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Now we will go over about the building of bar chart or column chart.
In quick let us remember about, what is bar chart?

chart is the easiest method to represent an information.

● In includes rectangle-shaped bars of equivalent width.

● The area in between the 2.
successive bars need to be the exact same.

● Bars can be marked both.
vertically and horizontally however usually we utilize vertical.

● The height of bar.
represents the frequency of the matching

For example, let us observe the following information of the bar chart.

The following information.
offers the info of the variety of kids associated with various.

Activities Dance Music Art Cricket Football
No. of Children 30 40 25 20 53

How to Construct a Bar Graph?

of bar graphs/column chart:

On a chart, draw 2.
lines perpendicular to each other, converging at

The horizontal line is.
x-axis and vertical line is y-axis.

Along the horizontal.
axis, select the consistent width of bars and uniform
space in between the.
bars and compose the names of the information products whose worths are to be marked.

Along the vertical axis,.
select an ideal scale in order to figure out
the heights of.
the bars for the offered worths. (Frequency is brought y-axis).

Calculate the heights of.
the bars according to the scale picked and
draw the bars.

Bar chart offers the info of the.
variety of kids associated with various activities.

What is Bar Graph?

Solved examples on building of bar chart:

1. The portion of overall earnings invested.
under numerous heads by a household is offered listed below.

Different Heads Food Clothing Health Education House Rent Miscellaneous
% Age of Total
40% 10% 10% 15% 20% 5%

Represent the above information in the type of bar.

Examples on Construction of Bar Graphs

2. 150 trainees of class VI have popular.
school topics as offered listed below:

Subject French English Maths Geography Science
Number of Students 30 20 26 38 34

Draw the column graph/bar chart.
representing the above information.


Take the topics along x-axis, and the variety of trainees.
along y-axis

Bar Graph Representation

Bar chart offers the info of.
preferred topics of 150 trainees.

3. Number of trainees in 5 various classes of a school is offered listed below. Check out the information and represent it through a bar chart.

Let us draw a bar chart to represent the offered info.

( i) Draw a horizontal axis and mark the points on the line to reveal class I, class II, class III, class IV, class V at hassle-free periods.

( ii) Draw a vertical axis and selected the 1 square = 25 trainees to mark the indicate represent variety of trainees.

( iii) Draw bars of equivalent density for each class keeping equivalent space in between the bars.

( iv) Give the title as variety of trainees in 5 various classes of a school.

Making a Bar Graph

4. The car traffic at a hectic roadway crossing in a specific location was tape-recorded on a specific day from 6am to 2 pm and the information was settled to the nearby 10s.

Time in Hours 6 – 7 7 – 8 8 – 9 9 – 10 10 – 11 11 – 12 12 – 1 1 – 2
Number of Vehicles 100 450 1250 1050 750 600 550 200

Bar Graph or Column Graph

Bar chart offers the info of variety of cars travelling through the crossing throughout various periods of time.

Reading a Bar Graph:

Information can likewise be revealed on other type of charts. We can make charts on squared paper. They are called bar chart. A bar chart has bars of various heights.

1. Take a look at the bar chart offered listed below. Each bar reveals the variety of ladies in the classes.

Read the bar chart & & fill in the blanks.

( i) How numerous classes exist in the school?

( ii) How numerous ladies exist in class 1?

( iii) Total variety of ladies in the school.

( iv) Total variety of ladies in classes 4 & & 5.

( v) Which class has optimal ladies?

2. The following bar chart reveals the various kinds of treats readily available at treats shoppy.

Read the bar chart & & fill in the blanks.

( i) How numerous treats exist in the treats shoppy?

( ii) How numerous sugary foods exist in treats shoppy?

( iii) Which treats are readily available in optimal number and just how much?

( iv) Which treats are readily available in minimum number and just how much?

( v) In just how much amount your preferred treat is readily available?


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