Reading Perfection! 10 Types of TOEFL Reading Exercises You Must Master


toefl reading exercises

To do well on the TOEFL, you require to deal with workouts that match the test format as carefully as possible.

The Reading area jobs can be divided into 3 basic groups. Keep checking out to discover everything about them in this post!

All of the sample works out below are based upon an excerpt from pages 20-22 of International Finance: Theory and Policy” by Steve Suranovic, available easily from The Saylor Foundation. Click this link to read the text.


Basic Information Questions

These jobs are based upon the accurate info present in the passage.

The proper response will be mentioned in the text, typically in simply a couple of sentences

Are you able to find the crucial info in a passage? You ought to do well with the standard info jobs if so! They might be accurate, unfavorable accurate or vocabulary-based.

1. Factual Information (3-6 concerns per passage)

These concerns target truths or declarations clearly present in the passage.


Please go to page 20 of “International Finance,” connected above, and check out the very first paragraph. This paragraph starts with the expression “Countries engage …”


According to the author in the paragraph, what does currency exchange rate determine?

1. The distinction in between import and export

2. The method to transform one currency into another currency

3. The speed of exchange of items in between nations

4. The rate of modification in global trade

The proper response is 2. Why? The paragraph mentions that the currency exchange rate determines the variety of systems of one currency that exchanges for one system of another currency.

2. Unfavorable Factual Information (0-2 concerns per passage)

These concerns ask you to recognize what is not real about the passage you have actually simply checked out.


Please describe page 22 of “International Finance,” particularly to paragraphs 2, 3 and 4.


According to the text, which nation counts on a single foreign currency to preserve its exchange worth?

1. U.S.A.

2. Russia

3. China

4. Germany

The proper response is 3. China pegs its currency to the U.S. dollar, whereas Russia utilizes a currency basket.

USA and Germany are not discussed in the paragraphs of the text that were suggested.

3. Vocabulary Information ( 3-5 concerns per passage)

Everyone’s preferred, these jobs are everything about how well you comprehend specific vocabulary in the context of the paragraph you are dealing with.


In paragraph 3, page 20, the word “backed” is closest in implying to:

1. Bought

2. Offered

3. Returned

4. Supported

The proper response is 4. “Backed” in this context implies “supported by” or “affected by.”

Inference Questions

The reasoning concerns need that you deal with the basic significance of the provided paragraph in the passage. You need to be able to presume info from the one clearly mentioned.

Correct responses to these kinds of jobs will not exist in the text, however ought to be apparent if you understand the passage well.

4. Reasoning (1-3 concerns per passage)

To address an Inference concern properly, you ought to have the ability to comprehend a concept or an argument that is highly indicated, however not mentioned in the text.

Analyzing info in the paragraph( s) and believing realistically about it are crucial!


Which of the following can be presumed from the very first paragraph on page 21?

1. The IMF controls currency exchange rate throughout the world.

2. Individually drifting currencies are unusual in capitalist markets.

3. Reserve banks have complete power to set the currency systems in their particular nations.

4. Currency exchange rate worths stay mostly steady in time.

The proper response is 3. Every other option opposes the info in the paragraph.

5. Rhetorical Purpose (1-2 concerns per passage)

While the accurate info concerns might ask you about the “what” or “how,” the Rhetorical Purpose area is everything about the ” why.”

If you comprehend the thinking behind the author’s method of providing info, you are excellent to opt for the Rhetorical Purpose jobs.


Refer when again to page 22, paragraphs 2 and 4. Why does the author reference China and Russia there?

1. To show various kinds of set currency systems

2. To compare their financial efficiency

3. To show the power their currencies play in the global market

4. To discuss the advantages of free-flowing currency

The proper response is 1, as both nations are merely noted as examples of various currency systems.

6. Referral (0-2 concerns per passage)

Reference concerns play the function comparable to Vocabulary concerns. They examine your capability to properly recognize the relationships in between sentences, hence assisting the general understanding of the text. Typically, you will see a pronoun highlighted in the paragraph; your job will be to choose what it describes.


The word “this” in Paragraph 3, page 20 (” … and this makes financial policy controversial …”) describes:

1. unstable financial times

2. reserve banks’ capabilities

3. gold-backed currencies

4. federal government’s choices on policy

The proper response is 2. The sentence talks about the ramifications of a reserve bank’s capability to accomplish specific objectives.

7. Sentence Simplification (0-1 concern per passage)

Work hard at your capability to sum up and generalize the info you are provided, due to the fact that this is what Sentence Simplification steps. You will exist with a sentence from the passage; the objective is to select the response sentence that summarizes it finest.


Which of the following finest reveals the important info in the last sentence on page 20 (” Throughout history …”)?

1. The gold requirement made sure that currency exchange rate stayed spruced up till World War II.

2. The gold basic combined with the repaired currency exchange rate contract made sure the currency exchange rate stayed steady in the majority of nations.

3. The Bretton Woods system played a significant function in ensuring that the gold requirement stayed in location.

4. After World War II, repaired currency exchange rate were embraced by the majority of nations.

The proper response is 2. The 1, 3 and 4 are either inaccurate or just partly proper.

8. Place Text (1 concern per passage)

Frequently a difficult job, Insert Text tests your reading understanding to the optimum limitation! Comprehending the text circulation and mastering grammatical connections in between sentences is important for success here.

In this job, you will be provided a brand-new sentence and asked where in an existing paragraph it would fit finest. Bear in mind that there is just one proper response.


Paragraphs 2 and 3 on page 20.


Locate paragraphs 2 and 3 on page 20. They talk about currency conversion utilizing a gold requirement. On the test, 4 squares (■) would be placed into the paragraphs to show where a brand-new sentence might be contributed to the passage.

The proper response will be the only paragraph out of 4 supplied that makes good sense grammatically and streams realistically with the brand-new sentence in it.

Reading to Learn Questions

The most tough ones in the Reading area, Reading to Learn concerns need that you deal with the entire passage to discover the best responses. Your capability to examine the info, acknowledge its function and differentiate significant points from technicalities in the passage are essential. Typically, you will likewise require an excellent grasp on cause-effect and compare-contrast rhetorical functions.

There are just 2 kinds of concerns in this group. Both of them deserve 2 points each!

For the examples listed below, please describe pages 20 to 22 of International Finance in their whole. You can anticipate to see the following 2 kinds of Reading to Learn concerns for them:

9. Prose Summary (1 per passage)

Somewhat comparable to Sentence Simplification, Prose Summary will ask you to recognize the significant arguments of the entire passage. For this job, discover to pay and acknowledge small information attention to the entire concept and argument of the passage rather.

You will be provided 6 response options, out of which you require to select 3 that finest represent the significant concepts of the text.


Pages 20 to 22 of “International Finance.”


The passage explains the fundamentals of currency exchange rate and how they are utilized throughout the world. What are the bottom lines of the passage?

1. Nations count on the exchange of currency to carry out trade and monetary deals throughout borders. Trade and financial investment are difficult without recognized currency exchange systems.

2. The European Union preserves a set currency exchange rate in between its member states, however a free-floating one in relation to every other nation.

3. The gold requirement was a conventional method of pegging currency to a product (gold) and basing the currency exchange rate on that.

4. The Bretton Woods system permitted nations to preserve set currency rates, and is still the standard today.

5. Numerous kinds of currency systems remain in usage today, consisting of totally free drifting, repaired and composite currency repaired, to name a few.

6. The IMF assists keep track of currencies throughout the world, and every state’s reserve bank needs to abide by its policies and Special Drawing Rights.

The proper response options are 1, 2 and 5. Number 3 holds true, however is a technicality. The 4 and 6 are inaccurate.

10. Fill out a Table (1 per passage)

This job determines your capability to structure and arrange the info offered to you in the passage. It will provide you with an insufficient table that you require to fill out by dragging and dropping proper response options into their proper areas on the table.

You will be provided more address options than there are areas on the table, so some will certainly be inaccurate. As soon as, each response can be utilized just!


Pages 20 to 22 of “International Finance.”


Countries with a set currency system:



Countries with a floating currency system:




Answer options:

  • USA
  • China
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • France
  • South Africa
  • Estonia

The total table ought to be completed as follows:

Countries with a set currency system:

  1. Russia
  2. Estonia

Countries with a floating currency system:

  1. USA
  2. Japan
  3. South Africa

China’s currency is permitted to value and thus is not repaired. France is not discussed in the passage, however it belongs to the European Union, whose currency system is distinct (gone over at the end of the passage).

Sources for TOEFL Exercises

Now that you understand what type of jobs to anticipate on the TOEFL Reading area, you require to practice every one of them as much as you can. Where to get more TOEFL workouts, you ask?

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You can likewise check your test abilities by joining. This website will enable you to take a total practice TOEFL test online, and it will provide you exceptional feedback– from TOEFL-certified English instructors– to assist you enhance your capability to take the test well.

Educational Testing Service (ETS), the company in charge of administering the TOEFL, is the very best source for more TOEFL reading workouts. And fortunately is that a great deal of them are totally free!

Free main TOEFL workouts and preparation tools from ETS:

ETS likewise has extra choices that you can acquire:

Doing TOEFL workouts ought to form the main part of your test preparation.

As you have actually simply found out, the kinds of jobs discovered in the Reading area can be really complicated.

You require to end up being really comfy with all 10 jobs to be able to concentrate on addressing them properly on the test.

Once you mastered all the Reading workouts offered to you, you are all set for TOEFL success!


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