Thank You in Spanish: 30 Ways to Express Your Gratitude [With Audio]



If you’re discovering Spanish, “thank you” is among the very first things you need to discover how to state.

It reveals great manners and enables you to reveal your appreciation to the Spanish speakers in your life.

The most uncomplicated and typical method to state thank you in Spanish isgracias.
There are numerous other methods to interact your thanks.

In this post, you’ll discover 30 distinct methods to state thank you in Spanish. After this, you can carry on to master you’re welcome in Spanish next.


How to Say Thank You in Spanish

Here are some various methods to state thank you in Spanish, frequently utilized by native speakers to reveal their appreciation:

Spanish English Explanation
Gracias Thank you This is the most uncomplicated and typical method of thanking somebody in Spanish.
Muchas gracias Thank you a lot When you’re extremely happy, you can actually offer numerous thanks to the other individual.
Muchísimas gracias Thank you a lot/ Thanks a lot Using the augmentative – ísimas makes this expression more extreme.
Mil gracias Thank you (so much) for whatever This is a great expression to thank somebody after they’ve hosted you for supper.
Un millón de gracias Thanks a million/ Thank you a lot The actual translation of this expression is “a thousand thanks.” Thanks a million
Gracias mil veces This actually equates to “a million thanks” and is less typical than mil gracias.
Gracias infinitas Thank you a thousand timesInfinitas gracias This is another variation of the last 2 expressions. /
Gracias de nuevo Infinite thanks This expression is utilized both methods to reveal deep appreciation.
Gracias igual Thanks once againGracias de todos modos Use this expression to re-iterate your gratitude. /
Muy amable Thanks anyhow If somebody can’t assist you, this is an excellent way to reveal your appreciation for their effort or objective.
Gracias a todos That’s extremely type of you This respectful expression equates actually to “extremely kind” and you can utilize it, for instance, with dining establishment personnel. the personal a Thanks, everybody Note using
Gracias, ¡qué lindo! in this expression. For all women, you ‘d utilize todas.
Gracias de antemano Thanks, how great! When thanking somebody for something great they’ve done or provided you, This is frequently utilized.
Gracias a Dios Thanks beforehand Antemano“Llegamos sanos y salvos, gracias a Dios.” actually indicates “in advance.”
Gracias a ti

Gracias a usted

Thank God This is a typical expression utilized by spiritual Spanish speakers. : .
( We showed up securely, thank God.) Thanks to you When somebody thanks you, you can react with this expression to reciprocate the gratitude. You can likewise simply state
Se agradece ” a ti” (casual) or Spanish passive voice” a usted”
Estoy muy agradecido (official).agradecida It’s valued Note that this expression utilizes the choose the correct form of the adjective .
Te doy (las) gracias

Le doy (las) gracias

I’m extremely happy Remember to agradecido,

depending upon the gender and variety of the speaker( s). I thank you (casual, official) This expression actually indicates “I offer you thanks” and is a less typical type of stating gracias. Use

Te lo agradezco

Se lo agradezco

te with family and friends and le with individuals you’re not so near to or with older individuals to lionize. I thank you Remember that we never ever state le lo or le la and rather alter the
Te lo agradezco de (todo) corazón

Se lo agradezco de (todo) corazón

le to
Te lo agradezco en el alma

Se lo agradezco en el alma

Te lo agradezco profundamente

Se lo agradezco profundamente

I thank you from the bottom of my heart This is an adjustment of the previous expression and reveals sincere and deep appreciation.
Te estoy eternamente agradecido

Le estoy eternamente agradecido

Thank you from the bottom of my soul This actually indicates “I thank you in the soul.” I thank you deeply
No tengo palabras para agradecerte

No tengo palabras para agradecerle

This is another rather official, genuine method of revealing your appreciation. I’m permanently grateful to you
No sé cómo agradecerte

No sé cómo agradecerle

This is a rather official expression to reveal your thanks. You can likewise reduce it to eternamente agradecido/a.
Te debo mucho

Le debo mucho

I have no words to thank you (casual, official) If you simply can’t discover the words to reveal your thanks, this is a great expression you can utilize.
Es muy amable de tu parte

Es muy amable de su parte

I do not understand how to thank you Similar to the one above, this expression can be utilized when you’re overwhelmed with appreciation.possessive adjective I owe you a lot While not always a type of “thank you,” you can react with this expression when somebody does you a huge favor. That’s extremely type of you (casual, official) The tu (your) is utilized in casual scenarios, whereas
Tu apoyo es invaluable

Su apoyo es invaluable

su ( your) is utilized in official scenarios, where you would deal with the individual with
¡Te pasaste!

¡Se pasó!

usted ( you, official).

Your assistance is vital (casual, official) “Gracias por…” This is a great method to acknowledge somebody’s assistance that works out beyond a fundamental “thank you.” You should not have! This is a casual expression that actually indicates “you passed yourself.” With a various tone, it can likewise indicate something like “you crossed the line.” common mistake made by Spanish learners It’s essential to keep in mind that when thanking somebody for something particular, we utilize

Gracias por venir a mi fiesta de cumpleaños.
and not

Gracias por el lindo regalo. ” Gracias para …,”

which is a


( Thanks for pertaining to my birthday celebration.)

( Thanks for the great present.)
irregular verb Verbs to Express Gratitude in Spanish Aside from the typical expressions for stating thank you above, we likewise have a set of verbs that you can utilize to discuss appreciating.
— To thank, to value

Le agradezco la ayuda. Agradecer

Le agradecemos la ayuda. is an

that’s conjugated like conocer (to meet/to be familiar with). It’s typically utilized in the very first individual, both particular and plural:estar agradecido

( I thank you for your assistance.)

( We thank you for your assistance.)

Estoy muy agradecido por su ayuda. The adjective

Estamos muy agradecidas por tu ayuda. agradecido

( happy) appears in the expression ( to be happy). :
( I’m extremely happy for your assistance.– male speaker, official)

( We’re extremely happy for your assistance.– female speakers, casual) The noun agradecimiento

Quiero mostrarles mi agradecimiento a todos los voluntarios. (appreciation) is normally just utilized in rather official contexts. It tends to be part of the expressions

Le envió flores como señal de agradecimiento. mostrar agradecimiento


( to reveal appreciation) and en/como señal/ muestra de agradecimiento ( as a token of appreciation).

Aprecio mucho tu honestidad.
( I wish to reveal my appreciation to all the volunteers.)

Apreciamos que hayas venido a vernos.
( He sent her flowers as a token of appreciation.)

Dar las gracias
— To value

The verb apreciar

Queremos darte las gracias por tu ayuda. is a routine verb you can utilize when you wish to state a bit more than simply a basic “thank you.” It’s followed by what you’re happy for or what you value:

Me dio las gracias por decir la verdad.
( I actually value your sincerity.)

( We value you pertaining to see us.)

— To appreciate

Dar las gracias is most likely the most frequently utilized verb of the 3 on this list. When you desire to discuss what you’re happy for, it’s utilized both in casual and official scenarios.
( We wish to thank you for your assistance.)
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( He thanked me for informing the fact.)Spanish movies How to Practice Saying Thank You in SpanishTV shows The finest method to practice stating thank you is by going to a Spanish-speaking nation and thanking all individuals who offer you instructions, serve you food and beverages, and so on. To construct your self-confidence and familiarity from home, there are a couple of things you can do.

To get knowledgeable about when these expressions need to be utilized, FluentU see how native speakers utilize them You can

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, or download the app on (*) or (*) app to discover on the relocation. (*) (*) Saying thank you can assist you get in touch with others and reveal them just how much you value them or their efforts. (*) By discovering a few of these expressions, you can reveal your appreciation to Spanish speakers with self-confidence and ease.(*) Download:(*)
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