Over 50 Handy Spanish Words That Start with Z (with Audio)


A fox (zorro in Spanish)

Z is a weird letter, well, mainly due to the fact that it comes last. It’s not the most popular letter in Scrabble for great factor, however it in fact turns up a reasonable quantity in Spanish.

The pronunciation of Z is a little complicated in Spanish. In Latin America, Z sounds much like the S in English, however in Spain, Z sounds more like the English TH.

This indicates that zorro ( fox) seems like “sorro” in Argentina, however “thorro” in Spain.

But besides that difference, the Z is quite simple to state in Spanish.

Read on to learn 50+ Spanish words that begin with Z.


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Spanish Z Words Quiz: Test Your Knowledge!

What is the Spanish word for “fox”?

What does the verb “Zarandear” imply?

How do you state “to misinform” in Spanish?

If you were a sailor, which of these verbs might use to you?

How do you state “repulsive” or “impolite” in Spanish?

What is the Spanish word for “sapphire”?

What’s Spanish for “hummingbird”?

Which of these is a method to state “blueish” in Spanish?

Which of these Spanish words is a food?

How do you state “stress and anxiety” in Spanish?

So there you have it! The Z debunked in Spanish. It’s not extremely typical, there are some daily words like


( carrot) and

zumo (*)( juice) that begin with this uncommon letter.(*) (*) (*)


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