The Rocking Guide to 235 Noteworthy Spanish Music Words


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Scale the heights of Spanish music vocabulary with this detailed guide.

Learn essential music words, starting with the basics and proceeding as much as every word you’ll ever require to understand to go over music in Spanish, consisting of musical terms, instruments, categories and even melodic verbs and adjectives.

We’ll even highlight some popular Spanish-language musicians who have actually made a considerable influence on the music market.

Tune in for an extensive guide to Spanish music terms!


Musical Terms and Elements in Spanish

Basic Music Vocabulary

We’re about to dive into some quite complicated terms. Before we do, here are 11 typical music words you might hear in daily Spanish discussions.

The words listed below are arranged into styles to make them much easier to study. You can make discovering them even easier by discovering them in usage by native Spanish speakers, like on the videos over atFluentU

More Music Vocabulary

* Italian loanwords

Musical Notation Vocabulary

Musical Instruments in Spanish

people playing saxophone musical instruments

String Instruments

Woodwind Instruments

Brass Instruments

Percussion Instruments

Other Instruments

Genres and Musical Styles in Spanish

You’ll discover that the majority of these are cognates, so they’re relatively simple to discover!

Spanish Musical Verbs

person playing the cello on stage

Spanish Musical Adjectives

Famous Spanish-language Musicians

There are numerous wonderful Spanish-language artists who have actually made their mark on the world of music. I’ve assembled a list of a few of the greatest names you might stumble upon, however this isn’t by any indicates a total list. Utilize these names as a beginning point in your journey into Spanish-language artists!

Sing your method to a much better vocabulary with this comprehensive list of Spanish music vocabulary!

And One More Thing …

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