Paul Bergold visits and speaks at the University of Wisconsin and Yale University


After his see to UCLA (link here), Paul Bergold headed east and checked out the Wisconsin Quantum Institute at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. His host there was Prof Micheline Soley. Paul lectured on Monday 16 October on his brand-new Koopman technique for mimicing blended quantum-classical characteristics that he has actually been dealing with with Cesare Tronci The title of his talk was “ Bridging the Quantum-Classical Divide in Molecular Dynamics: The Koopman Method” (event page here). After that Paul took a trip to New Haven Connecticut, where he invested 3 days in Prof Batista’s group at Yale. On Friday, 20 October, he provided another discussion on his Koopman technique. Victor welcomed John Tully, Sterling Professor emeritus of Chemistry (wiki page here) to the talk. Prof Tully established the popular surface area hopping algorithm (a blended quantum-classical technique that integrates quantum mechanical impacts into molecular characteristics) and proposed the so-called Tully designs, which are now popular criteria designs and are utilized to evaluate simulations for various circumstances of non-adiabatic procedures in quantum chemistry. Cesare and Paul utilize the Tully designs to penetrate their brand-new hybrid technique, and Paul stated it was a terrific honour for him to provide his outcomes straight to Prof. Tully. The very first picture listed below programs Paul with Prof Soley, and the 2nd picture reveals Paul with Prof Batista’s group, with Prof Tully on the far.

thumbnail MADISON
thumbnail YALE


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