The TOEFL Writing Section: How to Master the TOEFL Independent and Integrated Writing Tasks


toefl writing section

The TOEFL composing area, likewise called the TOEFL essay area, is the last area of the test.

It follows all the hard actions of the TOEFL reading, listening and speaking tests Revealing that you understand how to compose well in English is crucial for your final test score.

The TOEFL composing area procedures your capability to come up with a structured essay with clear arguments, while likewise inspecting your understanding of English grammar and vocabulary.

What You Should Expect from the TOEFL Writing Section

The composing area includes two writing tasks.

The first task combines elements of listening and reading You might be asked to listen to a lecture excerpt or a recording of a discussion, or you might require to check out a brief text. Keeping in mind throughout checking out and listening is permitted. After checking out or listening, you should then respond to a concern based upon the material.

The 2nd job is an viewpoint essay, where you are asked to use your ideas on a basic concern. You will have an overall of 50 minutes to finish both composing jobs.

Writing for either TOEFL job is definitely hard!

Coming up with things to compose with a timer on is demanding and typically hard. You require strong essay composing abilities, and you require excellent basic English composing abilities. For the very first job, your reading and listening skills require to be exceptional. Finally, excellent English grammar is simply as crucial for an excellent essay as vocabulary.

The composing area of TOEFL is tough, real, however there is excellent news. If you never ever believed you were excellent at composing, a top score of 5 even! Continue reading for beneficial suggestions and techniques on how to stand out at composing terrific TOEFL essays that will assist you make

What Does a Perfect TOEFL Essay Look Like? Before you start enhancing your writing abilities, you require to understand how to structure an essay effectively

Knowing how to compose an essay will assist you to provide your ideas in the most rational method possible. Generally, an excellent TOEFL essay has 4 or 5 paragraphs

The very first paragraph plainly mentions the essence or primary argument of the essay. This essence is likewise called the thesis

, and it ought to become part of every paragraph in your essay. The entire essay requires to relate straight to this thesis. Then, the next 2 or 3 paragraphs after the very first paragraph ought to sophisticated on the thesis and discuss your arguments extremely plainly

You ought to have numerous concepts, examples and ideas to support your thesis in these paragraphs. Finally, the last paragraph is a conclusion

which reiterates the thesis and sums up the arguments you provided in the essay. You will sum up whatever here and make a huge conclusion about your essence. You should demonstrate how whatever ties together and relates.

Now, how precisely do you divide your essay concepts into paragraphs? A basic guideline is to devote and attempt one paragraph to one concept or one argument

  • You ought to not attempt to discuss more than one concept in each paragraph. Be extremely focused, and take some time to make each paragraph extremely clear. In this manner, your essay will follow a format that appears like this: Paragraph # 1: Thesis
  • (essence) Paragraph # 2: First argument
  • to support the concept Paragraph # 3: Second argument
  • to support the concept Paragraph # 4: Third argument to support the concept, a various viewpoint on your thesis or an opposing concept
  • Paragraph # 5: Conclusion

(thesis reiterated) Unlike the list above, your essay ought to not look like a collection of bullet points. Rather, you should compose complete paragraphs and complete sentences. There likewise requires to be smooth and clear development

from one concept to another (excellent text circulation).conjunctive adverbs Using Subordinating conjunctions like “nevertheless,” “moreover” and “however” is among the most convenient methods to present more circulation to your essay.

(” although,” “while”) will be useful here too. What will likewise help you profoundly is having a clear thesis to argue. It truly is important for you to choose precisely

what you wish to state before you begin stating it. If your concept of thesis is extremely easy,

It does not matter. It ought to not be too complex, due to the fact that you might run out of time attempting to cover all your concepts if the primary thesis is extremely made complex.

Having an easy, clear thesis will permit you to concentrate on methods to support it. You can pay more attention to utilizing excellent grammar and vocabulary and providing your arguments in a structured method throughout the essay.

Why Good Grammar Is Important for the Writing Section

Yes, you might dislike studying grammar, however it is of the essence in the composing area!

These 2 essays are the only part of the test where your grammar understanding is determined straight.

Speaking does determine your grammar to a lower degree, however composing is the one area where bad grammar will most straight affect the quality of your essay and your total rating. (Interestingly enough, there utilized to be a different grammar area in older variations of TOEFL, however this is no longer the case.)

When it pertains to grammar use on TOEFL, being right is the most crucial. You might utilize complicated verb stipulations and tenses, however just do so if you are definitely sure you are utilizing them. It is much better to properly utilize easy grammar than to improperly utilize complex grammar.

There is not always a requirement to utilize complicated grammar in your essays, considering that examples and arguments might be set out in Simple Past or Simple Present.

  • Simple present You might utilize gerund and easy conditional types, however keeping it easy uses not just to your thesis, however to your grammar too. If you are uncertain, play it safe and streamline.
  • Gerund Here are some necessary grammar components you may desire to pay attention to and rely on in your essays: conditional and :
  • This is required for you to get. Know the right verb endings, modify the irregular verb types and practice capturing disconcerting however little errors like “” People states” (” individuals” is plural so it ought to be “individuals state”). Master the distinction in between present best and previous best:

This handy English grammar guide will help you study all your verb tenses and forms Is it “I have been doing” or “I had been doing”? Both are right types of present best and previous best, respectively, however you would utilize one or the other depending upon context. Make certain you comprehend how.



These will enhance your essay, revealing the grader that you can utilizing more complicated stipulations and revealing yourself in a range of methods.

Minimize using passive voice:

This will likewise assist you with providing your argument (for instance, “British researchers have actually found” sounds more powerful and more reliable than “It has actually been found”).

Why Good Vocabulary Is Your Best Friend You have actually most likely experienced the frightening circumstance where you understand precisely what you wish to state, however do not understand how to state it. We have actually all existed (and longed for a dictionary on hand to speak with).

Acquiring excellent vocabulary of a large range of expressions and words to reveal your concepts and ideas is most likely the most vital part of preparing to compose excellent TOEFL essays. The richer your vocabulary, the much better! You will have more methods to reveal your concepts when you understand more vocabulary.Synonym Finder Playing it safe is an appropriate technique with grammar types, however this does not work well with vocabulary. Counting on generic, standard words will leave you with a flat, dull essay that will not make the leading mark of 5 points even if its grammar and structure are excellent. How do you prevent that?this simple thesaurus Once you start practicing composing essays in preparation for the test, you will discover the vocabulary you depend on the most.

Make a list of the English words that you utilize usually. The number of times per essay do you utilize words like “agree/disagree,” “believe,” “state,” “individuals,” “numerous,” and so on? These are easy words that might not have numerous replacements. It is necessary for you to have some options. Studying

  • synonyms is among the most convenient methods to broaden your vocabulary, beneficial even beyond passing TOEFL. To study synonyms, make a list of your most typically utilized words and find out a few of their synonyms with the assistance of online dictionaries and resources readily available (like
  • or ). Discover 2 or 3 methods of stating “to do,” “to state” and “to believe.” Discover options to adjectives like “excellent,” “bad,” “lovely” and “great.” Try to replace “individuals,” “business,” “trainees” and “nation” with proper equivalents. You will discover enhancements in your writing in no time. When it comes to vocabulary is determining words you might be utilizing improperly,
  • Another extremely crucial point to work on. These might be adjectives or verbs that sound comparable: compliment


and (*) inquire(*) gregarious(*) and (*) outright(*) whet(*) and (*) damp(*) master(*) and (*) muster(*) There likewise may be words whose significances you are uncertain of however might end up utilizing in hopes of sounding “expensive” or more innovative. Do not fall in that trap! In preparation, find out the right significances of words you like and practice putting these words in context. When in doubt, rephrase the sentence and do not utilize any vocabulary you are not knowledgeable about.(*) How to Practice for the TOEFL Writing Section(*) The more writing practice you provide for TOEFL, the much easier essay composing will concern you. You will get utilized to determining your primary arguments, structuring your essay properly and realistically and using varied vocabulary and grammar.(*) If you require extra assistance and assistance, you can take a course online to enhance your English composing abilities. (*) Writing a great deal of essays will likewise assist you feel more ready when the test day comes, reducing your tension level. You will have the ability to concentrate on the real job without being too anxious.(*) Another method to eliminate anxiety is to take practice TOEFL tests. After taking a complete practice TOEFL examination, you will understand precisely what to anticipate on the real TOEFL examination day. You will get informative feedback from TOEFL-certified English instructors on your efficiency and how you can enhance if you take a complete TOEFL practice examination on.(*) And when you are composing an essay, bear in mind that it is not what you argue, however (*) how(*) you argue it that is essential for the TOEFL composing area. The grader will not punish you for your viewpoints. She is more thinking about seeing a well-written, well-argued essay with excellent grammar use and a couple of complicated words included occasionally.(*) Good luck!(*) Download:(*)
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