The 22 Best Spanish Translator Apps and Websites in 2023



An excellent Spanish translator is necessary when you’re taking a trip or finding out the language to a Spanish-speaking nation.

In this post, you’ll get 22 of the very best Spanish translator apps and sites with convenient functions and simple navigation.

You can utilize them when you’re on the go and frantically require some aid with a word, expression and even bigger portions of text.

Once you’ve got a few of these apps available, you’ll have the ability to interact and comprehend in Spanish with ease!


Best Spanish Translator Websites with Apps


1. SpanishDict


SpanishDict is extremely extensive. You can quickly look for particular words and expressions and even get verb conjugations

The phrasebook keeps basic, typically utilized expressions on hand for you, easily arranged into classifications from intros and greetings to shopping and sports. You can likewise input your own expressions to equate.

This app likewise assists you construct your vocabulary with a Spanish word of the day and a efficient and basic word video game utilizing flashcards.


2. Google Translate


With this widely known site and totally free app, you can equate by typing or pasting text in addition to through speaking.

It likewise offers instant image translation– simply point your phone’s cam at a Spanish menu, indication or other composed product. The app’s phrasebook function permits users to save regularly utilized translations so you can examine and remember typical expressions.

You can likewise incorporate it with other apps on your phone so you can equate while talking or searching a spanish site with a good friend. Plus, the app works offline!


3. iTranslate


iTranslate permits you to speak into the microphone to equate your words into another language of your option. It will likewise conserve your history so you can return and study a discussion or expression later on.

The app permits you to save preferred expressions that you utilize typically so you can quickly pull them up when you require them.

The totally free variation of iTranslate uses speaking and typing alternatives. It’s extremely easy to use and simple to browse.

spanish translation website

4. The Free Dictionary


This tool uses a thesaurus, dictionary and translator all in one. When you begin typing, it uses some autofill responses together with the language (suggested by a flag icon).

Translations are supplied last on the outcomes page, so as soon as you look for a word you’ll need to scroll down and after that pick the language you wish to equate it to.

With this tool, you get a huge selection of info consisting of meanings, synonyms, idioms, and so on. It’s not the finest option for equating more than one word or a junction.


5. DeepL


DeepL is Linguee‘s text translator. You can key in your text, paste it and even drag and drop a file for an automated translation.

The translator offers one primary translation together with some options Getting in “How are you?” offers you ” ¿ Qué tal?” in addition to ” ¿ Cómo estás?”, ” ¿ Cómo se encuentra?” and ” ¿ Qué tal está?”. Be conscious that it does not suggest which are casual or official.

You can easily search for the significance of any word in the translation without leaving the page.


6. Reverso


Reverso is another strong choice for any of your translation requires. It uses numerous helpful functions and 25 various languages.

When you look for a word or expression, it offers you audio pronunciation, synonyms and examples in context chosen from regularly equated texts. Like DeepL, the translator likewise uses numerous responses.

As you’re typing, you can quickly place accented letters and even the upside-down enigma from the bottom of the text box. You can likewise publish a file to have it equated.


7. ImTranslator

While it looks a bit old-fashioned, ImTranslator uses many tools consisting of a comparison translator that reveals you Google, Microsoft and the website’s own translations of the very same word or expression.

It will likewise equate English text to Spanish and after that back into English so you can guarantee no significance was lost in translation.

Plus, you can open a Spanish keyboard to quickly include accented letters. While this one does not provide a mobile app, you can download a web browser extension, widget or app for your computer system

Best Spanish Translator Apps


8. Microsoft Translator

iOS |Android

With Microsoft Translator, you can equate from cam, text or voice You can likewise listen to equated expressions and conserve your most regular translations to examine them later on.

With the multiple-user translation, you can have a real discussion in genuine time. Just link gadgets and reverse with others. You likewise can sync this app in between your phone and watch if you own an Android Wear smartwatch!

The phrasebook and pronunciation guide are best for anybodytraveling to a Spanish-speaking country And you can download the Spanish dictionary for offline usage.

download spanish translator 1

9. SayHi Translate

iOS |Android

SayHi Translate is “an interpreter in your pocket” with dialect assistance for 18 Spanish-speaking areas It’s a totally free app with a smooth style and basic navigation so it’s simple to utilize. When the function is offered) and control translation speeds with minimum effort, You can alter the voice from male to woman (. Users suggest this translator has exceptional speech acknowledgment

It does require web gain access to


to do its task, so if you’re headed to a web-free zone this isn’t a great option. Spanish Dictionary +


10. This app even features a translator, dictionary, vocabulary video games, word of the day

and more. Every day it offers you 5 words to study

in each of the following classifications; basic, scholastic, typical, sophisticated and basic. They’re given up English and you simply click the dictionary to see them in Spanish. The flashcards on this app are drawn from your chosen favorites. You can then examine and practice these words and expressions with a video game: Boost Memory, Multiple Choice or Guess Word



11. Spanish Translator Pro Spanish Translator Pro is a low-priced ($ 2.99

) app that will permit you to equate expressions in between English and Spanish. Once equated, you’ll have access to audio of the pronunciation together with the equated text. The app reveals you your history of current expressions equated and

you can likewise bookmark your preferred expressions for simple studying.


Plus, you can share your translations on Facebook, email them or copy and paste them.Instant Translator

iOS 12.

Instant Translator uses voice and text translations for lots of languages consisting of Castilian and mexican Spanish

You can quickly equate from text to text or from speech to speech. If you push the play button or just shake your gadget, the app will likewise

speak any translations .


The standard app is totally free, or you can update to the professional variation for $5.99. The professional variation gets rid of advertisements and everyday limitations and uses additional functions like the capability to Speak & Translate


interact in between 2 gadgets

13. With this app, you simply state a word or expression into your microphone and press the button for an immediate translation.

The app likewise operates in reverse, so you can have a Spanish speaker speak into the microphone and it will equate what they state into English.


The primary app is


quite extensive and totally free, however with the premium variation, you can access more functions like offline mode, unrestricted translations and “snap mode” to equate by taking a picture of any text or item. 14. Speak With Voice Translator

This app equates over 100 various languages It’s terrific for Spanish language finding out in addition to interaction with other international people, whatever language they speak. The app equates both voice and text quickly, permits

voice-to-voice discussions and offers more than one translation for expressions and words. Translations are assembled from 4 top quality sources like Google and Microsoft.


Use this app to Talkao Translate

Android listen to spoken Spanish

, too. It’s an enjoyable app to utilize, despite the language being studied! 15.

This Spanish translator makes real discussions possible. The voice translator turns texts to audio, bringing words, expressions and text passages to life!

You can likewise speak into the mic to equate spoken words. The app deals dictionaries of English and spanish synonyms— best for vocabulary structure.


As with numerous translators, the meanings offered here aren’t constantly 100% precise, specifically for expressions or complete sentences. Utilize this as

iOS a fast method to examine a word or have a discussionAndroid

, not as a grammar checker. The business uses numerous other t 16. Dict Box– Universal Offline Dictionary | Many individuals consider this their go-to translation app, and for excellent factor. It offers pronunciation

and translation for any text and remedies spelling for words typed improperly.

It can likewise equate utilizing a gadget’s cam and permits users to sync word lists in between numerous gadgets. Plus, you can utilize the app offline when there’s no web gain access to.


Come back later on to examine words that have actually been equated with its Translator with Speech

iOS flashcard functionAndroid It’s a very method to grow your vocabulary abilities!

17. |

Translator with Speech can equate text in between 88 languages and spoken words from 23 languages consisting of Spanish.

You can iOS play audio of your translations Android or utilize the composed translations. Furthermore, it shops your previous translations that you can repeat later on offline. If you’re looking for a translator for global travel, this is a fantastic function.


The standard variation is totally free, however you can likewise get the Pro variation with more functions for $0.99 (


). 18. Offline Translator: Spanish-English|

This offline Spanish-English specifies words, expressions, sentences or complete texts through typing or speaking the product. It likewise permits you to examine the translation of any composing around you by snapping a picture with your gadget’s cam.

As a brand-new user, you get a minimal variety of voice and cam translations (to get more, you’ll require to update).


text-based translations are unrestricted and totally free


You can likewise utilize this app to construct an individualized phrasebook

by utilizing the “Save” button when equating!

19. Equate Shake With Translate Shake, you can type the text to equate or you can do it the enjoyable method: simply shake the phone, then speak!

download spanish translator 3 The translation will be spoken back to you.

iOS This is a fantastic tool for anybody who has physical constraints that forbid them from typing or if you require an immediate translation. It’s likewise terrific for when you’re listening or viewing to audio and do not have actually the composed word. Android

You can save all translations to examine them later on and dedicate them to your memory.

20. English Spanish Dictionary Unabridged Edition | This app from Word Magic consists of numerous functions to validate the

price of $24.99 When you look for a word, you get its translations, meanings, synonyms, antonyms, examples and even prices estimate that function the word. It works offline,

download spanish translator 4

includes over a million entries

iOS and well over 2 million translations and includes some customized terms such as legal and medical. It likewise uses numerous images, finds misspelled words and even consists of research study tools like flashcards. Plus, Android

colloquial words featured flag icons to reveal you where they’re utilized! 21. English Spanish Dictionary Compact |

At just $2.99, this app is the less costly choice put out by Word Magic with the very same quality of translation (and still works offline) however on a smaller sized scale. This app functions pronunciations

in local voices, synonyms with translations and a

download spanish translator 5

scan function

iOS for rapidly finding and specifying idioms or principles.Android

Like the previous app, there’s a random word screen that can be utilized for vocabulary structure. And the choice to save preferred words makes putting together vocabulary notes a basic job.

22. Spanish Slang Dictionary | This app offers more than 21,000 translations of

international slang and colloquialisms, consisting of swear words you will not discover in class. And it’s inexpensive at $2.99 for iOS and $0.99 for Android. Each meaning’s native land is marked with a little flag icon, making it simple to put together vocabulary lists for specific nations in preparation for taking a trip.

You’ll get to Gritty Spanish hear the appropriate pronunciationhere and can practice brand-new slang vocab with the

flashcard function

If you wish to go even further with Spanish slang, you can have a look at

, an audio program that concentrates on “grittier” Spanish vocabulary and ties everything together with discussions so you can hear expressions and words being utilized in context. You can read our evaluation of Gritty Spanish Urban Dictionary.

How to Effectively Use a Spanish Translator

Recognize their constraints.

Translator tools can be helpful, however they’re not best. The majority of translators do not acknowledge colloquialisms, euphemisms or slang and will create a direct, actual translation.

If you’re searching for a translation of slang, attempt to utilize a tool particularly tailored towards this usage (like # 24 on the list) or a slang dictionary like

You can likewise simply Google the slang word or expression + “significance.”

Get innovative to discover the best significance.

If the equated text does not sound rather natural, attempt equating specific words and expressions. Or attempt equating from English to Spanish and after that back to English (or vice versa) to see if anything does not rather calculate.

This action will assist you produce better-translated text in the future. If you can keep in mind that particular words or expressions do not equate precisely, you can prevent utilizing them in the future when utilizing a translator tool.

Review equated files thoroughly.

Because translators aren’t best, examining a computer-translated file or portion of text is an essential action. A couple of brief texts may end up completely precise, however a human touch can make it sound more natural.

Scan for mistakes and anything that sounds uncomfortable. Keep in mind expressions that do not appear best and compare them to the initial text to see what took place and how to fix it. This is likewise an important action in your knowing procedure.

Use a speech input function to practice speaking Spanish.

Some translator tools can equate text spoken through an integrated or connected microphone on your computer system or phone. This is a fantastic method to practice your Spanish!

If you’re speaking plainly, the translator ought to have the ability to equate whatever you state back into English. Attempt once again up until it does if it does not equate properly. You’ll enhance your pronunciation while getting the translations you require.

Use a speech generator to hear the words spoken.

A great deal of the translation services provide audio variations of the translations, and they’re typically spoken gradually for understanding. State the words together with the tape-recording to assist you get the precise pronunciation down. Memrise Next, attempt stating them without the tape-recording to see if you still remember what you discovered. This will assist you practice your reading, listening and speaking abilities all at the very same time.FluentU

You might attempt a vocab driller like

or a language finding out program like will then love FluentU, which sets Spanish videos with interactive subtitles that let you equate while you view. Download:

This post is offered as a portable and practical PDF that you.
can take anywhere.

And One More Thing …


. , if you’ve made it this far that suggests you most likely delight in finding out Spanish with engaging product and ..


. Other websites utilize scripted material. FluentU utilizes a natural method that assists you relieve into the Spanish language and culture gradually. You’ll discover Spanish as it’s really spoken by genuine individuals. .
. FluentU has a wide array of videos, as you can see here: .
. FluentU brings native videos within reach with interactive records.


You can tap on any word to look it up quickly. Every meaning has examples that have actually been composed to assist you comprehend how the word is utilized. If you see a fascinating word you do not understand, you can include it to a vocab list. .


. Evaluation a total interactive records under the Dialogue tab, and discover expressions and words noted under

VocabClick here to take advantage of our current sale! (Expires at the end of this month.) .

. The very best part is that FluentU monitors the vocabulary that you’re finding out, and offers you additional practice with tough words. When it’s time to examine what you’ve discovered, it’ll even advise you.(*) Every student has a genuinely tailored experience, even if they’re finding out with the very same video.(*) .
(*) . Start utilizing the FluentU site on your computer system or tablet or, even better, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play shop. (*) .
I am from the village of Idaho Falls, Idaho. I never ever believed I ‘d leave my little city up until my daddy was asked to move for work. At the age of 9 I relocated to Barcelona, Spain where I lived for 3 years. A number of years later on, I moved with my moms and dads to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I presently am back in Idaho and am wed to my fantastic hubby, who discovered Spanish in Guatemala, and raising my 2 little women. (*).


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