Numbers and Counting up to 20 | Numbers From 11 to 20


We will find out numbers and counting up to 20 to acknowledge the characters 11 through 20. Counting numbers are really crucial to understand so that we can comprehend that numbers have an order and likewise have the ability to count numbers quickly. In our reality we can relate numbers to amounts.

Let’s learn more about numbers and counting up to 20:

Numbers 11 to 20:

Let us count roses and write.

Oh! Yes, these are TEN roses and one more.

We call one more than 9 as TEN.

Same way,

One more than one ten makes ELEVEN.

ELEVEN is written as 11.

Let us learn more numbers.


One Ten and One more make ELEVEN

We compose it as 11


One Ten and Two more make TWELVE

We compose it as 12


One Ten and Three more make THIRTEEN

We compose it as 13


One Ten and Four more make FOURTEEN

We compose it as 14


One Ten and Five more make FIFTEEN

We compose it as 15


One Ten and Six more make SIXTEEN

We compose it as 16


One Ten and Seven more make SEVENTEEN

We compose it as 17


One Ten and Eight more make EIGHTEEN

We compose it as 18


One Ten and Nine more make NINETEEN

We compose it as 19


One Ten and Ten more make TWENTY

We compose it as 20

Write numbers from 11 to 20. One is provided for you.



Number Name

10 and 1 more make




10 and 2 more make




10 and 3 more make




10 and 4 more make




10 and 5 more make




10 and 6 more make




10 and 7 more make




10 and 8 more make




10 and 9 more make




Two groups of 10 is




It’s really crucial to understand about numbers;

1. To acknowledge the characters.

2. To understand that numbers have an order.

3. To relate or reveal numbers to amounts.

Learning numbers and counting up to 20.

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