Long Division Word Problems Worksheet | Division Worksheets


In Long Division Word Problems Worksheet you will get various kinds of reality long department with one-digit divisors.

1. 32 toffees are similarly divided amongst 8 young boys. The number of toffees does each kid get?

2. There are 7 days in a week. The number of weeks exist in 56 days?

3. 35 women were divided into groups. If 1 group had 5 women, the number of groups were formed?

4. There are 72 chairs in a hall. These chairs are set up in rows. Discover the number of rows if each row has 9 chairs.

5. The expense of 7 pencils is 21 rupees. What is the expense of 1 pencil?

6. One package consists of 8 biscuits. The number of packages will have 48 biscuits?

2nd Grade Math Practice

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