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Gauging time will certainly assist us to do our everyday work with time. We
rise from bed early in the early morning, do our job throughout the day time, as well as go
to bed during the night.

We understand that, the sunlight throughout the day as well as when there is
no sunlight it is evening time.

Early morning, night as well as evening are called components of a day.

A week has 7 days. The days of a week are Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
as well as Sunday

The day time as well as evening time with each other make a day The day.
starts with daybreak as well as finishes at the following daybreak. However in the English-system the
day is thought about from one twelve o’clock at night to the following twelve o’clock at night. This particular day has period
of 1 day.

In gauging time eventually is the basic device of time. A.
large device of time is the year. When one year finishes, the following year starts. The.
existing year is 2023rd year.

In a year there are 365 days. Some years are of 366 days.
There are twelve month in a year. All months do not have equivalent variety of days.

’30 days have September, April, June as well as November. All the.
remainder have 31 days. Other than February alone, which has 28 days clear yet 29 in.
each jump year.’

A jump year is one whose number.
is divisible by 4.

For instance, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and so on, each is divisible by 4. So, such years are called jump years. In every jump year, February is of 29 days.

Right here is offered the series of months of the year in addition to the variety of days each has:

Identification Number


























Variety of days


28, 29 (in jump year)











There are 7 months called January, March, May, July, August,.
October as well as December which have 31 days. There are 4 months called April, June,.
September as well as November which have thirty day. There is just one month February.
which has 29 days in a jump year as well as 28 days as a whole.

Concerns as well as Solutions on Gauging Time:

I. Suit the adhering to tasks with the components of the day.

( i) Early Morning



( ii) Evening



( iii) Night




( i) → 3

( ii) → 1

( iii) → 2

2. Place a tick mark (✔) in the proper box.

( i) The sunlight beams throughout this time around.

Day Evening

( ii) The celebrities twinkle throughout this time around.

Day Evening

( iii) When the sunlight increases, it is ________.

Day Evening

( iv) When the sunlight collections, it is ________.

Day Evening

2. Observe the photos as well as create what time of the day it is (morning/evening/night).

Morning Evening Night

3. Phone number the occasions from 1 to 4 to organize the cluttered photos in the proper order of taking place.

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