Say What You Feel: 15 Advanced English Phrases for Expressing Emotions


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Advanced English expressions permit you to express yourself much more totally.

In this article, we’ll describe exactly how you can identify the crucial elements of innovative English phrases that’ll aid you speak about feelings– and also virtually anything else– in a specific, appealing method.

After that, we’ll reveal you 15 details innovative English expressions you can include in your tool kit immediately.


15 Advanced English Phrases for Better Expressing Feelings

Since you recognize exactly how to identify the foundation of innovative English expressions, right here are some terrific expressions you can make use of whendescribing emotions These expressions are arranged by the feeling they stand for.


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1. Traveling high

Definition: really satisfied.

She’s flying high after the effective item launch.

2. Inflated

Definition: really delighted regarding something.

He’s inflated for his very first half-marathon race this weekend break.

3. On cloud 9

Definition: to be exceptionally satisfied

He’s gotten on bliss since he obtained the work.


Girl with a sad expression putting a hand in her hair

4. Be down in the dumps

Definition: to really feel miserable or without hope.

I constantly really feel down in the dumps when I return to function after a vacation.

5. Go to the end of your rope (American); Go To completion of your secure (British)

Definition: to really feel mad due to the fact that you’re no more able to take care of a tight spot.

Helen goes to completion of her rope after searching for a work for months with no good luck.

6. Grief-stricken

Definition: exceptionally unfortunate.

After his companion passed away in a cars and truck crash, he was left grief-stricken.


Man with an angry expression

7. Attack a person’s avoid

Definition: to react with temper to a person.

I simply asked one concern to validate his demand, and also my manager little bit my avoid.

8. In a nasty state of mind

Definition: to be cranky, mad or clinically depressed.

She’s frightened to request a time off as her manager remains in a nasty state of mind today.

9. Drive up the wall surface

Definition: to frustrate or aggravate a person.

His consistent whining drove me up the wall surface, so I left.


Girl looking scared in bed with the covers pulled over her mouth

10. Have/get/feel butterflies in your tummy

Definition: to really feel really worried or thrilled regarding something that you need to do, particularly something essential.

I’m mosting likely to have the very first conference with a large customer tomorrow, and also I’m really feeling butterflies in my tummy.

11. Afraid of your very own darkness

Definition: really quickly anxious.

After reviewing “Dracula,” she ended up being terrified of her very own darkness.

12. Scared of

Definition: exceptionally anxious, particularly to ensure that you can stagnate or determine what to do.

In the “Harry Potter” collection, Ron Weasley is scared of crawlers.


Confused woman scratches her head

13. Really feel out of it

Definition: to not really feel in a state of one’s typical mind.

He simply awakened from an evening of hefty alcohol consumption and also really felt so from it.

14. Problem over

Definition: to believe meticulously regarding a person or something for a very long time and also attempt to recognize them.

I puzzled over the task for a couple of days prior to I chose to ask my teacher for information.

15. Ambivalent regarding

Definition: really feeling 2 various features of a person or something at the very same time, as an example, that you like them and dislike them.

He’s ambivalent regarding stopping his work to begin his very own company; he desires his flexibility, yet there are dangers.

Ways to Maintain Knowing Advanced English Expressions

Recognizing phrases and also etymological (language) patterns will certainly aid you come to be well-versed much quicker.

There are a great deal of emotion-related expressions that can be puzzling if you attempt to damage them right into their specific words. Comprehending the crucial elements that generally comprise these expressions will certainly aid you keep in mind brand-new innovative expressions quicker.

Something that is additionally challenging when recognizing English expressions is the bordering context. A simple phrase such as “I’m sorry” in English can reveal remorse, compassion or can also be utilized prior to asking an awkward or challenging concern.

Hence, it is important to recognize the context and also exactly how it alters a details expression when discovering English expressions for feelings. For instance, look into the video clip listed below to see exactly how expressions and also expressions associated with “I’m sorry” can alter depending upon the context.

Submersing on your own in English from residence is unbelievably handy for discovering social context. You might additionally utilize an online immersion program for extra framework.

FluentU, as an example, educates English with video clips drew from all sorts of media, and also integrates them with interactive captions to aid you recognize nuanced definition and also flexible evaluation quizzes to guarantee you remember what you’re discovering.

In the meanwhile, right here are various elements of English that you can research so you’ll much better at discovering innovative expressions:


Numerous English expressions for feelings depend on expressions. Idioms can seem nonsensical in the beginning, once you know with them, they permit you to reveal a great deal of details in simply a couple of words.

Some expressions and also expressions featured sophisticated history tales. Take “DILEMMA” as an instance.

This expression originates from Joseph Heller’s novel of the very same name. In guide, a military psychoanalyst utilizes the term to describe the laws that made it difficult for pilots to be excused from flying hazardous goals. The pilots require to be stated crazy in order to be excused from solution, yet any type of pilot that intends to be excused from these painful (unpleasant and also upsetting) goals should be rational. So there’s no retreat.

English audio speakers have actually because utilized this expression when they describe a problem or a paradoxical scenario, or a circumstance where there’s no retreat due to the fact that the guidelines oppose each various other.

Take a look at these overviews that’ll aid you come to be an English expression pro:


A collocate is a word that is repeatedly compared (placed following to) one more word. It indicates specific mixes of words show up much more regularly than others, making them appear much more all-natural.

For instance, words “effect” is frequently located in the junction “make an effect.” You would not listen to an indigenous audio speaker state “develop an effect,” although both “make” and also “develop” have comparable significances. There’s additionally words “produce,” one more comparable word to “make” and also “develop,” which is just in some cases utilized together with words “effect.”

Hence, in contrast:

  • If you were to compose the expression ” make an effect,” your message would certainly review easily.
  • If you composed ” develop an effect,” individuals may still recognize what you implied. Nonetheless, it does not stream and also most would certainly note this as an inaccurate use if you were taking an examination.
  • If you utilized ” produce an effect,” some visitors may quit and also think about if there’s anything unique regarding this effect. Is the result one-of-a-kind? Is it that nobody else ever before “produces” such an effect and also this is the very first of its kind?

You’ll discover junctions in the listing of psychological expressions over (as an example: “grief-stricken,” “flying high”). Remembering these word pairings will rapidly make your English audio a lot more all-natural.

If you intend to find out more regarding junction, you can begin with an excellent online thesaurus or get a respectable recommendation publication, such as “A Dictionary of Active Fluency Combinations” or the “Shortcut to English Collocations.”

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are a fantastic device for learning advanced English expressions, as they permit you to define various activities or states of being just by integrating one word with various prepositions.

Take words stand ( to be in an upright placement). You have actually most likely researched this word from the very start. You probably also know your prepositions: versus, apart, at, by, for, in, over, and so on. Simply place them with each other, and also you have:

  • stand versus (oppose)
  • stand apart (surrender)
  • stand by/with [someone or something] (assistance [someone or something])
  • represent (represent)

You can see exactly how these easy mixes can aid you quickly expand your vocabulary without needing to make an entire brand-new collection of vocabulary flashcards.

Phrasal verbs can typically be located in expressions relating to feeling. You may obtain brought away ( soaked up, excessively delighted) by a flick you enjoy. An aggravating scenario at the workplace may reach (trouble) you, or you may overcome it (discontinue to be troubled by it).

Advanced English expressions supply you with the versatility to obtain your messages throughout and also the opportunity to excite indigenous audio speakersand potential employers Beginning with these 15 expressions to allow your household, good friends, coworkers and even complete strangers recognize precisely just how you really feel.

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basic english phrases

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