They are:

Shishira; Vasanta; Grishma; Hemanta; Varsha; Sharada

Each of these seasons lasts for about 2 months.

Look at the following images to comprehend the chain of seasons and their period:

Chain of Seasons

Shishira: January – February

Vasanta: March – April

Grishma: May – June

Varsha: July – August

Sharada: September – October

Hemanta: November – December

The seasons are not utilized for determining time.

We require various kind of gowns for each season.

Even the food products vary from season to season.

Note: Time and period of season modifications from location to location.

Kindergarten kids can have a good time checking out the stories about the seasons and likewise share the story with your good friends. In kindergarten mathematics knowing activities kids can take pleasure in an enjoyable time activities.

Children can gather the images of things utilized in summertime and winter. They can make 2 various seasons images colorfully and can hold on the wall.

Worksheet on The Story about Seasons:

1. Fill out the blanks:

( i) Hemanta follows __________.

( ii) Grishma comes before __________.

( iii) Sharad is available in between __________ and __________.

( iv) Vasanta begins in the month of __________.

( v) In September and October, it is __________ season.

( vi) __________ is available in between Vasanta and Varsha.

( vii) __________ comes simply after Sharad.

( viii) Shishira ends in the month of __________.

( ix) The most popular season is __________.

( x) __________ comes prior to Sharad.


1. ( i) Sharada

( ii) Varsha

( iii) Varsha; Hemanta

( iv) March

( v) Sharada

( vi) Grishma

( vii) Hemanta

( viii) February

( ix) Grishma

( x) Varsha

2. Which season is most ideal for the following?

( i) To utilize a blanket or a quilt throughout night __________.

( ii) To utilize umbrella __________. (* ) ( iii ) To consume ice-cream __________.

(iv )To utilize cotton clothing __________. (* ) ( v ) To utilize woollen clothing __________.


2. (* ) ( i ) winter season (* ) season

( ii )r

ainy season( iii ) (* ) summertime season (* ) (iv) summertime season

( v) winter

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