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Journey from the Wolfram Data Science Boot Camp to "Creative Data Analysis"

When I went to the 2019 Wolfram Data Science Boot Camp as a trainer, I had the enjoyment of conference Professor Fei Du and Davis Mo, the youngest Boot Camp alum to date. I do not believe any of us anticipated our discussions from the camp to become our partnership on the book Creative Data Analytics: Computational Recipes to Gain Insights into Business.

Fast forward to this fall, and Professor Du is utilizing Creative Data Analytics as the main book in a brand-new company information and development course in the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. This ebook has a project-based format with ingrained apps for live calculation and comparable coding examples that need no previous coding experience.

Focus on New Insights from Data First, Then Computation

During Wolfram’s Data Science Boot Camp, each participant is motivated to select a task that functions as a running style for the 10-day camp. This typically causes better, particular conversations on how to use calculation to each individual’s private interests.

Creative Data Analytics leans into that concept even further. Teacher Du explains the spirit of the ingrained apps completely when she states, “Want to make something tempting? Get to the enjoyable part rapidly.”

In each chapter, the enjoyable part is presenting a concern to be addressed through information analytics. Readers then utilize an ingrained app to instantly begin determining outcomes. This might be analysis of text, images, video or spreadsheet information.

For example, does McDonald’s usage various site images for their various markets in the United States, Brazil and Indonesia? Chapter 2 has a mouse-driven application to get an instant feel for these kinds of patterns:

McDonald's international analysis

This interactivity is a main factor the book is just offered as an ebook. Each chapter is provided in EnterpriseCDF, so these ingrained apps run in the totally free Wolfram Player, Mathematica or Wolfram|One.

Computational Recipes to Spark Creativity

The mouse-driven apps are just the start of the journey. After checking out information through this particular lens, each chapter then details a computational dish in Wolfram Language for that kind of information analysis. Readers discover the structure obstructs in Wolfram Language to produce their own special analyses:

Those of you familiar with Wolfram Language understand that you can get here at really beneficial outcomes with very little coding, which is clearly valuable in the context of this book. The computational dishes are suggested for beginners to Wolfram Language or beginners to coding in basic. Wolfram Language has a big scope, varying from calculus to manage theory to cryptography. Creative Data Analytics

concentrates on the locations of Wolfram Language most pertinent for information analysis. While the tasks concentrate on styles in company and accounting, the computational dishes can be utilized for information analysis throughout numerous fields and disciplines.

About the Authors

Professor Fei Du went to the 2019 Data Science Boot Camp with Davis Mo, who wound up being the camp’s youngest alum to date. Davis’s interest in mathematics and computer technology, along with his being regional to Urbana-Champaign, very first led the 2 of them to the camp.

Steps of writing "Creative Data Analytics"

I’ve been fortunate enough to team up with both of them on this job, along with the intermediate actions in between the camp and publication of the book, covering from July 2019 to March 2023. These actions consisted of composing code, arranging these code sectors into computational dishes, producing visual user interfaces (GUIs) and fine-tuning the language for business applications:

Wolfram Media as Publisher of Computational BooksWolfram Media When Professor Du initially thought about discovering a publisher for the book, we spoke about my experiences with Hands-on Start as a coauthor of the books. It didn’t take us long to choose Wolfram Media would be an excellent publisher for Creative Data Analytics

Wolfram Media is an even much better fit for Creative Data Analytics

, which may have readers who are usually curious about what’s possible utilizing modern-day computer system language and who might at first check out the book utilizing Wolfram Player.

For those of you who have an interest in the procedure of taking routine note pads and turning them into an ebook, or acquiring a customer copy of Creative Data Analytics, please do not hesitate to connect to me atWolfram Media I ‘d more than happy to share more about our experiences.

I hope this book assists you get more pals, trainees or associates thinking about calculation, or assists stimulate your own book concepts.(*) Find (*) Creative Data Analytics: Computational Recipes to Gain Insights into Business(*) and other Wolfram Language books from (*).(*)


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