Checking Subtraction using Addition |Use Addition to Check Subtraction


We can examine subtraction by including the distinction to the smaller sized number. Let us see how.


Checking Subtraction using Addition

Since the amount of distinction and smaller sized number amounts to the bigger number, subtraction is appropriate.

This approach likewise deals with amounts that require regrouping.

More examples on Check subtraction utilizing addition

Find the distinction and examine your responses utilizing addition:

1. 82 – 48


Let’s attempt to deduct 48 from 82.

Therefore, the distinction is 34.

Now examine the subtraction is appropriate or not.

So, we include include distinction (34) and subtrahend (48 ). Then the the subtraction is appropriate, if the amount is equivalent to the minuend (82).

Therefore, the amount (82) amounts to the minuend (82 ).

Thus, we can state that the subtraction is appropriate!

2. Deduct 24 from 59.

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