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2nd grade mathematics worksheets is thoroughly prepared and attentively provided on mathematics for the trainees.

Teachers and moms and dads can likewise follow the worksheets to assist the trainees. In 2nd grade mathematics sheets all the subjects concerns are covered. These worksheets can be utilized for home work practice. All kinds of concerns are covered in the research sheets for instance Geometrical Shapes, Two Dimensional Shapes and Lines, Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers, Numbers as much as One Thousand, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Measurement of Length, Measurement of Mass, Measurement of Capacity, Measurement of Time, Money, Data Patterns, and so on …

2nd grade mathematics lessons are followed by worksheets for the young students for increasingly more practice to make their abilities ideal that is found out in the lessons. According to your own option choose any 2nd grade worksheets to increase your understanding.

Second grade mathematics worksheets include an unique flavour and kindle the interest and interest of the trainees. If a trainee have any doubts in any of the specific concern in the worksheets or in any concerns he/she can call me or can send me a mail with that specific concern. As quickly as I see your concern I will definitely respond within 24 hours with the action by action service together with the description of that specific concern.

Below are the offered links to discover the worksheet of your option which contains totally free 2nd grade worksheets for your trainees or kids and they will have a good time while practicing the sheets.

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2nd Grade Math Test Paper

1. ( i) Write the order of letter “ N” in the word, MANGO

( ii) Write the odd numbers in between 20 to 40.

( iii) Write the location worth of 8 in 869.

( iv) What comes in the past and after 645?

( v) Arrange 654, 645, 456 and 546 in rising order.

( vi) How lots of centimetres exist in 1 metre?


1. ( i) 3rd

( ii) 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37 and 39

( iii) 800

( iv) 644; 646

( v) 456, 546, 645, 654

( vi) 100 centimetres

2. Resolve:

( i) 312 + 475 = _____

( ii) 67 + 25 = _____

( iii) 374 – 240 = _____

( iv) 58 – 29 = _____


2. ( i) 787

( ii) 92

( iii) 134

( iv) 29

3. Complete the blanks:

( i) A rectangular shape has _____ sides and _____ corners.

( ii) A cuboid has actually _____ rectangle-shaped faces.

( iii) A cone has _____ faces.

( iv) An almirah remains in the shape of a _____.

( v) A sphere has _____ edge.

( vi) A cone has _____ edge.

( vii) A cuboid has _____ faces.

( viii) A cylinder has _____ vertex.

( ix) A sphere has _____ face.


3. ( i) 4; 4

( ii) 6

( iii) 2

( iv) cuboid

( v) 0

( vi) one

( vii) 6

( viii) 0

( ix) 0

4. Do the following additions:

( i) 12 m 32 cm + 4 m 50 cm = __________

( ii) 35 m 24 cm + 15 m 59 cm = __________

( iii) 20 kg 309 g + 13 kg 210 g = __________

( iv) 84 kg 507 g + 38 kg 265 g = __________

( v) 36 ℓ 380 mℓ + 24 ℓ 610 mℓ = __________

( vi) 37 ℓ 613 mℓ + 21 ℓ 82 mℓ = __________


4. ( i) 16 m 82 cm

( ii) 50 m 83 cm

( iii) 33 kg 519 g

( iv) 122 kg 772 g

( v) 60 ℓ 990 mℓ

( vi) 58 ℓ 695 mℓ

5. Respond to the following concerns:

( i) Which is the 2nd day of the week?

( ii) Which day can be found in between Wednesday and Friday?

( iii) Which month has least variety of days?

( iv) How lots of months have 31 days each?

( v) Name the most popular season?

( vi) How lots of paise make one rupee?


5. ( i) Monday

( ii) Thursday

( iii) February

( iv) 7

( v) summertime

( vi) 100 paise

6. Take a look at the photo and fill in the blanks:

2nd Grade Math Worksheet

( i) The bird is flying __________ the tree.

( ii) The canine is sitting __________ the tree.


6. (i) over

( ii) under

7. Compose the variety of lines in packages:

2nd Grade Math Test


7. (i) Horizontal lines: 2

( ii) Vertical lines: 0

( iii) Slanting lines: 4

8. ( i) A space has 8 chairs. Discover the overall variety of chairs in 6 spaces.

( ii) A package includes 9 balloons. The number of packages will have 81 balloons?


8. ( i) 48 chairs

( ii) 9 packages

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