Cesare Tronci speaks in a webinar on “Structure-preserving fluid modeling” hosted by Los Alamos


On Friday 13 October, Cesare Tronci was welcomed to offer the opening lecture at a Webinar, hosted by Los Alamos Laboratory, on “ Structure-Preserving fluid modeling“. The webinar was arranged by Josh Burby at Los Alamos and Chris Eldred at Sandia. The title of Cesare‘s talk was “ Mixed quantum-classical characteristics and its closure design s”. Other speakers consisted of Emanuele Tassi, Francois Gay-Balmaz, Michael Kraus, Philip Morrison, William Taitano, Cory Hauck, William Barham, Andrew Christlieb, Chris Eldred, and Josh Burby. A website with abstracts and other details is readily available (link here). The image listed below is a birds-eye view of part of the Los Alamos complex.


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