Venga! Over 180 Spanish Words That Start with V (with Audio)


An erupting volcano in South America

The letter V in Spanish is noticable precisely like the letter B– so you might think about V and B friends in Spanish if you ‘d like.

They’re both noticable like a somewhat softer and quicker variation of the English B, sort of like a sound midway in between V and B.

And now, without more description, keep reading to find out over 180 Spanish words that begin with V, all with audio!


Spanish Nouns That Start with V

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Spanish Verbs That Start with V

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with V

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with V

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Spanish Pronouns That Start with V

Spanish Word (with Audio) English Word
Vosotros You all (casual; plural)
Vos You (casual particular in parts of Latin America)

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Spanish V Words Quiz: Test Yourself!

How do you state “brave” in Spanish?

When the weather condition is windy in Spanish, you would call the weather condition ________.

What does the verb “vibrar” indicate?

What does “vacilar” indicate?

How do you state “to avenge” in Spanish

If you relocate to a brand-new city, the very first thing you require is a location to live, which is called _________ in Spanish.

How do you state “aging” in Spanish

If you wish to go apple selecting, you require to go to a _____________.

How do you state “journey” in Spanish?

What is the word for “life” in Spanish

So, there you have it. Venga (go) and attempt some V words on your own!


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