Spanish Crossword Puzzles for Learners: 16 Resources for All Levels


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What’s a 10 letter word for a Spanish word game?

Crucigrama ( crossword)!

My grandma is consumed with crossword puzzles, and she does a minimum of one each and every single day.

One day, while dealing with her most current puzzle, she mused: ” I ‘d be proficient in a foreign language if I invested as much time studying one as I invest doing crosswords.”

Grandma was onto something there: Why not integrate the 2 enthusiasms? Enhance your language abilities with these Spanish crossword puzzle resources!


Online Spanish Crossword Puzzles

Okay, so now you are pumped and wish to discover Spanish with crossword puzzles.

Not to stress! You have an limitless supply right within your reaches. Here are 10 of the very best sites for Spanish crossword puzzles:

Lexis Rex

lexis rex logo

The crosswords on this remarkable little site can be found in 3 problem levels and brand-new puzzles are included daily.

You can resolve the crosswords online by simply typing your responses straight into them, and there are even buttons for getting in unique characters like accented letters in case you are not exactly sure how to do so on your keyboard.

Lexis Rex likewise provides you access to some knowing resources and a variety of other word video games beneficial for students, like Spanish “Hangman,” “Bingo,” sentence contractors and more.


panagrama logo

This is as instructional as its green parrot mascot is cute! Panagrama enables you to pick in between English and spanish (and even French) crosswords.

Puzzles include Spanish words, and to resolve each hint you merely go into the English translation. Change to the Spanish variation of the website to turn this around (English hints with Spanish responses).

Crossword Hobbyist

Welcome to the crossword lover’s paradise! This website was made by puzzle enthusiasts and has a whole area committed to Spanish puzzles. There are numerous puzzles with hints provided in a range of various methods, and all of them are understandable right in your internet browser.

Since these are made by other individuals, remember that the quality differs. Check the scores and include your own to assist others!


mundijuegos logo

This Spanish video gaming site has more graphics and interactivity than your typical crossword website.

Registration is needed in order to access the video games, once you do, you can begin playing the Spanish variation of Scrabble and other crossword-like word video games versus other gamers all around the world. Make some Spanish good friends while you play!


linguno logo

You’ll never ever lack Spanish crossword puzzles with Linguno! This convenient language student site really has more than 10 brand-new crossword puzzles every day These cover all levels, from A1 to C2, and you can even do themed crosswords, with subjects like food, science and even shopping.

Even more artistically, there are crosswords that are concentrated on grammar points like Spanish tense conjugations.

Spanish Level

spanish level logo

Spanish crossword puzzles aren’t simply for sophisticated speakers. There’s likewise Spanish Level, that makes crosswords that are suggested for newbie students This is a great location to begin if you’ve never ever done Spanish crossword puzzles previously.

The crosswords here have particular styles, consisting of veggies, animals and family members in Spanish. Since they typically consist of less than 10 products, they’re excellent for

El País

el pais logo

fast practice sessions For more of an obstacle, attempt native-speaker crosswords at El País, among the leading papers in Spain.

Based in Madrid

Diario Sur

diario sur

, it launches brand-new crossword puzzles every day throughout 2 levels: mini and specialist. This is finest fit for sophisticated students considering that you’ll need to understand historic referrals, popular culture, news, and even Spain-specific slang. Even native speakers can be boggled by some of the concerns. Diario Sur is another Spanish paper with a fantastic crossword collection. It’s a widely known paper in

Southern Spain

El Tiempo

el tiempo logo

, with the head office in Malaga. 4 brand-new crosswords are released here every day throughout 4 levels: mini, easy, half, and challenging. Mini crosswords have just around 15 concerns, while challenging crosswords increase to more than 40 concerns. If you go into an incorrect letter, the settings are quite versatile– you can even set it up to quickly let you understand. If you’re aiming to practice Latin American Spanish, one resource is El Tiempo, among the earliest and

most reputable papers in Colombia


You can experiment standard crosswords initially, or go directly to expert-level ones!

The primary distinction is standard crosswords permit you to peek at responses and letters. It’s possible to examine the service for the entire crossword immediately. There’s even the alternative to print the crossword as a PDF if you choose to resolve it on paper. Since it’s an individual blog site by somebody who makes crossword puzzles as a pastime, This is quite distinct compared to the other sites. The author is a filmmaker and director from Argentina, so a great deal of his puzzles include referrals to films. They often have a innovative twist

and test out vocabulary that you may not get to utilize in other crossword puzzles. Some of the styles are body-related slang, sports and even landscapes in Argentina. Simply remember that you may need to utilize

Argentinian Spanish

often! Physical Spanish Crossword Books Do you like your puzzles in physical type? There is something pleasing about putting pen to paper and fixing some puzzles by hand!

Most of the sites I noted above have

“Spanish Crosswords: Level 1”

spanish crosswords level 1

printer-friendly variations of their crossword puzzles. You can likewise mosey on over to Amazon and buy among numerous crossword puzzle books. Here are 5 outstanding options to get you began:

This is the ideal book to alleviate into Spanish crosswords for newbies. Puzzles are suggested for trainees in specific and have English hints with Spanish services.

“Easy Spanish Crossword Puzzles”

easy spanish crossword puzzles

The words utilized here are pulled from the 2,000 most typical Spanish words, making this collection of 125 puzzles the ideal vocabulary-building tool for those simply beginning with the language.

This book is

“Spanish Crossword Puzzles for Practice and Fun”

spanish crossword puzzles for practice and fun

made with students in mind.

The very first half has puzzles with Spanish responses and english hints and covers subjects like grammar, core vocabulary and Spanish culture. The 2nd half tosses you into the deep end with responses and hints entirely in Spanish so you can use what you discovered.body parts Mix it up with this collection, which includes puzzles with Spanish responses and english hints, ones totally in Spanish and even ones with Spanish hints and English services.

“Spanish Crossword Puzzles for Adults Vol 1”

60 spanish crossword puzzles for adults

The puzzles are thematic, making them fantastic for discovering vocabulary worrying innovation, food, and numerous other beneficial subjects. If you are trying to find an obstacle,

you will discover it in this tome for native Spanish speakers. Responses are

“El libro de oro de los crucigramas”

more unknownMexican Spanish here, and consist of Spanish from all over the world (instead of specifying to one area). It will certainly offer your brain (and Googling abilities) an exercise– and broaden your vocabulary with words you may not otherwise have actually believed to discover! Are you discovering

crucigramas divertidos

This book compiles high-quality crossword puzzles, all with good ratings and by well-known creators. What makes it interesting is the diversity–the crossword puzzles are taken from different sources, so their styles can vary a lot.

I’d recommend it for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners since some of the questions require a bit of research.

What to Do When You Get Stuck

One thing that drives my grandma nuts is getting stuck on a clue. She wanders around the house muttering about horizontales (across) and verticales (down).

Grandma’s sense of pride will not let her use the internet or other resources to solve her crossword puzzles.

Do not be like grandma! There is no shame in using resources to help you solve puzzle clues.

In fact, it is a great idea! By looking up unknown words, you will be learning new vocabulary and adding to your knowledge base.

Here are a few indispensable resources for getting unstuck in crossword puzzles:

You will find new words by looking up solutions. Add them to your vocabulary list and learn them.

Since crossword puzzles can use a lot of tricky vocabulary, you can get better at them by building your vocabulary. The immersion program FluentU exposes you to diverse Spanish vocabulary as well as pop culture. 

Make Your Own Spanish Crossword Puzzles!

If you become so obsessed with Spanish crossword puzzles that you blaze through all of these resources, then you can always make your own.

You can make them as challenging or as easy as you want and focus on words that you are learning.

Making puzzles by hand can be challenging—luckily, Crossword Hobbyist has a handy “create your own crossword” tool? Attempt these crossword puzzles,

developed for Mexican speakers

and including cultural terms and vocabulary particular to the area.beneficial to the brain you can utilize. The Benefits of Spanish Word Puzzles Puzzles of all kinds (consisting of word puzzles) are .

They improve your verbal fluency hone your memory and knowing abilities, which is perfect for discovering Spanish.

Crossword puzzles improving your language skills, construct your analytical abilities, increase your pattern acknowledgment capability and, naturally,

they are enjoyable! If you change your day-to-day crossword to a Spanish one, you will be .

Some crossword puzzles are even made particularly for Spanish students: they teach you brand-new vocabulary words and reinforce your understanding of existing ones.

As one last reward, doing puzzles in Spanish will train you to believe in Spanish.

This is one big action towards fluency!

¡ Anda!

Whether you discover them online, load them into your bag for a lunch break or perhaps make your extremely own Spanish crossword puzzles, do not neglect these outstanding little knowing tools loaded into an enjoyable video game!

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