Numbers from 1 to 5


Numbers from one to 5( in words) represent the
number names or spelling from 1 to 5. When.
trainees discover counting the numbers from 1 to 5, in addition to the number names or spellings it.
assists them to discover quickly. Examples of number names 1 to 5 are offered as follows.

1 is composed as one,

2 is composed as 2,

3 is composed as 3,

4 is composed as 4 and

5 is composed as 5.

Let us discover spellings in English for.
composing number names 1 to 5.

We utilize signs to compose these numbers. This chart will assist the trainees.
to remember 1 to 5 number names in English.

Numbers From 1 to 5

Numbers names 1 to 5 can assist the kids to discover how to compose any.
If its mathematical kind is offered, number from 1 to 5 in words. If the.
number names or spelling in English is offered they can compose the number. More.
practice makes kids ideal for counting and spellings. If trainees.
modify reading, spellings and composing numbers from 1 to 5 regularly.
they will acquire it quickly.

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Numbers From One to Five

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