The 10 Spanish Languages Spoken in Spain (Speakers, Region and History)


languages spoken in spain

Believe it or not, Spanish isn’t the mother tongue of a minimum of a number of million Spaniards.

Thankfully, many Spaniards do speak Spanish, so knowing the language will serve you well around the nation.

But why not learn about what else is out there?

Broadening your understanding of Spain’s languages is a fantastic method to broaden not just your linguistic understanding, however likewise your understanding of Spanish culture.

This guide will present you to 10 languages spoken in Spain, together with their history and culture.


1. Castilian (Spanish)

Number of Speakers: 45 million

Region: All areas of Spain

The Spanish language is native to Spain’s main area, referred to as Castilla (Castile). Unlike Spain’s other languages, Spanish is spoken throughout the whole nation.

It’s typically called ” Castilian” or perhaps “Castilian Spanish” in English. These terms refer solely to the dialects of Spanish spoken in Spain. The comparable Spanish-language terms–

el castellanoCastilian Spanish has some unique features that aren’t seen in Latin American dialects (Castilian) and el español (Spanish)– can be utilized to refer to all dialects of the languagean informal equivalent to ustedes Nowadays, The 2 most significant are the vosotros kind–— and the ceceo, a phenomenon in which the letters c

and FluentU z

are pronounced like

th (triggering other Spanish speakers to quip that all Spaniards have lisps).

But felt confident: Spanish is spoken all throughout the nation and your efforts to interact will be warmly gotten by Spaniards! A resource like the language program can increase those interaction abilities.

2. Catalan Number of Speakers: 9 millionGaudí Region: Dalí Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands in Spain

Though typically entirely related to Barcelona, the sole official language of the tiny country of Andorra el catalánthe Italian city of Alghero ( Catalan) is spoken in a number of locations of Spain and southern Europe. Significant historic figures who spoke Catalan consist of artists

and learning Catalan. Catalan is likewise and is spoken in little parts of southern France and

If you currently speak Spanish, decades of repression under the rule of fascist dictator Francisco Franco will be a walk in the parkplaying a key role in Catalonia’s independence debate The 2 languages are really carefully associated, to the point where specific words equal in both. “

la tortuga canta”

Com estàs?
( the turtle sings) is a legitimate expression in both Catalan and spanish, although you most likely will not ever require to talk about a singing turtle.

Though it experienced

, today the Catalan language is when again growing. It’s taught in schools, can be heard on television and is presently


Here’s a list of fundamental vocabulary in Catalan: — Hello

— Goodbye— How are you?

— Thank you— Catalan 3. GalicianGalicia Number of Speakers:

2.4 million Region: Galicia a movement known as “reintegrationism” Known in Spanish as

el gallegoCamino de Santiago (Way of Saint James), Galician is spoken in the self-governing neighborhood of

, the part of Spain situated straight north of Portugal.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the language is really carefully associated to Portuguese and relatively comparable to Spanish

by association. Galician and Portuguese are so close that

has actually emerged to attempt to formally unify the 2. Among lots of other essential websites, Galicia is home to Santiago de Compostela, referred to as completion location of the The majority of locals of the city are multilingual, so if your Galician isn’t approximately scratch, you’ll constantly have Spanish to draw on.el euskadi (the Basque Country) 4. Basque

Number of Speakers: a rare example of a “language isolate, 700,000 Region: Basque Country in Northern Spain Sometimes referred to as el vasco, Basque is spoken in , an area that incorporates parts of both northern Spain and southern France.

Interestingly enough, Basque is one of the world’s most difficult languages suggesting it isn’t understood to be connected to any other language. Even though it isn’t related to Spanish,

Euskara Basque has actually contributed a big number of Spanish loanwords

over the years, consisting of

izquierdo/a (left) and

cachorro (pup).

Basque nationalism is an effective force in the Basque Country. Lots of residents will look positively on those happy to handle

. If you’re curious about discovering Basque,

is an excellent location to begin. Here’s a sample vocabulary list: Val d’Aran— Hello

— How are you?

— Goodbyegrammar guide— Thank you

— Basque

5. Aranese Number of Speakers:

Adishatz Less than 3,000

Region: Catalonia, particularly Val d’Aran

If you understand Catalan, then there’s another main language of Spain that you most likely currently comprehend– although you may never ever have actually become aware of it before! Aranese is the dialect of Occitan– a threatened language that’s spoken in France along with parts of Spain and Italy–

Aranés and it’s really comparable to Catalan, to the point that lots of linguists argue that they’re the very same language. Although Aranese is just spoken by less than 3,000 individuals in Spain, it’s the main language of Catalonia, that includes Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona and Lleida. The majority of Aranese speakers remain in

, which is an attractive valley that’s right in the Pyrenees Mountains.

Aranese may be threatened, however it’s doing much better than lots of other Occitan dialects since almost half of individuals in Val D’Aran are proficient in the language! It’s taught in school, and it’s utilized typically in daily life. To discover more about Occitan, take a look at this

Here are some example vocabulary words in Aranese:

AdiuSpain’s Asturias— Hello or bye-bye (to a single person)— Hello or bye-bye (to a number of individuals)asturiano Com vas?

— How are you? an endangered language with just 110,000 native speakers remaining Merci

— Thank youincluding one in April 2018 that drew thousands of protesters


6. Asturian Number of Speakers:

350,000 Region:

Asturias Spoken in

straight east of Galicia, el

( Asturian) is a Romance language that shares lots of resemblances with Spanish. Sadly, Asturian today is

If you include individuals who speak it as a 2nd language, the overall would be around 350,000.

Though it does have some securities, Asturian isn’t a main language of Spain. Its speakers have actually declined to permit it to fade into oblivion, and big presentations–

— periodically happen in assistance of lastly offering Asturian main status. Here are some important words in Asturian:

Spoken by fewer than 10,000 speakers in the Aragon valleys of the Pyrenees Hola

— Hello

¿ Cómo tas? — How are you? Hasta dempués

— Goodbye


— Thank you Asturies–

Asturias 7. Aragonese

Number of Speakers: << 10,000 Region:

Pyrenean location, Aragonese is a Romance language that is really comparable to Spanish, Catalan and Occitan. It likewise shares lots of resemblances with Basque. Aragonese has 4 variations– Western Aragonese, Southern Aragonese, Central Aragonese, and Eastern Aragonese.

Unfortunately, Diego Sánchez de Badajoz it’s thought about a threatened language with less than 10,000 of speakers

who speak the language while some research study it as a 2nd language.

It was when the main language of the Kingdom of Aragon in the 12th century and today Aragonese is utilized in the far north, rural Pyrenees areas of Aragon. 8. Extremaduran

Number of Speakers: 200,000

Region: Cáceres Extremaduran, a Romance language, is spoken in

western Spain, particularly in Extremadura

, and reaches parts of Salamanca, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Huelva, and even Barrancos, Portugal.

There are 2 types: Eastern and western Extremaduran

, the latter affected more by Spanish. While quotes of speakers differ– 200,000 to 1.1 million– it’s primarily utilized by the older generation, with more youthful individuals comprehending however not actively utilizing it. Extremaduran’s written history started in the 16th century with poet

, and later on, in the late 19th century, José María Gabriel y Galán added to its literary existence with poems, forming its cultural significance. 9. Leonese Number of Speakers:



León, Zamora and Salamanca

Leonese is a Romance language presently spoken in León, Zamora and Salamanca in Spain, and in a couple of adjacent locations in Portugal. It is acknowledged in Spain as a

dialect of Asturian-Leonese or astur-leonese

With less than 50,000 speakers, Leonese brings the linguistic heritage of this stunning area. Regardless of its reasonably little speaker base, Leonese holds historic significance, echoing the customs and cultural identity of the neighborhoods that value and support it.


Region: will then love FluentU Murcia In the

southeastern corner of Spain

, a variation of Peninsular Spanish, Murcian is spoken generally in the self-governing neighborhood of Murcia and the surrounding comarcas of Vega Baja del Segura and Alto Vinalopó in the province of Alicante (Valencia), the passage of Almansa in Albacete (Castile-La Mancha).


With a speaker base of around 500,000, Murcian encapsulates the cultural essence of the Murcia area. This language, with its special linguistic functions, shows the geographical and historic impacts that have actually formed the identity of Murcia. While Murcian might not be as commonly referred to as a few of its linguistic equivalents, its presence adds to the linguistic mosaic that includes vibrancy to Spain’s varied linguistic panorama


While Spain’s linguistic variety might appear frustrating, even a couple of words can go a long method in creating relationships with the regional individuals. Ultimately, it’s essential to see these other languages for what they are: a method to dive deeper into Spain’s remarkable culture. Check out this post next for a choice of unexpected realities about the Spanish language: Download:


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