Valentine’s Day Vocabulary: 120 Words and Phrases for English Learners



Valentine’s Day just happens as soon as a year. The pertinent vocabulary for this vacation can be utilized all year round.

In this post, you’ll find out 120 Valentine’s Day vocabulary terms consisting of verbs, nouns, adjectives and typical expressions.

These romantic words and expressions will permit you to get in touch with the unique English speakers in your life.

By discovering and practicing them, you’ll feel more positive when revealing your sensations in English!


English Verbs for Valentine’s Day


To flirt

If you flirt with somebody, you’re being lively with them since you’re brought in to them and you wish to reveal that you like them. This might be verbally or by text or composed interaction, and even on social networks with “likes” and remarks.

Look at Rebecca flirting with Craig. It’s so obvious she likes him.

I know, she always flirts with him in math class.

To serenade

” To serenade” suggests to play or sing (normally romantic) music to somebody as a gesture of love or love. It’s a standard method to reveal your sensations. It’s not unusual to see artists or vocalists serenading individuals in a dining establishment on Valentine’s Day.

How was your Valentine’s Day dinner?

It was great until we were serenaded by a couple of men playing guitars. Everyone was looking at us and I was so embarrassed!

To admire

To appreciate somebody suggests that you admire them, regard them and sometimes enjoy them.

You might appreciate your partner or sweetheart (which is a more powerful sensation) or you might appreciate your moms and dads (regard them) since of what they’ve accomplished. Some individuals even appreciate (admire) well-known individuals and wish to be much like them.

I really admire the way you’re so nice and generous, even with strangers!

I admire my mom for everything she’s done. She’s a strong woman and has worked hard for our family.

To propose

When an individual asks somebody to wed them, she or he is proposing, which is brief for “proposing marital relationship.”

There are a couple of other methods to describe this action. You can state that somebody“popped the question”
— the concern being“Will you marry me?”
and the verb “pop” describing it being a surprise.

You might likewise state that they“got down on one knee”
( describing the typical action of kneeling with one knee on the ground to propose).

Did you hear that Mark proposed to Sarah last night at dinner?

Wow! How did he pop the question?

Well, he had planned a romantic dinner for them at her favorite restaurant. After dessert, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.


A flirt

A flirt is what we call an individual who flirts a lot. Some individuals are natural flirts and simply wish to be lively; nevertheless, you need to take care not to provide somebody the incorrect impression as they might truly believe you’re interested in them!

Did you see Jack at the party last night?

Yeah, he’s such a flirt! He was chatting and laughing with all the girls.


” Love” is really a verb and a noun. When “like” simply isn’t enough, we utilize “love” to reveal a much deeper, more extreme sensation. Some individuals compose it as “luv” in text or when talking online. While not technically appropriate, you may see it in casual environments like on social networks.

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate all of the love in your life.


An arrangement is a plan of flowers. It’s a typical present on Valentine’s day along with to praise somebody, want them well or let them understand that you’re thinking of them when they’re going through a challenging time (for instance, after the death of an enjoyed one).

What a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

I know. Pete gave them to me for our 10-year anniversary.

Secret admirer

On Valentine’s Day, it’s not unusual to get a card, flowers or other present that states “from your secret admirer” rather of the name of the individual it’s from. A secret admirer is an individual who might be shy or too ashamed to inform you that they like you and would choose to stay confidential (unidentified)

Someone sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day, but the card doesn’t say who they’re from.

Oooh, exciting, you’ve got a secret admirer!

/ fiancée

A fiancé is the guy somebody is engaged to. If you include an additional “e” to the end, it describes an engaged female. These words originate from the French language and are noticable the very same, so they’re typically blended.

My parents are meeting my fiancé for the first time tomorrow. I’m so nervous!

Here are some more nouns you can utilize on Valentine’s Day or whenever you wish to show up the love:

Adjectives for Describing Your Feelings



If you’re lovesick over somebody, it suggests you think of them all the time. When you see them, you may feel some tingling in your body or a fluttering in your stomach. There’s no treatment for lovesickness!

I just can’t get Jason out of my head. What’s wrong with me?

Nothing, you’re just a bit lovesick. You should tell him how you feel!


” Romantic” is an adjective that can explain practically anything associated to enjoy or revealing love and love. There are romantic motion pictures (and romantic funnies, frequently described as “rom coms”), romantic tunes, romantic dates and more.

They had a romantic dinner in the backyard with candles and rose petals.


This adjective ways “genuine” or “deeply felt,” typically in relation to beliefs or feelings. When an action, expression or gesture is referred to as “sincere,” it suggests that it originates from the heart.

She wrote me a heartfelt love letter to express her feelings.


” Passionate” suggests having strong feelings, typically connected with love and desire. It can likewise explain extreme interest or dedication towards something or somebody.

Their passionate kiss left no doubt about their love for each other.


This adjective ways showing heat and inflammation, typically through words or actions. It represents a real and caring psychological connection in between enthusiasts, buddies or member of the family.

He’s really affectionate…he’s always hugging and kissing me or rubbing my shoulders.

If you require some more adjectives to explain all things connected to prefer and enjoy, have a look at the list listed below:

Common English Phrases for Valentine’s Day



When we sign a message with “xoxo” it suggests kisses and hugs. The “x’s” represent kisses and the “o’s” represent hugs. You may see various mixes of these 2 letters or simply “x’s” for kisses.

This letter mix is just utilized in composing and in texts or talking and is not normally stated aloud, unless somebody reads a letter or message. It’s the renowned sign-off utilized by the confidential blog writer in the popular series “Gossip Girl.”

To have a crush on someone

If you have a crush on somebody, it suggests you like them a lot and wish to be more than pals with them. This is normally utilized in between youths or when you’re brought in to a star (your “star crush”).

Additionally, you can state you’recrushing on”
somebody. It suggests the very same thing as having a crush on them.

It’s so obvious that you have a crush on Kelly! You always flirt with her.

Will you go out with me?

If you truly like somebody and wish to invest more time with them, you can utilize this expression to inquire out. It can describe heading out on a date, like for supper or to see a film, however it’s likewise utilized with more youthful individuals to describe beginning a relationship.

Hey Julie, I’d really like to get to know you better. Will you go out with me on Saturday night?

To get engaged

If you get engaged, it suggests that your partner asked you to wed them and you stated yes (or vice versa). There’s no set time that individuals invest engaged before they get wed. It can be simply a couple of months and even a couple of years.

We got engaged a month ago, and we’re now planning our wedding for next summer.

Butterflies in your stomach

To have “butterflies in your stomach” is an idiomatic expression that suggests sensation anxious, ecstatic or distressed about something. It’s identified by a fluttery, somewhat queasy experience in the stomach, comparable to the sensation of butterflies moving.

If you like somebody, you may feel butterflies in your stomach when you believe or see about them.

Every time I see John I feel butterflies in my stomach. I think I really like him!

Here are some more English expressions you can utilize to beauty your enthusiast or compliment your pals:

These colloquial expressions can be extremely challenging to find out in English. To make this procedure simpler, check out native material provided in a detailed and friendly method.

For example, if you wish to see love and Valentine’s Day vocabulary utilized in a natural context from movie and television, have a look at this video:

With this vocabulary, you can reveal somebody just how much you appreciate them in English!

For more romantic vocabulary and expressions, have a look at some English idioms about love next!

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