Ready, Set…Write! How to Conquer the IELTS Writing Task 1 in 5 Easy Steps


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In the IELTS Writing Task 1, you’ll be asked to write a minimum of 150 words about details in a chart or table, or a procedure that exists in the type of a diagram.

This part of the IELTS Writing test might appear tough– nevertheless, much like the IELTS Speaking test, it’s everything about preparation and time management.

In this post, you’ll discover 5 actions you can require to make it through this part of the IELTS examination.

Let’s begin!


1. Strategy Your IELTS Writing Task 1 Answer Fast and Well

You can’t pay for to compose an in-depth strategy, as you just have a lot time. If you study the table, chart or diagram you are provided, you can in fact utilize that as a strategy!

For circumstances, in this example task on the IELTS site, you have a table that reveals “the variety of trainees residing in the UK acquiring English language instructor training certifications in 2007/8 and 2008/9, and the percentage of male qualifiers.”

The table reveals the variety of male and female trainees for both years, together with the overall number and the portion of male trainees. It likewise demonstrates how numerous trainees acquired a TEFL credentials, and the number of a UCLES CELTA or other degree.

As you will just have 20 minutes to finish this job, you can’t compose a paragraph for each row or column of this table. You can study the table a bit and believe about how you might

group details around 2 primary paragraphs For example, you might wish to concentrate on 2007/8 in the very first paragraph and

2008/9 in the 2nd paragraph. You might provide the rest of the details as information in each of the paragraphs. Since the job asks you to make contrasts where appropriate, an even much better technique would be to compose one paragraph concentrating on resemblances in between the 2 years and one on

distinctions Alternatively, you might compose the very first paragraph on distinctions in between the varieties of women and males in the 2 years and the 2nd paragraph on

distinctions in between the certifications

gotten. 2. Compose a Focused and clear Introduction Imagine that the reader does not have the details summary (chart, chart, and so on) in front of them. This will assist you

keep the details you consist of appropriateintroductory paragraph

You might compose an entire different

, however make certain it’s not too long or you might not have time for the body of your writing. You might likewise choose to sign up with the intro and the very first paragraph, however just do this in IELTS Writing Task 1, the much shorter of the 2 composing jobs.

Your intro needs to have a subject sentence that draws up the rest of your writing, offering your reader an orientation.

Here’s an example of a subject sentence you might utilize for the details provided above:

The goal of this report is to sum up information on the certifications gotten by English language instructors in 2007/2008 instead of 2008/2009 while likewise studying the distinctions in the varieties of male and female instructors in both years. 3. Express Each Main Idea in a Separate Paragraph Each paragraph requires to have one essence The other concepts in the paragraph will be

supporting conceptsthe body of the report

By composing a basic intro, like in the example above, you can keep your alternatives open about how to structure . For example, you might choose to choose resemblances in the very first paragraph and

distinctions in the 2nd paragraph:

In both 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 the overall variety of female trainees surpasses the variety of male trainees by over 75%. The TEFL certificate is the credentials chosen by both female and male trainees, with at least two-thirds selecting TEFL over Cambridge UCLES CELTA and other degrees. There are likewise a variety of distinctions in between the 2 years There is a 2% drop in the variety of male trainees who certified in 2008/2009 instead of 2007/2008, in spite of the overall variety of trainees being a little greater in the 2nd year. When it comes to the certificates trainees picked to take, there is an increased choice for Cambridge UCLES CELTA and other degrees for male and female trainees integrated in 2008/2009

as compared to

the previous year.

Depending on just how much time you have actually left and whether you handled to compose a minimum of 150 words, you might choose to compose a different concluding paragraph. You can likewise simply utilize the last paragraph to work as a conclusion.the IELTS page It’s okay not to have a different concluding paragraph, since in this part of the IELTS Writing examination you are not summarizing arguments or revealing individual viewpoints.

Note that the above example is simply one method you might arrange the details. Reconsidering at the “design response” supplied on

will let you compare 2 various methods you might blog about this details.

4. Usage Clear and Analytical Languagenumbers Expressing Percentages

One handy method of providing

  • is utilizing portions. Have an appearance at some language for revealing portions that you might wish to consist of in your own writing: The
  • smallest/largest portion of trainees is presently jobless. Out of an overall of 11,000 workers,
  • just 15% are certified. The variety of female motorists
  • rose/dropped to 40% in 2015. Their earnings
  • decreased/increased by 12%. 20% of the employees
  • were from backwoods.
  • The portion doubled/tripled in the next year. There were more kids than grownups (70% and 30%


).words and phrases to express changes Expressing Changes

You might wish to utilize other Here are a number of helpful methods to develop expressions about modifications.

The number

of female workers having official certifications …

… increased considerably.

… increased unexpectedly.

… reduced dramatically.

… dropped steeply. … changed a little.

… fell progressively. There was a

significant increase in the variety of female workers having official certifications. Depending on the circumstance, you might likewise state: There was a.

… abrupt boost

… sharp decline

… high drop

… small changeEnglish newspapers … stable fall News sources One of the very best methods to get these expressions is by immersing yourself in native English material. You might attempt utilizing the monetary or company areas of .

will not just assist you get brand-new FluentU analytical and expert expressions

, however they will likewise allow you to see them utilized in context in composed English, which will assist you comprehend how you might utilize them in the IELTS Writing Task 1.

Another resource you might attempt utilizing is

This language finding out program provides a range of genuine English videos such as intriguing talks and helpful clips. Each video includes interactive captions along with accompanying records and tests which enable you to begin practicing right now. You might likewise utilize the contextual video dictionary to look for particular vocabulary and discover videos where it’s utilized in context by native speakers.formal tone By immersing yourself in expert native English material you’ll have the ability to recognize the various composing tones and designs along with essential vocabulary to begin utilizing to make your composing noise more proficient!

Achieving a Formal Tone It’s an excellent concept to attempt to accomplish an impersonal,

and prevent being casual and too subjective. To do this, prevent utilizing “I” as the topic of a sentence:

Personal, subjective: I can see that … Impersonal, goal: It

can be

discovered that … Use the infinitive

(” to …”) after expressions like “it is essential” or “it is very important”: It is essential to advise

all brand-new employees. It is very important to arrange

reports well. Use the gerund type of a verb (the “- ing” type) after expressions like “… includes”: This part of the training includes


workingminimizing the number of mistakes in your writing in sets.

5. Do Not Forget to Proofread Your Writing Proofreading can assist you acquire some additional points by Keep in mind that you do not have the time to reword whole sentences. Set aside around

5 minutes for checking when you’re done writing. Your top priority is to end up the composing job, however, so do not compromise composing time for checking time.

A great guideline is to never ever hand in your composing early. grammar Use whatever time you have actually left for checking.vocabulary If possible, proofread when for and errors and after that

when again forEnglish language writing test spellingorganize your writing errors. If you focus on grammar and vocabulary and vice versa, you might not see spelling errors.

Remember that this is a

, so the critics will focus a lot on your vocabulary, spelling and grammar, along with on your capability to practice writing effectively.

Maybe even more significantly, getting ready for this part of the examination will assist you discover to present data in a meaningful and rational (clear and constant) method.(*) Download:(*)
This article is readily available as a portable and hassle-free PDF that you.
can take anywhere.


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