The 8 Best Spanish-Only Dictionaries Available Online



Immersing yourself in Spanish is the very best method to discover the language.

That chooses searching for brand-new words, too.

Using a Spanish-only dictionary will keep your brain in Spanish mode while broadening your vocabulary and understanding.

They typically offer more vocabulary and more total protection of the numerous usages of typical words and expressions.

Here are the 8 finest Spanish-only dictionaries on the marketplace, all easily offered online.


1. Dictionary of the Spanish Language)


Commonly referred to as the DRAE, the Diccionario de la lengua española is put out by the Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy), the main organization accountable for supervising and managing the Spanish language.

In its 23rd edition, the DRAE is easily online in a searchable format. It supplies excellent protection of both older contemporary words and literary words utilized in basic speech.

It’s not the very best choice for searching for slang, however it supplies numerous various usages of typical verbs in addition to examples of how they’re utilized in expressions, and it covers Latin American in addition to European Spanish


This online dictionary tool originates from La Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española ( The Association of Spanish Language Academies). It’s an extensive referral for comprehending the abundant linguistic variety of Spanish as spoken in the Americas

The dictionary is a reliable resource that assembles and describes the numerous words, expressions and expressions utilized throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and other Spanish-speaking areas in the Western Hemisphere.

With entries that incorporate both basic Spanish and regional idiomatic language, it’s an important tool for Spanish students and anybody thinking about checking out the special linguistic tapestry of the Americas.

3. El País (The nation)


On this site, the Spanish paper El País supplies a hassle-free dictionary tool where you can search for words in Castellano (Spanish just), Spanish-English, Synonyms-Antonyms or english-spanish

When you look a word up in the Castellano dictionary, antonyms and synonyms are easily supplied after the meanings, in addition to some example sentences

This tool is entirely totally free to utilize and the user interface is really easy to use. The only drawback is that this website has pop-up advertisements which can be irritating, however there’s constantly a tradeoff totally free services. In general, it’s a fantastic tool for discovering meanings rapidly and quickly. supplies a vast array of dictionaries, consisting of multilingual and monolingual choices, permitting users to search for words, translations and expressions and see the arise from various dictionaries showed on the exact same page.

It may feel a bit frustrating in the beginning, once you master it you’ll see the wealth of details it supplies and the advantage of having everything in one location.

The catch is that after 5 searches you need to spend for gain access to. Still, the website’s routine Spanish-English and spanish-only dictionaries are entirely totally free and can be utilized together at the same time.


This popular dictionary website has a Spanish-only function! Simply select “Spanish: meaning” if you’re on the English variation of the website.

This tool supplies a wide variety or details easily collected into one location. When you look for a word, you’ll get its meanings, grammar details and example sentences

You can likewise click links to other pages. Click on ” imágenes” to open a brand-new tab with search outcomes for the word in Google Images. Click ” definición RAE” to open the word’s meanings from the very first dictionary on this list. At the bottom of the page, you’ll discover


links to online forum conversations with the word in the title Wikcionario is an online, collective resource that operates as an extensive referral for the Spanish language. Like other Wikimedia tasks, it’s

easily available and community-driven Its collective nature makes sure that the material is continuously broadened and fine-tuned. It likewise implies that you can

discover typical colloquial expressions and slang significances, and it even states in which nations the significance uses.


Certain words in the meanings are likewise connected to their own meaning pages, which works for totally comprehending the word and discovering extra vocabulary. The drawback to this resource being editable by anybody is that you can’t constantly make sure that its meanings are 100% precise. is an online Spanish dictionary tool that uses a distinct viewpoint on the language, concentrating on

local and colloquial expressions from Latin American nations This resource is an important referral for those thinking about comprehending the varied linguistic variations within the Spanish language. It supplies

examples, insights and meanings into slang, idiomatic expressions and regional terms utilized in various Spanish-speaking areas. When you search for a word, it provides you the various significances it brings in various nations. It’s a vibrant platform,


continuously upgraded by factors from numerous nations

, making it a living record of the ever-evolving Spanish language. While it’s not technically a dictionary, Google Images is a helpful tool for determining what a word or expression implies in Spanish. If you’re searching for something that you think has a visual part, it’s a fantastic method to

get a complete sense of a word This likewise assists to keep your brain in Spanish-only mode

, due to the fact that you’re associating an image with the Spanish word instead of equating it into English.

It’s like taking a look at flashcards, however you’re doing the action of looking for the word instead of turning the flashcard around.

How to Use Spanish-Only Dictionaries The Spanish-only dictionaries above will assist you immerse yourself in the language to such a degree that you begin believing in it. To optimize their efficiency,

or Spanish-speaking professional in your field of interest. They can address your concerns about particular words or expressions and assist you practice utilizing them in the context of a genuine Spanish discussion.

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