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We will discover number 10.

How to teach number 10 to your kid?

Ask the kid to get 10 things from a collection of products such as books, crayons, pencils and reveal it to you.

10 Tens

Some of the concerns are provided below will assist your kid
to understand effectively about the principle of number 10.

Number 10

Number Ten

9 and 1 more make 10

The number 1 more than 9 is called 10.

Number 10


The Number 10

I. Circle the number 10

Learn Number 10

II. Count and compose:

III. Count and rite the number:

Count and Write the Number 10

IV. (i) Draw 10 circles.

( ii) Draw 10 triangles.

( iii) Draw 10 squares.

Preschool Math Activities

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