The 8 Best Spanish Conjugation Apps for Mastering Verb Tenses in Spanish


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Spanish has at least 14 verb tenses– so, around 84 types of each verb. Oof!

With all these intricacies, it can be extremely valuable to discover some efficient, hassle-free verb tools for remembering and mastering Spanish conjugation.

And if you’ve got a mobile phone, you’re currently simply a couple of taps far from these tools.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 8 Spanish conjugation apps that will teach you how to conjugate any Spanish verb.


Spanish Verb Trainerspanish verb trainer spanish conjugation app logo

Available: Android

Key functions:

  • Works offline or linked to the web, so you can study anywhere
  • Includes adjustable verb drills to ensure you’re targeting your particular language weak points

More of a research study help that assists you drill conjugations, Spanish Verb Trainer can likewise be utilized to search for words.

The test function has a functional however standard style, where you’re informed a verb and tense and pronoun to conjugate it to. You tap your phone to see the response.

You can pick drills developed off of tenses, verbs or pronouns, and you can conserve the drills that you wish to return to.

The paid variation consists of more tenses and verbs, however the audio quality is low.

El Conjugadorel conjugador spanish conjugation app logo

Available: iOS|

Key functions:

Comes with all the tenses

for an extensive research study experienceconjugate spanish verbs spanish conjugation app logo

No translations are consisted of with the app so it might be Android

much better for intermediate users and up

  • who are sharpening their grammar abilities This is a practical however truly easy app that has a
  • variation. For the site or the app, simply key in a verb and it’ll offer you all conjugations, set out in a cool table When you begin to key in a verb, it’ll recommend the most typical verbs that begin like that, assisting you with spelling.
  • Conjugate Spanish Verbs Available:

Key functions:

Comes with

English translationsconjugation nation spanish conjugation app logo

Includes iOS

beautiful, easy graphics

  • and a functional user interface Comes with knowing tools and mini-lessons
  • This app is distinct because its mini-lessons consist of descriptions of what the various tenses suggest, or how they’re utilized, and users can access the descriptions straight while conjugating. Though you can in fact get a totally free variation of this app, for $0.99 you can get a tidy variation with no advertisements.
  • Conjugation Nation Spanish Available:
  • Key functions: Includes

quizzes that can be tailored

according to verb, tense or pronoun, along with a variety of concerns

English translations for verbs

are consisted ofconjuverb spanish conjugation app logo

Includes iOS

500 verbs and 13 tenses

  • The app can be set to acknowledge your speech
  • At around $3, this app is targeted at teens. It has an enjoyable chalkboard-like style, and the test is smooth: swipe to see responses, and after that all conjugations. If you got it right, The speech acknowledgment function lets you state the app and a conjugation informs you.



Key functions: conjugato spanish conjugation app logo

IncludesiOS 1,600 Spanish verbsAndroid

Search for the root verb,

  • or any of its conjugated types Full
  • English translations of verbs and their conjugations are consisted of
  • Conjuverb stands apart mostly for its variety of verbs and its high evaluations, along with its flashcard function, which enables you to pick from just recently seen verbs, preferred verbs, leading lists and custom-made lists. The apps costs $0.99 and is readily available on iOS. ConjuGato Available:
  • | Key functions:

Get 1,000 verbs with total

conjugation tables

Mnemonic flashcardsconjuu spanish conjugation app

assist you remember verb conjugations naturallyiOS Settings permit you to Android


  • which kind of verbs you wish to practice (for instance, irregular verbs, -ar/- er/- ir verbs, typical verbs, and so on) Audio recordings
  • assist you discover the pronunciation of verbs and their conjugations Something distinct about ConjuGato is that the flashcards intentionally teach you comparable verbs together to assist you prevent confusion and discover quicker.
  • There are likewise no advertisements and you do not require an Internet connection to utilize the app. Conjuu Available:
  • | Key functions:

Learn over

500 of the most typical Spanish verbs

with conjugation tableslingvity spanish conjugation app logo

Each tense includes Android

examples and descriptions

  • The algorithm tests you on the verbs you discover most tough
  • and require to practice most Pronunciations
  • included each verb Like many conjugation apps, Conjuu has distinct customization choices that let you study the verb types essential to you.
  • You’ll likewise get a lot of practice with irregular verbs, accents and spelling variations. Lingvity
  • Available: Key functions:

Contains lessons that teach you how to conjugate

today, future and preterite tenses

Hundreds of workouts

for you to practice each verb type

  • Test yourself with tests and tests
  • Learn over 50 of the most typical Spanish verbs
  • Learn the Castillian Spanish and Latin American Spanish dialects
  • Unlike other apps, Lingvity concentrates on 3 of the most typical verb conjugations: today, preterite and future. But the lessons enter into much depth and you’ll genuinely master them with numerous practice workouts. The responses to workouts likewise feature audio pronunciations, assisting you discover the conjugations even quicker.
  • Features to Look for in Spanish Conjugation Apps Not all conjugation apps are similarly beneficial. Here are a few of the functions to look for when you’re downloading a brand-new one:
  • Works without a web connection. When you’re taking a trip, you may not constantly have web readily available, so it’s beneficial to have a conjugation app that likewise works offline. Has all the tenses. Some conjugation apps, particularly the complimentary ones, just included the past, future and present tenses. That may be great if you’re simply beginning, however if you’re truly going to advance and have the ability to reveal your ideas, you’ll ultimately require all the tenses. Offers translation to English or searches in English or Spanish. This is a should for newbies, particularly those who require to search for unknown verbs! Offers a a great deal of verbs. Some of the complimentary apps will just feature, state, 100 verbs, hoping that you’ll pay additional to gain access to more. If you do not desire your research studies to get interrupted, it’s something to look out for. Offers additional activities like tests.
  • Some apps will take the verbs you search for and turn them into tests or flashcards. It’s a fantastic method to ensure that you discover the verbs, instead of simply looking them up and after that forgetting them. Includes


Some nations (particularly Spain) utilize this tense (the casual plural ” you”), whereas others, particularly in Latin America, simply usage


for the plural of FluentU tu

Many apps, nevertheless, consist of the

Is easy to use. (*) Put just, conjugations are hard enough without an app making it truly challenging for you to discover the specific conjugation you require!(*) (*) There are lots of Spanish conjugation apps out there that can assist you master verbs.(*) Be sure to integrate these apps with other resources that can develop your understanding of verbs even more.(*) And try to find them in real-world Spanish discussions and media, like the videos on (*) (which likewise lets you click words in the subtitles you do not understand).(*) With a little bit of time and practice, you’ll quickly be utilizing the ideal conjugations without even considering them!(*) Download:(*)
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