NC3R awards Carina Dunlop a £135k grant for a 4-year PhD studentship on digital twin development


NC3R (National Council for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research) has actually granted Carina Dunlop, in collaborationi with Dr Paola Campagnolo (FHMS, Surrey), a ₤ 135,000 grant for a 4 year PhD studentship. The title of the task is “ Developing a digital twin of 3D vascular systems to study haemorrhagic viral illness“, and a link to the statement together with task description is readily available (link here). The primary goal is to establish a cellular level in silico design of 3D multicellular vascular organoids to examine haemorrhagic illness and possible drug screening to change making use of mice. The screenshot listed below programs the NC3R announcment.



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