Small Talk in Spanish: 85 Questions and Phrases for Casual Conversations



In the world of social interactions, couple of abilities are as important as the capability to take part in table talks.

The art of ‘little talk’ is an important part of daily interaction in Spanish-speaking nations.

In this post, you’ll find out 85 concerns and expressions for little talk in Spanish, from friendly greetings to commentary about the weather condition and more.

With this language, you’ll have the ability to strike up a discussion with anybody– and get some fantastic practice speaking Spanish!


Greetings in Spanish


The least complex method to strike up some little talk is to state hi! Here are a couple of methods to welcome somebody in Spanish:

( Throughout the post, we’ll put the formal usted version first and then the informal version.)

Introductions in Spanish


If you’re satisfying somebody for the very first time, you’ll require to understand these fundamentals:

Small Talk About the Weather


Chatting about the weather condition is a fantastic ice-breaker! Here are some expressions to assist you out:

Getting to Know Someone


Once you’ve covered the fundamentals, you can begin learning more about somebody much better with some concerns about their life and household:

Small Talk About Interests and pastimes


Most individuals enjoy speaking about the important things that make us people– like hobbies, food and shopping!

Here are some expressions you can utilize to discuss interests and pastimes:

Small Talk About Sports


Sports are a universal subject that you can utilize to get in touch with others. Here are some expressions and concerns to chat about your favorite sports and groups:

Small Talk About Food


Who does not like talking about food? Here are some methods to make little discuss food, dining establishments and consuming:

Small Talk About Shopping


Shopping is constantly an experience, and it’s a fantastic bonding subject when you’re making little talk. Here are some expressions for talking about your most current (or future) purchases:

Asking About Plans and journeys


If you’re taking a trip the world, you’re bound to satisfy a myriad of brand-new individuals. It’s fantastic to have some concerns you can inquire about their strategies and journeys:

Saying Goodbye in Spanish


Close out the discussion with a smile and a wave– and savor your little talk success!

How to Practice Your Small Talk Skills

Chatting is an enjoyable part of any language program. And there are a lot of fantastic methods you can practice while satisfying brand-new individuals:

No Spanish knowing program is total without some language for taking part in casual little talk.

It’s an essential part of accomplishing fluency due to the fact that it permits you to satisfy brand-new individuals and begin talking with them.

Once you feel comfy utilizing these expressions and concerns, you’ll have the ability to technique and speak with anybody!


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