The Top 15 English Vlogs for Language Learners



English vlogs (video blog sites) are an excellent method to immerse yourself in the language and discover something brand-new.

They’re visual journals that cover a large range of subjects from taking a trip the world to cooking simple dishes and more.

In this post, you’ll get 15 popular English vlogs you can follow on YouTube today, varying from beginner-friendly to advanced.

These vlogs will reveal you how the language is truly spoken by native speakers, and captivate you at the very same time!


On Ben Brown, he shares about his journeys, relationship, psychological health and more. A few of his most popular videos are from his journey to the Arctic where he taped big icebergs, towns and whales.

He likewise makes “behind the scenes” videos where he tapes all the important things he needs to do to develop material for his channel. Unlike lots of other YouTubers, he has an entire team who assist him make expert videos.

This channel is excellent for newbies because Ben speaks in other words sentences at a sluggish speed and focuses more on the visual material of the video. He’s from the UK, so this vlog will expose you to a British accent

Louis is another British vlogger Through his vlogs, he intends to “share the stunning and varied world we reside in.” Louis’ videos nearly appear like a documentary, concentrating on fascinating locations such as the windfarm in the video above.

He’s typically having a good time with good friends or spending quality time with his other half, and they just recently shared their experience ending up being moms and dads. He likewise interviews fascinating individuals he fulfills while taking a trip.

Louis’s videos likewise have actually an unwinded and simple speed and a few of them even consist of subtitles, making them best for newbies Attempt to bear in mind to repeat or document what he states while the music plays in between the discussions!

Zoe Sugg is a way of life and appeal vlogger who’s been making videos for nearly a years. She concentrates on style, shopping, makeup, celebrations … and more just recently on parenting and home design.

By following her channel, you can find English customizeds around the vacations. She makes comprehensive videos about Christmas shopping, Halloween celebrations and her kid’s birthday celebrations.

Zoe has a strong British accent however it’s not extremely challenging to comprehend. Her videos are suggested for intermediate students, although upper newbies will likewise take advantage of enjoying.

This is a truly relaxing vlog that will make your English practice hassle-free and perhaps even unwinding. The vlogs are set to symphonic music and concentrate on the life of Paola, who resides in a home in the countryside of Washington State.

She lives a sluggish life and files how she looks after herself and finishes day-to-day jobs. She likewise shares her ideas on pertinent subjects such as social networks and discovering real good friends.

Paola speaks a bit officially in a rather old-fashioned design. She likewise speaks quite gradually, making it simpler to comprehend her. This is an excellent channel to follow if you’re interested in what it’s like to live a slower life in a backwoods.

If you’re into cooking, baking or simply food in basic, Delish is an excellent YouTube channel to follow. With these videos, you can discover some brand-new dishes while getting brand-new English expressions and words.

You’ll likewise discover some food and cooking-related vocabulary that will work if you’re preparing to take a trip to English-speaking nations because you’ll be consuming at dining establishments and purchasing food there.

There’s an entire group who makes the videos on the Delish channel, so you’ll get exposed to various voices and accents. And the videos have subtitles, making it simple to follow along if you require some additional assistance.

This is an everyday video journal of couple Charles and Allie Trippy. They’ve been making vlogs for many years and have even developed a world record that got them included in the Guinness World Records!

Their vlogs have to do with what they perform in a day, and a number of them reveal typical day-to-day jobs like purchasing groceries and searching for toys, presents and products for their animals. They likewise like to go on journey around the U.S.

This vlog is excellent for listening practice and discussion practice because they speak separately, unlike lots of vloggers who like to put in more music than discussion. Their videos are suitable for intermediate students

Neistat is everything about doing what others state you can’t. With over 12 million customers on YouTube, he’s widely known for his extremely amusing, professional-quality videos— although he’s never ever even studied filmmaking!

You can see him snowboard with the New York Police Department, evaluation high-end airline companies and even speak about his individual life. He likewise makes experience films and DIY ( diy) videos in which he produces devices.

His videos are all various, some consisting of nearly no discussion and others including him speaking to the video camera the majority of the time. Because they’re constantly extremely hectic, they’re suggested for intermediate to innovative students.

Mayim is a starlet (she plays the character of Amy in “The Big Bang Theory”), a mom and a neuroscientist. Her vlogs concentrate on relationships, psychological health and other individual subjects

English students can utilize them for listening practice, vocabulary structure and articulation, while acquiring awareness of the problems that are pertinent and essential in American society.

Mayim usually talks straight to the video camera and speaks in a sluggish and consistent speed with a really clear voice, while her lots of visitors use a range of speeds and voices. Attempt to document any brand-new words you hear and look them up later on!

Justin Escalona (formerly @PlayTheGameFilms on YouTube) is a young artist from Chicago who presently resides in Los Angeles. He studied filmmaking and began a way of life streetwear brand name called 1340 COLLECTIVE.

His vlogs are excellent for discovering slang and informal language frequently utilized by youths, consisting of some swear words. A lot of his videos include him talking with good friends, exposing you to daily discussions and discussion.

Although the words they utilize are typically basic, the speed of their discussion makes it appropriate just for intermediate to innovative students. His videos are energetic, highlighting various locations in the U.S. consisting of NYC and LA.

Vlogbrothers have an entire neighborhood of fans who call themselves “nerd fighters.” By following the vlog, you can get in touch with fans from all over the world and practice your English in the remarks!

The vlog hosts, John and Hank Green, are likewise business owners, social activists and authors. They speak about a range of subjects in their videos, consisting of present occasions such as environment modification and individual things like New Year’s resolutions.

Each video has just one sibling speaking straight to the video camera, without music and interruptions, so you can concentrate on the language. Because both the siblings speak quickly, the channel is best for

intermediate to innovative students. While he hasn’t published any brand-new videos in a while, Michael Stevens

began his channel VSauce in 2010, so there are lots of videos to pick from. With over 20 million customers, the channel has actually gotten a great deal of attention for many years. Michael asks and after that

responses fascinating concerns about the world with genuine information and science. He makes complex problems simple to comprehend, and his charm is apparent. He

speaks extremely plainly and articulates his words well, assisting with understanding for English students. You’ll discover a large range of vocabulary from the VSauce videos, together with curious realities you can show others. While she hasn’t reached countless customers like a few of the other vloggers on this list, Nadine is an excellent individual to

follow if you like to take a tripcheck out her written blog She shares her experiences in locations all over the world together with lots of helpful travel suggestions.

Nadine has actually likewise composed, produced and developed material for some huge brand names, so you understand she’s a skilled material developer. If you wish to combine your listening practice with some reading practice, She typically speaks quite rapidly, so this vlog is best for intermediate to innovative students. It’s likewise helpful for students who wish to get acquainted with an

American accent This channel is run by the Wynn household, who’ve been

circumnavigating the world full-time because 2011. They share their experiences cruising all over the world, taking journey and finding brand-new locations. They like to make

educational videos for individuals who wish to live like they do, sharing how to utilize solar energy, how to reside in a van and more. In addition to their travel videos, they likewise make videos about their own stories and history. Through the vlog, you can discover vocab on particular subjects like cruising, and find various locations and cultures. The vocabulary they utilize is typically intricate, so this channel is suggested for advanced students

just Lilly Singh Vlogs (formerly @SuperwomanVlogs), includes great deals of high-energy videos starring Lilly, an Indian-Canadian YouTuber

, a ctress, comic, supporter and author. The vlogs on this channel function her day-to-day experiences,

behind-the-scenes minutes from her profession in home entertainment and more. The majority of them include other individuals together with Lilly, including her moms and dads and other stars. Lilly speaks incredibly quick and leaps all over the location, so @LillySingh advanced students

will be most likely to comprehend. You can discover brand-new videos on her present channel, , which includes material about gender equality. If you’re interested in science and have

a minimum of an intermediate level of English, you must think about signing up for this channel. The host is a mechanical engineer, so he’s well-qualified to discuss how things like engines work. Along with the fascinating details you’ll discover

science and engineering, you’ll likewise discover some helpful vocabulary for daily things and more technical language from the field. When the language gets a bit complex, The vlogs consist of a lot of

  • appealing visuals that will hold your attention even. While it still may be an obstacle to follow along, you can constantly switch on the subtitles if you begin to feel lost.
  • They’re about life: Vlogs are not expected to have intricate plots. Vloggers typically simply speak about what they did that week or that day. In some cases they speak about the important things that intrigue them. Every vlog relates to their daily life in some way. They’re casual: Vloggers seldom utilize official language in their videos. That implies you will

, casual expressions, typical abbreviations and more. They’re relatable: We all like to go shopping, have celebrations, consume, take a trip and simply have a good time with our good friends. These are the important things that vloggers speak about in their videos. This FluentU relatable

( familiar; pertinent to your own life) quality makes the videos both simpler to comprehend and more fascinating.

If you wish to

supplement your English vlog seeing with videos developed simply for English students

, you must learn about

For your English practice, it’s finest to follow various channels so that you get exposed to various designs, accents and vocabulary.

But make certain to see videos on a subject that intrigues you so you’ll remain engaged and encouraged!FluentU lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials For some YouTube channels particularly produced English students, take a look at this post next:



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