The 8 Best English Picture Dictionaries in 2023 (Plus a Personalized Bonus)



Looking for a brand-new method to discover English? Photo dictionaries might be what you require– specifically if you’re a visual student (somebody who discovers finest through images instead of simply text or audio).

An image dictionary develops a visual link in between a brand-new word and its significance– i.e., it utilizes images to highlight (program as an example) vocabulary. In this manner, you can form associations (connections) in between the English words you discover and the real life.

Picture dictionaries likewise include range to your research studies. That may be an indication you require to alter the method you approach your lessons if English finding out is beginning to feel like a task.

Without more ado, here are my 8 preferred English image dictionaries that can be found in the kind of books, apps and even videos. I’ll likewise offer you pointers on how to make one of these dictionaries on your own!



Price: Free

Available on: Website

7ESL’s English image dictionary is fantastic since it sets up each subject in numerous methods. You can search through entries about animals according to their alphabetical order, place (where the animals live), type and so on. The meanings for each entry can be insufficient and too brief at times. If you just desire an image to partner

(link) with the iOS you research study, this may be enough.Android


Freeidioms Available on:

|pronunciation Whether you’re utilizing the mobile app or the main site, LanGeek is most likely among the best-looking American English image dictionaries you can discover.


Type any word into the search bar, and LanGeek will create all of the words and expressions that utilize that word. If you get in “apple,” you’ll likewise come throughout

like “bad apple,” which LanGeek specifies as “an individual who triggers problem for others in a group and has a bad impact on them.”

Plus, every entry comes with audio, enabling you to discover the


of each word or expression. Price:


Available on:

One YouTube channel has actually turned the electricity into a series of complimentary videos. Each video concentrates on a various style, revealing photos that have an audio of their matching English These may not be the most interesting videos on YouTube, however they can assist you make associations in between noises, words and images. The videos can be as brief as 2 minutes and as long as 20 minutes, making them simple to slip in-between breaks.heating Price: Free Available on: The online Merriam-Webster image dictionary is totally complimentary. It’s the very best location to discover detailed examples of more technical terms and uncommon words. With this dictionary, you can get ready for situations that can be a bit more complex than you’re utilized to. For example, you’ll discover in-depth entries on typical home components such as


, and

That method, if you have issues like a Website

leaking faucet

, you can rapidly interact those to your proprietor (the individual you pay lease to) or individuals accountable for repairing the problem.


Price: Free

Available on: Website

This dictionary is graded as suitable for those in the 3rd or 2nd grade in school. That suggests you can anticipate meanings that are easy sufficient to be comprehended by kids– along with grownups who are simply beginning to discover English!

Click on any of the subjects on the homepage, and you’ll be required to a list of entries that include easy photos and brief yet succinct meanings. Some words include links to activities you can do to more

English for Everyone: Illustrated English Dictionary (DK English for Everyone)

enhance ( reinforce) what you’ve discovered.

Price: iOS FreeAndroid

Available on:

Digital Dialects’ English image dictionary has moving images to accompany each word– which offers an entire brand-new significance to the expression “seeing words in action!”

When you click each image, you’ll hear the pronunciation of the English word that includes it. You can study the words even more utilizing the site’s flashcards or test what you understand with their tests and video games. native English pronunciation Price:


The app is complimentary, however the book isn’t Available on:

|iOS True to its name, this dictionary is for everybody– whether you’re a kid or kid at heart.Android

All of the 10,000+ words within are organized into subjects. The photos put the words in contexts where they’ll more than likely appear. You can quickly figure out what each word suggests even without written meanings since of this format.emotions Plus, if you download the app, you can likewise listen to the medical care of each word! weather Price:

Free (with in-app purchases) Available on: |

The Memrise app has a great deal of English image dictionaries, however this is among the simplest to utilize. It has more than 40 various classifications consisting of Memrise review,

and the

Due to the fact that it food focuses on (deals with as more essential) the words that you actually require to understand, This dictionary is fantastic. That method, you will not be overwhelmed or daunted by thousands upon countless vocabulary words to discover. Memrise’s English image dictionary has brief yet beautiful images and clear meanings.

  • Of course, Memrise isn’t simply a dictionary. It’s a total language finding out tool all by itself. Read this if you’re interested in this app and the other things it can do. Bonus: How to Create and Use Your Own Picture Dictionary What if none of the image dictionaries above satisfy your individual requirements? Make your own! Here’s how: Choose 10 English words you wish to discover. Most individuals discover it simplest to discover words thematically, so attempt to pick them by subject and narrow them down into more particular classifications. is an extremely broad location to cover, however Post-it notes breakfast foods is much more workable. Alternatively, pick a couple of typical products you utilize every day.
  • It’s much better to understand 20 beneficial things such as kettle
  • , corkscrew
  • and language learning platform tooth brushFluentU than battle to remember numerous random things you will not even discover in your home.

    Write down the words on a big sheet of paper and make a basic illustration listed below them.

    Then, hang the paper in a location where you’ll see it frequently, like the front of your fridge.

    You can likewise turn your house into a visual dictionary.

    If you live alone or individuals you deal with do not mind it, take a stack of FluentU lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials, jot down words that explain typical home products and stick them onto the matching things in your home. In this manner, whenever you see these products, you’ll be immediately advised of what they’re contacted English. Take care with this technique, though: you’ll wish to keep in mind to take the note off of your


    fry pan

    prior to you utilize it to prepare!


    Take a couple of minutes every day to take a look at the words and their photos till they begin to end up being familiar.

    When you start to feel great with the vocabulary, cover the words with a sticky note or little flap of paper so you can just see the photos.


    Test yourself.

    Look at each image (with the word covered) and compose or state down the matching word. Move on to a brand-new word or set of vocabulary when you feel you understand the word well. Keep in mind to keep coming back to the words you’ve currently covered to revitalize your memory. Even if it’s been a week or 2, the photos must activate your memory of the vocabulary.


    You can likewise supplement your image dictionary with a visual Learn more.


    .download the FluentU app from the iTunes or from the Google Play store

    . You must likewise inspect out FluentU if you like finding out English through motion pictures and online media. (*), as you can see here: .(*) If you wish to view it, the FluentU app has most likely got it.(*) . The FluentU app and site makes it actually simple to view English videos. There are captions that are interactive. That suggests you can tap on any word to see an image, meaning, and beneficial examples. .(*) FluentU lets you discover interesting material with world well-known celebs.(*) . When you tap on the word “browsing,” you see this: .(*) FluentU lets you tap to search for any word.(*) . Find out all the vocabulary in any video with tests. Swipe left or best to see more examples for the word you’re finding out. .(*) FluentU assists you discover quick with several examples and beneficial concerns. (*) . The very best part? FluentU keeps in mind the vocabulary that you’re finding out. When it’s time to evaluate what you’ve discovered, it offers you additional practice with hard words– and advises you. You have a genuinely customized experience. .
    (*) . Start utilizing FluentU on the site with your computer system or tablet or, even better, (*). .
    (*) Download:(*)
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