The 36 Best British TV Shows to Binge-Watch in 2023 (and Where to Find Them)



Good British television programs can be exceptionally addictive.

And with many streaming platforms, you’re not most likely to lack material anytime quickly.

Keep checking out for 36 of the very best British television programs offered now, consisting of premier dramas, funnies and more with lots of fans worldwide.

These programs make sure to engage and amuse you while exposing you to British popular culture!


Dramadies and funnies

1. “Fleabag” (2016-2019)

” Fleabag” is a seriously well-known British series that provides a poignant and darkly comical expedition of modern-day life Produced by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the program follows the misadventures of a complicated and profane female browsing love, household and self-discovery in London.

Breaking the 4th wall, Waller-Bridge’s character addresses the audience with sharp wit and vulnerability, offering a distinct narrative intimacy. The series has actually amassed appreciation for its skillful mix of humor and heart

Where to enjoy: Prime Video

2. “All Creatures Great and Small” (2020-present)

This series records the spirit of James Herriot’s precious memoirs. Embed in the attractive Yorkshire Dales throughout the 1930s, the program follows James Herriot, a recently certified vet, as he browses the difficulties and happiness of rural practice.

The heartfelt series magnificently portrays the tight-knit neighborhood, the capitivating relationships in between animals and people, and the ageless attraction of the English countryside. It’s a wonderful representation of life, love and the recovery power of empathy.

Where to enjoy: Prime Video

3. “The IT Crowd” (2006-2013)

This comedy got a cult following in Britain and was later on adjusted into a German version It follows the mismatched group of 3 IT staff members of the imaginary Reynholm Industries as they handle the battles of workplace life, with humorous outcomes.

The socially uncomfortable IT department includes Roy, Maurice Moss and their tech-challenged supervisor Jen. The program effectively showcases dry British humor as used to the work environment and the amusing small talk of these unforgettable characters.

Where to enjoy: Prime Video

4. “The Office” (UK Version) (2001-2003)

” The Office” is a British funny in the design of a mockumentary The manager of the workplace is played by popular comic Ricky Gervais, who thinks he’s amusing and favored in the workplace– however not everybody shares his viewpoints.

In timeless British funny design, it plays a lot on styles of shame and ineptitude, with a lot of humorous “cringe” minutes. You’ll see that the 2 have various (however similarly amusing) funny designs if you’re a fan of

. Prime Video Where to enjoy:

“Derry Girls” 5.

(2018-2022)” Derry Girls” is a story of 4 teenage ladies and one kid, and their life at a Catholic high school in Northern Ireland in the 1900s

At this time, Ireland and Britain remained in a dispute referred to as The Troubles. With periodic referrals to this hard political time, the series strolls the line in between social commentary and humorous, easy going enjoyable. The group of misfits and their misadventures

will have you chuckling aloud and valuing their genuine relationship. Netflix

Where to enjoy: “My Mad Fat Diary” 6.

(2013-2015) This poignant dramedy centers on Rae Earl as she browses teenage years and psychological health in the ’90s

Newly released from a psychiatric medical facility, Rae faces body image concerns and social stress and anxieties while reconnecting with old buddies and creating brand-new bonds. The series strikes a balance in between humor and raw feeling

, providing a genuine representation of teenage battles. Rooney’s standout efficiency and the program’s truthful expedition of psychological health make this an engaging series. Hulu Where to enjoy: Channel 4

|“Brassic” 7.

(2019-present) This darkly comical British series

looks into the lives of a group of working-class buddies in the imaginary northern town of Hawley. The program follows Vinnie and his diverse gang as they browse saucy adventures and non-traditional plans to make it through. The series masterfully stabilizes its profane humor with sincere minutes

and unanticipated inflammation, developing a amusing and distinct story that depicts relationship and durability in the face of financial difficulties. Hulu

Where to enjoy: “Sex Education” 8.

(2019-present) This humorous British series follows the misadventures and enjoy lives of teens

who are facing their sexuality. The program follows an uncomfortable teen called Otis who’s doing his finest to suit at high school. Despite his lack of experience, he begins offering sexual recommendations to his fellow schoolmates, and things rapidly get made complex. With a popular sex therapist for his mama and a freely gay buddy from a conventional Ghanian household, Otis’s experiences explore socially appropriate concerns

with a distinctively progressive take. Netflix

Where to enjoy: “The Inbetweeners” 9.

(2008-2010) The inbetweeners are a group of 4 high school buddies battling with all the problems of teenage life

They sit in between the various groups of “cool” and “uncool” trainees and share a level of immaturity and passion that gets them into funny scenarios. The series follows their 4 “coming-of-age” stories, illustrating the advancement of the characters in their individual lives through their teenager years. “The Inbetweeners” is ranked 15+ due to develop styles

such as sex and alcohol. Prime Video

Where to enjoy: “Gavin and Stacey” 10.

(2007-2019) Many understand comic James Corden“The Late Late Show” as the host of viral carpool karaoke videos and his

, however to lots of Brits, he’s the adorable character “Smithy” and author of the commonly popular funny series “Gavin and Stacey.” This lovely British comedy focuses on the capitivating love

of Gavin from Essex and Stacey from Wales. It checks out the funny characteristics of their relationship and the peculiarities of their eccentric households and buddies, Smithy and Nessa.Prime Video Where to enjoy:

“Motherland” 11.

(2016-present)” Motherland” is a comical expedition of the disorderly world of modern-day parenting

The series follows Julia, played by Anna Maxwell Martin, as she handles the needs of profession, household and social expectations. Set versus the background of school gates and playdates, the program spoofs the difficulties dealt with by moms

, providing a funny take on the absurdities and pressures of modern parenting culture. It provides sharp wit, a skilled cast and revitalizing relatability. AMC+ Where to enjoy: Prime Video

|“Chewing Gum” 12.

(2015-2017) Set in modern-day London, this eccentric series follows the story of Tracey Gordon, a 20-something virgin who wishes to explore her sexuality

however is facing her spiritual training and its accompanying repression. There are a great deal of laugh-out-loud minutes

throughout the program as Tracey enters into uncomfortable scenarios like inadvertently going to a sex celebration. The program supplies a fresh point of view on coming-of-age experiences with sharp wit and unapologetic humor.Prime Video Where to enjoy: Netflix


Dramas“Skins” 13.

(2007– 2013)” Skins” is a innovative British teenager drama

that boldly checks out the troubled lives of a group of Bristol teens. Over 7 seasons, the series looks into taboo topics such as psychological health, drug abuse and identity. Each season concentrates on a brand-new generation of characters browsing the difficulties of teenage years, developing a genuine and rawUS version representation of youth culture. The program has actually ended up being a cult classic, and a

was launched in 2011. Hulu Where to enjoy: Channel 4

|“Killing Eve” 14.

(2018-2022)” Killing Eve” is a suspenseful British spy thriller

that follows the cat-and-mouse video game in between Eve Polastri, an MI6 representative played by Sandra Oh, and the enigmatic assassin Villanelle, depicted by Jodie Comer. The series perfectly mixes dark humor, espionage and complicated character characteristics

As Eve ends up being consumed with catching Villanelle, the lines in between hunter and victim blur, resulting in a thrilling and unforeseeable story.Prime Video Where to enjoy:

“It’s a Sin” 15.

(2021 ) This poignant mini-series looks into the lives of a group of buddies in 1980s London

as they browse the happiness, heartbreak and social difficulties throughout the AIDS epidemic. The series checks out relationship, love and the effect of the epidemic on the LGBTQ+ neighborhood

With an excellent cast led by Olly Alexander, it masterfully stabilizes humor and distress while clarifying the discrimination dealt with by the neighborhood.HBO Max

Where to enjoy:

Crime Dramas “Sherlock” 16.

(2010-2017)” Sherlock” follows the mystery-solving experiences of the world-famous British investigator

, Sherlock Holmes (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), in modern-day Britain. Sherlock is continuously taking on his arch-nemesis, Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott), in a fight of the mind and intelligence.

He has his buddy, the army physician veteran Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), to assist him, in addition to his unequaled attention to information and inductive thinking. Prime Video Where to enjoy: BBC iPlayer|If exterior of the UK)

17, (VPN required. (2013-2022)Cillian Murphy” Peaky Blinders” follows

the fluctuate of gangster households in post-WWI Birmingham Thomas Shelby, played by Irish star , is the head of a criminal activity household called the Peaky Blinders. Since the gang continuously ups their aspirations for more power,

There’s a load of action and intrigue in this program. They start as a little gang in Birmingham, and after that ultimately broaden to all over the world. A figured out law officer is on an objective to capture them and bring order to Birmingham.

Where to enjoy: 18. (2012-2021)

This highly-rated and commonly popular series follows an Hulu anti-corruption systemBBC iPlayer as they examine complicated cases including officers thought of misbehavior. With extreme interrogations and complex plot twists, “Line of Duty” masterfully develops thriller throughout its seasons.

Known for its “Endeavor” labyrinthine storytelling and stunning discoveries

, the program checks out the thin line in between task and betrayal, providing a awesome and unrelenting assessment of morality within the police till its fascinating conclusion in 2021.“Inspector Morse” Where to enjoy: |If exterior of the UK) 19, (VPN required.

(2012-2023)Prime Video This British investigator drama functions as a prequel to the precious Google Play

series. Luther” Set in the ’70s and 1960s

, the program follows the early profession of the fantastic investigator Endeavour Morse, depicted by Shaun Evans. As Morse browses the intricacies of crime-solving in Oxford

, audiences witness the origins of his hallmark intelligence and self-questioning. “Endeavour” perfectly admires its predecessor while sculpting its own specific niche worldwide of police procedural. Where to enjoy: |

20. Prime Video

(2010-2019)“Broadchurch” Portrayed by Idris Elba, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther is a tormented however fantastic investigator who

deals with abhorrent criminal activities in the gritty streets of London His non-traditional approaches frequently blur the lines in between justice and his own ethical compass. Elba’s engaging efficiency and the program’s extreme storytelling develop a tense environment, checking out complicated characters and mental depths as he digs and faces killers into

the darkest corners of the human mind Where to enjoy:

21. Prime Video

(2013-2017)“Unforgotten” The

discovery of a young kid’s lifeless body in the peaceful seaside town of Broadchurch sends out shockwaves through the neighborhood, unraveling ingrained tricks and challenging the locals’ trust. Detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller lead the examination,

exposing layers of deceptiveness and psychological chaos. The series masterfully checks out the effect of the criminal offense on people and the neighborhood, mixing suspenseful storytelling with nuanced character advancement. Where to enjoy:

22. Prime Video (2015-present)PBS

This series follows investigators Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan as they “Bodyguard” explore historic criminal activities

, exposing long-buried tricks and concealed connections. The program delicately checks out the effect of these examinations on both suspects and victims.

” Unforgotten” mesmerizes audiences with its mentally charged stories and the mission for resolution in cases long believed forgotten, offering a nuanced representation of human intricacy. Where to enjoy: |

23. Prime Video (2018-2024)Netflix

David Budd, a law enforcement officer and Afghanistan war veteran, is charged with being the bodyguard of the United Kingdom’s home secretary, the MP (Member of Parliament) Julia Montague. Things get made complex in between the 2 as they end up being close.“The Fall” When David finds a federal government conspiracy that puts them both at danger, he needs to choose who to trust and how far he’ll go to secure those he likes. This series is

filled with action and gunfights that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Where to enjoy: |

24. Prime Video (2013-2016)BBC iPlayer In this British-Irish drama series, investigator Stella Gibson is generated to

examine a mystical murder case

She gets pitted versus Paul Spector, a social employee who ends up being a serial killer targeting young expert ladies.“Downton Abbey” They end up being amazed with each other as they take part in a fight of wits, both keeping comprehensive journal entries as the criminal activities continue to intensify. Woven throughout the program is a

political subplot concentrated on the relationship in between the federal government and the cops. Where to enjoy:

|If outside the UK) Prime Video Period Pieces and Historical DramasPBS Passport

25, “The Crown” (VPN required.

(2010-2015)” Downton Abbey” follows stylish households in the early 1900sreal historical events and the drama that takes place behind closed doors. It’s an extremely popular, acclaimed series that’s concentrated on the characters and their advancement throughout the program.

The program covers more than 10 years, following the lives of the locals of a nation estate as they experience significant historic occasions like the sinking of the Titanic, World War I and the break out of the Spanish Flu. This is an excellent program to enjoy with your household!

Where to enjoy: Netflix

|“Victoria” 26.

(2016-2023)” The Crown” is a historic drama about the early years and reign of Queen Elizabeth II

The series blends with a lot of cinematic drama and has actually won 3 Golden Globe awards. If you’re a fan of

British royaltyPrime Video

(or duration dramas in basic), you’ll delight in how it discusses the majority of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, from when she was crowned Queen at 25 all the method to Princess Diana’s death in 1997. “Vanity Fair” Where to enjoy:

27. (2016-2019)” Victoria”

narrates the early reign of Queen Victoria, played by Jenna Coleman. The series looks into the difficulties and accomplishments of the young queen as she browses her obligations, individual relationships and the political landscape of 19th-century Britain. With elegant outfits, complex duration information and an excellent cast, this delicious historic drama records the love, intrigue and social shifts of the Victorian age. It brings to life

the romance at the heart of the British monarchyPrime Video

throughout an essential chapter in history.

Where to enjoy: “Black Mirror” 28.

(2018 ) This duration drama brings William Makepeace Thackeray’s timeless unique to life, unfolding in early 19th-century England

versus the background of the Napoleonic Wars. The series follows Becky Sharp, a enthusiastic and charming girl browsing society’s stratified layers. Olivia Cooke provides an engaging efficiency as Becky, whose social climb is marked by shrewd and wit. With lavish cinematography and abundant character advancement

, “Vanity Fair” provides a thought-provoking and aesthetically sensational journey through Regency-era society. Prime Video Where to enjoy: Netflix

Sci-Fi and Fantasy“Doctor Who” 29.

(2011-present)” Black Mirror” is an intriguing anthology series that checks out a dystopian future where innovation goes too far

, bringing twisted repercussions. It’s a frequently upsetting and imaginative program, with each episode including a various story with special characters and concepts. Every episode will make you think of the existing state of humankind and where things are going, as the program addresses appropriate concerns like expert system, monitoring and social networksEach iteration of the Doctor, providing a cooling reflection of the human condition.

Where to enjoy: |Prime Video 30. Google Play

(1963-present)“Outlander”” Doctor Who” is

a renowned British sci-fi series and cultural phenomenon that goes beyond time and area. Released in 1963, the program follows the Doctor, an enigmatic Time Lord with the capability to restore into a brand-new kind as they pass through deep space. With

an abundant history covering years, the series mixes experience, wit and creative storytelling. , depicted by various stars, brings a distinct taste to the character.

Where to enjoy: Amazon Prime|Starz

31. “A Discovery of Witches” (2014-present)

” Outlander” is a fascinating mix of historic love and time-traveling experience Based Upon Diana Gabaldon’s books, the series follows Claire Randall, a nurse from the 1940s, who inexplicably discovers herself in 18th-century Scotland.Deborah Harkness’s bestselling novels As she browses the complicated political landscape and encounters Jamie Fraser, a rushing Highlander,

an enthusiastic romance unfolds The program weaves together components of dream, history and drama, providing an abundant tapestry of characters and plot twists. W

here to enjoy: Prime Video

|“Dracula” 32.

(2018-2022) Blending dream and truth, this supernatural drama

is based upon The series follows Diana Bishop, a historian and hesitant witch, who finds a bewitched manuscript at Oxford. This discovery thrusts her into

a world of vampires Netflix

, led by enigmatic Matthew Clairmont, and daemons, deciphering a complex secret that challenges their coexistence. All this versus a background of bewitching places and abundant historic information.

Where to enjoy: “Top Gear” 33.

(2020 )” Dracula” is a retelling of the initial vampire story, however in modern-day Britain

It’s a mini-series that’s just 3 episodes long, loosely following the initial book by Bram Stoker. The series starts in a scary castle in Eastern Europe. Dracula makes his method through time and takes a trip west towards the United Kingdom. It’s a bit gory however likewise consists of great deals of humor

and a huge twist in the last and 3rd episode. Prime Video Where to enjoy: Netflix

Reality Television Shows“The Great British Bake Off” 34.

(UK) (2002-present) Top Gear is a popular British television series that takes vehicle evaluations to an entire brand-new level

with stunts, wild races and all sorts of imaginative tests. While the initial 1970s variation of the program had a more conventional technique, the revamped 2000s series goes for it. The series includes vehicle races, celeb visitors and lots of unforeseeable minutes. Episodes have actually been recorded all over the world

, with the landscapes making it a lot more interesting to enjoy! Prime Video

Where to enjoy: “Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham” |

35. (2010-present) This is a

well-liked baking competitors for amateur bakers The bakers take part in a range of competitors that check their baking and embellishing abilities, and they get removed one by one till someone stays as the champ. The entrants likewise originate from various strolls of life all over Britain, and you’ll get to hear their stories throughout the program. This

acclaimed programPrime Video is very popular worldwide. In the U.S. and Canada, it’s called “The Great British Baking Show.”Starz

Where to enjoy:

36. get even more out of these TV shows (2021-present)

This is a wonderful

travelogue including “Outlander” stars

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish. The series starts a fascinating journey throughout Scotland, exploring its abundant history, culture and tree Heughan and McTavish bring humor and sociability as they pass through sensational landscapes, go to historical websites and immerse themselves in Scottish activities. The program is a jubilant event of relationship, heritage and the withstanding appeal of Scotland. Where to enjoy: here’s a family tree|

How to Learn English with Television Shows

Simply seeing the program is constantly a standard method to discover some English, however there are other manner ins which you can For one, there’s a great deal of fascinating vocabulary that you can get simply from seeing premier British series: Here are 3 concepts to get you began:

Make an ancestral tree

A is a diagram that reveals the relationships in between individuals

Tumblr of “The Peaky Blinders.” Jotting down the characters and their relationships in a program will make it simpler to comprehend and pay more attention to information.Reddit Not all of these television reveals include complete households, so you might likewise extract work relationships, reveal who are opponents and buddies or any other connections that you believe are very important.

As you enjoy more episodes, you can even include character information to your diagram. These might be visual characteristics (i.e. glasses, blue eyes), characteristic (i.e. shy, effective) or any other information about the character.

Look up fan theories.

Fan theories are forecasts (guesses) about what will occur nextMany talk shows have actors on as guests in the series and conversations about things that have actually currently taken place. These concepts are composed by fans in online neighborhoods. [Actor/show name] You can discover these theories by browsing on Google for “

fan theory,” or by browsing

or under the name of your program or a character from it. The more complex and popular the program is, the more theories there will be for you to check out. After overtaking the latest episodes, difficulty yourself to

develop a fan theory of your own


  • Watch interviews. You can enjoy behind-the-scenes videos and British slang terms interviews with the cast members
  • to read more about the program and the stars. , and you can merely utilize an online search engine to search for “
  • interview.” Many of these interviews explain about the characters’ characters or things that took place on set. You can utilize this info in your household tree or charts, to compose down any enjoyable realities or tricks about the program to look out for.
  • Using these originalities, in addition to documenting and searching for brand-new words and expressions
  • that you hear, can assist you get the most out of your English television programs. Why Learn English with British Television Shows?

Finally, here’s why British television programs are an excellent resource for finding out English:

They include typical slang terms to your English vocabulary.

Since British television programs are normally produced for a British audience, the discussion will consist of typicalthese excellent American TV shows By seeing these television programs, you’ll hear casual language that you may miss out on in a language course.

Learn more about British culture and history.

Sure, finding out British English expressions may be your primary objective. As you enjoy British Television, you’ll likewise discover more about British culture and history.FluentU lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials Lots of individuals enjoy them.


There are a lot of first-class British programs that are commonly understood, even throughout various English-speaking nations and even worldwide. You can talk about the program with more individuals when you enjoy programs that lots of individuals like.

Achieve fluency in a pleasurable method.


Who does not enjoy seeing television? This is an enjoyable and unwinded method to discover a language. Host a seeing celebration or basically on Netflix for a night in, and select a category that you’re interested in!


Now that you have numerous British television programs to get you began, you can start and make some popcorn binge-watching.

And if you lack material, take a look at


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