Volver a: How and When to Use This Common Spanish Phrase [With Quiz]



The Spanish expression volver a indicates ” to go back to” or ” to do something once again.”

So, for instance, the Juanes tune “Volverte a ver” indicates “to see you once again.” And volver a casa indicates “to return home.”

As a Spanish student, it’s exceptionally helpful to understand and comprehend how to utilize this expression, as it appears all over.

With this detailed guide, you’ll discover precisely when and how to utilize volver a in your own speech and composing!


1. Volver a + [Infinitive]

The Spanish verb volver usually indicates “to return.” That little

a can alter the significance of the verb somewhat. In lots of contexts, the Spanish expression volver a followed by an infinitive verb methods “to do something once again.” So, volver a llorar

indicates “to weep once again” and volver a comenzar stem-changing indicates “to begin once again.” Volver is a somewhat challenging — er verb, so to assist you out, we’ve offered here the conjugations for volver a


La maestra vuelve a intentar empezar la clase, pero los estudiantes no se callan.

today tense

Vuelvo a pedir disculpas por lo que te hice.


¿Vuelves a salir esta noche o te quedas en casa?

Here are a couple of example sentences in today tense to assist you master utilizing this extremely helpful expression:

( The instructor attempts once again to start class, however the trainees do not peaceful down.)( I ask once again for forgiveness for what I did to you.)( Are you heading out once again tonight or are you staying at home?)

2. Volver a in the Past and Present Perfect Tensespreterite Of course, present perfect volver a

does not only function in today tense. The ( past) and tense variations of this expression can be helpful and extremely typical.

In the

Me desperté, pero dentro de poco volví a dormir.

preterite (past) tense

Los jugadores volvieron a intentar meter un gol.

, conjugate

volver a like this: For example, you might state:

( I awakened, however I rapidly fell back asleep.)( The gamers attempted once again to score an objective.) The present best tense

¿Para qué has vuelto a mencionar eso?

is comparable. Those conjugations are:

This one is even simpler since you just require to discover the conjugations of haber and the participle past perfect vuelto.future tense( Why have you brought that up once again?)this website to conjugate Spanish verbs Using the essentials offered in this post, you ought to have the ability to utilize the expression

volver a in other verb tenses also– such as the or thethe FluentU program You can utilize

when you require a little assistance. Find more examples of

volver in any tense on , which utilizes numerous Spanish videos to teach the language naturally. 3. Other Meanings of Volver a[an action] As discussed at the start of this post, the verb

volver [a place] actually equates to “to return” and in most cases [at a specific time] volver a

indicates “to do once again.” However, this isn’t constantly the case. In many cases, it can likewise suggest “to go back to ” or “to return expression of time.” The secret is to take a look at what comes after the preposition


Después del almuerzo, volvimos a la oficina.

If it’s a location or an

Ellos salieron tarde y volvieron a las cinco de la mañana.

, the verb

volver in context most likely indicates “to return.” For example: ( After lunch, we went back to the workplace.)( They headed out late and returned at 5 in the early morning.)[a place] In these cases, [at a specific time] volver a

might be changed with

regresar a, which likewise indicates “to go back to or “to return

.” 4. Other Ways to Say “Do Again” in Spanish This post is everything about

volver a— however that’s not the only method to reveal the concept “to do something once again” in Spanish.

It’s excellent to diversify your vocabulary in order to increase understanding and sound more like a native speaker. Here are a couple of more methods to state the exact same thing in Spanish (we’ll likewise reveal how to alter these sentences to utilize

Vuelvo a decir que su plan no va a funcionar.

volver a

Nunca más vuelvo a…

5. Helpful Phrases with Volver a Volver a

Nunca más vuelvo a confiar en ella.

can be an extremely helpful expression in lots of contexts. Here are a couple of typical uses of it. Include these expressions to your collection to sound more like a native speaker immediately.

Volver a nacer
( I’ll state it once again …) Use this stating in arguments, arguments or whenever you require to highlight a point you’ve formerly made. Said with the best tone, it can sound extremely strong and can assist you repeat an especially strong argument.

( I’ll reiterate that your strategy is not going to work.)

( Never once again will I.)

In this post, we’ve primarily gone over the favorable uses of the term, however unsurprisingly, it can be utilized in the unfavorable. This stating assists you reveal things that you’ll never ever, ever do once again.

( I’m never ever going to trust her once again.)( To be born-again)Lo hecho está hecho This expression can describe something actually growing back (such as a plant) however it can likewise symbolically describe being restored (such as after a disease).

“Lo hecho está hecho, volví a tropezar con la misma piedra que hubo siempre.

It can likewise take a metaphorical, spiritual or spiritual significance, comparable to the English-language principle of “renewal.”( Selling all of my things and relocating to another nation resembled being born-again.)

Caer y volver a levantarse
( To fall back into exact same thing)

No siempre vas a tener éxito en el primer intento. Hay que caer y volver a levantarse.

This colloquial expression has a significance that the majority of us can connect to on some level. It

describes those times that you keep making the exact same error over and over once again– a lot like the English expression “tripping over the exact same stone.”

Shakira takes a various take on this stating in her tune

( What’s done is done): (” What’s done is done, I tripped once again on the exact same stone that was constantly there.”) ( Fall and return up once again) This expression is a fair bit more positive than the last one. It describes those minutes when you stop working however attempt once again.

it’s time to evaluate your understanding! What’s the proper conjugation for volver a in today tense very first individual particular ( yo

Continue >>> > What’s the proper conjugation for volver a

vuelvieron a volvían a Continue >>> >

ir de compras decir adiós Continue >>> >

Saldré a las 10 de la mañana.

Volver a un buen amigo

Ella volverá a la escuela.

volve a

volvieron a

vuelvo a

volviste a

vuelviste a volví a Continue >>> >

Nunca más _____ alquilar un coche de esa empresa después de mi experiencia con ellos.

volvieron a vuelven a volviste a

volveré a

Continue >>> > Spanish Quiz on “volver a” Keep practicing!

Review the guide on

volver a once again and after that revitalize the page to retake the test. You can do it! You’re arriving!

Nice task! You’re mastering utilizing the Spanish expression

volver a.

Try evaluating the guide once again and the revitalize the page to retake the test for a greater rating. Way to go! You’re well on your method to mastering the Spanish expression volver a! Attempt evaluating what you missed out on and after that revitalize the page to attempt and retake the test for an ideal rating!

Congratulations! Way to go! You’ve mastered the Spanish expression volver a! Now you can begin utilizing it in your daily discussions and composing.

otra vez

and will then love FluentU de nuevo all the time. The range will make you sound more like a native Spanish speaker.

So, does

volver a


make good sense to you? If not, we hope that you will volver a leer este artículo ( read this post once again) up until you feel comfy utilizing this helpful Spanish expression!


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