Learn Castilian Spanish: The Complete Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Spaniard


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In Spain, you can stroll in the steps of Cervantes’s “Don Quixote” and “Sancho Panza,” nibble tapas on the shore and take a look at the exceptionally fascinating architecture of Antonio Gaudí.

You’ll likewise have luscious castellano (Castilian Spanish) singing in your ear!

In this post, you’ll discover the main characteristics of Castilian Spanish and reveal you the very best online resources and real-world material for discovering the most extensively spoken language in Spain.


What Makes Castilian Spanish Unique?

A Spanish flag flying on a pole

Castilian Spanish is the earliest dialect of the language, and all other variations of Spanish emerged from it.

Over its presence, lots of special elements of the accent have actually established.

Some of the peculiarities you’ll experience in Castilian Spanish are as follows:


In Spain, vosotros is the casual second-person plural subject pronoun, essentially suggesting “you all” or “you men.” Consider it the casual variation of ustedes

In Spain, vosotros is utilized everyday amongst friend or family, and usually left out, as virtually every other subject pronoun:

If you’re not utilized to seeing, utilizing or conjugating the vosotros kind, this fabulous guide will get you all up to speed.


Many of you might have become aware of the Spanish “lisp,” which is officially referred to as ceceo

The “lisp” describes the truth that many Spaniards state the soft c and the letter z with a “th” noise:/ θ/ and in tee th

You understand a c is soft in Spanish when it’s followed by either e or i, like in the wordscebra
( zebra) anddeciembre
( December).

So the soft c and z are pronounced like an “s” in other Spanish-speaking nations ( seseo), however as “th” in Castilian Spanish ( ceceo)

Here are some extra words you can listen to, and after that attempt stating yourself:


Leísmo is the regular usage of le to change a human maledirect object It’s not technically right, however it takes place all the time in daily spoken castellano

We’re going to simplify for you, do not stress.

If you remember from basic grammar, particular manly direct items can be changed by the pronoun lo

So, if I inform you that I have not seen Barack in permanently, you may respond that, in fact, “Michelle saw him the other day.”

We ‘d usually equate this sentence as:

Michelle lo vio ayer.

She saw who? Him (Barack). “him” is our direct item, changed by the direct item pronoun

lo Le

, on the other hand, is an indirect item pronoun. It’s utilized to change the 3rd individual particular indirect items “him,” “her” and “you-formal,” and it addresses the concerns “to whom?” or “for whom?” (Hint: That suggests

it constantly changes an individual.) In the sentence “Barack provided flowers to Michelle,” for instance,

Michelle would be the indirect item

Michelle le vio ayer.

Barack provided what? Flowers (direct item). To whom? Michelle (indirect item). In Castilian Spanish, however, to state our initial sentence, “Michelle saw him the other day,” you’ll typically hear: Even though “Barack” is a direct item, and although it ought to usually be changed by lo

, they’ll state ” le.” This takes place a lot in spoken the Real Academia Española actually now considers le an acceptable direct object pronoun in that single case castellano

when the direct item describes a human male that speak true Castilian Spanish.

Make sure you understand the right guideline initially, and after that begin breaking it to


Castilian Vocabulary and Slanglike this one As with lots of other dialects of Spanish, there are some words utilized in Castilian Spanish that aren’t utilized, or which have various significances, in Latin American Spanish.this one There are lots of thorough lists of Castilian slang terms


  • Coche . Definitely offer those a read, however to get you began, here are a couple of words you’ll hear on the Iberian Peninsula, followed by their partner terms in Latin American Spanish (AmL).|AmL:
  • Coger (un taxi) carro/auto– cars and truck|AmL:
  • Conducir tomar (un taxi)– to take (a taxi)|AmL:
  • Gafas manejar– to drive|AmL:
  • Piso anteojos– spectacles|AmL:
  • Patata apartamento– home|AmL:
  • Móvil papa– potato|AmL:
  • Ordenador celular– Cell phone|AmL:
  • Refresco computadora– Computer|AmL:
  • Zumo gaseosa — Soft beverage|AmL:


Learn Spanish on an iPad screen

— Juice

Online Resources for Learning Castilian Spanish

Language Drops

Language Drops logo

It’s constantly essential to have stacks of well-varied resources in your toolbox. The websites listed below concentrate on mentor Castilian Spanish particularly, and can for that reason serve as perfect guides to utilize throughout your Castilian-learning journey.

Language Drops is a language discovering system that’ll teach you Castilian Spanish vocabulary in micro-sessions of 5 minutes each. Completely concentrated on words, Drops utilizes the

image/word association and word repeating methods

to teach you Castilian vocabulary on 168 various classifications.

You’ll have 5 minutes of complimentary knowing every day, throughout which you’ll be offered words coming from a particular subject.go Premium The words are constantly accompanied by charming illustrations to assist you remember them, and your objective is to sign up with the audio (which is ideal native Castilian) or the image to the composed word while you do simple workouts like putting letters in order or dragging and dropping words.

If you wish to utilize Drops to discover for more than 5 minutes a day, you’ll need to the Visual Dictionary.

However, there’s a method to get access to all the vocabulary free of charge:


With the Visual Dictionary, you’ll have access to all 168 Castilian Spanish subjects readily available on the app.

Once you select a subject, a list of all the vocabulary consisted of in it will appear in the 2 languages you’ve picked.


You can click any word to listen to it, see associated vocabulary and a sample sentence and even discover how it’s stated in a lot of other languages. The drawback is that you do not get to do any workouts while utilizing the Visual Dictionary, so if you’re not really keen on lists of words, you may get a bit bored. FluentU is an

FluentU screenshot

online immersion program for students who wish to experience Spanish from numerous locations worldwide.

The program teaches Spanish through genuine videos like film trailers and news clips. Videos are classified by ability level, subject and format, so you can rapidly discover something that’s level-appropriate and interesting. You can likewise look for words to see them it utilized in videos, or look for a place to see regional speech from that location.

FluentU screenshot

Use the interactive subtitles to discover more about any word

as the video plays. Hover over or tap on the word to see an in-context meaning, more examples of the word being utilized, a pronunciation guide and an image.access FluentU from a browser After each video, you can take vocab tests customized to the video’s material. You can include them to your own customized flashcard decks if you desire to conserve words for more practice. The various workouts readily available target your reading, speaking, listening and composing understanding abilities.iOS You can Android, or download the

Squid TV

Squid TV logo


app for on-the-go knowing. Squid television provides you access to a lot of Spanish television channels free of charge, so simply choose your favorite from the list and begin enjoying within a number of clicks! You can select in between nationwide channels divided by classification

(like news, home entertainment, music and sports, to name a few) and local channels divided by area. I originate from Andalusia, so I personally suggest you offer flamenco and everything around it Canal Sur

( Southern Channel) a go if you wish to live a genuine Andalusian experience and discover a bit about this lovely accent. If you’re a fan of

Ba Ba Dum

Ba Ba Dum logo

, this is absolutely the location you’ll discover it more quickly, considering that it’s an essential part of our history and folklore. As for across the country channels, our public tv channel (TVE1) is an excellent option if you wish to have a mix of whatever Castilian Spanish, from news, documentary and weather report to nationwide series, smash hits called in Castilian Spanish and home entertainment programs. Bachelor’s Degree Bachelor’s Degree Dum‘s slogan is

” Juega y aprende”

(” Learn and play”), which’s precisely what you’ll do if you access this site.

Once you’re within, simply begin and select the spanish flag discovering and playing! Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree Dum consists of 1,500 words that can be found out by playing 5 various video games. I suggest this website for

intermediate students

of Spanish, considering that there are no previous descriptions or intros to the vocabulary. As quickly as you push Play, you’ll begin playing, actually.infinitive form So if you do not have any previous understanding of Spanish and wish to offer this video game a shot, you’ll most likely need to utilize your instinct and all the best in order to think the right responses.the adjectives All the verbs in the video game remain in their definite article, and

in their manly particular kind. When it comes to nouns, they all include their matching

Dreaming Spanish

Dreaming Spanish logo

. The voice of the audio is that of a female with a charming Castilian Spanish.

Dreaming Spanish

is a YouTube channel with numerous videos produced to teach you Castilian Spanish. The host, Pablo, is a Spaniard with a love for teaching his native language, something you’ll view as quickly as you begin enjoying any of his videos. All the videos in the channel have actually been divided into various classifications and 4 levels (

Superbeginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


  • Invited guests Pablo just utilizes Spanish, even in the Superbeginner videos. Do not stress! He’s super-expressive and utilizes his hands to assist you comprehend what he’s stating. There are 3 playlists in this channel I actually suggest you take a look at:


Pimsleur logo

: that includes great deals of videos with visitors from all around the world (primarily from Latin America) that discuss various subjects.


, the king of audio knowing, focuses totally on getting you comfy with having proficient discussions in Castilian Spanish.

It’s not low-cost, as you’ll see– however we have a technique that might get you all the items free of charge.

Pimsleur has a much more powerful acoustic focus than some other programs.

Much of the language discovering procedure with Pimsleur suggests listening to a discussion and after that duplicating parts of it, slowly developing understanding till you can remember the expressions that have actually been stated when triggered.

Pimsleur does feature a reading element, too, however this is secondary and not greatly concentrated on. The audio is the substantial selling point for them– you can utilize this program to discover quickly and easily, any place you go.

Many individuals utilize this program for discovering while driving!

Just let the instructors direct you from standard expressions to total sentences. Pimsleur constantly triggers you to listen, repeat and respond, making it extremely interactive. Each brand-new lesson develops on the previous ones, skillfully weaving what you’ve currently found out into brand-new ideas. All in all, this program can assist you make a smooth shift from novice to proficient, with lots of time and practice. Here’s our trick, though: Before you start and purchase this program, check to see if your library has it!

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish logo

We’ve had great success with our library systems having audio CDs for the Pimsleur language we’ve wished to discover. If you have the very same luck, inspect them out, pop them in your CD gamer, and voilà! If you wish to discover Castilian Spanish with videos and podcasts, an excellent choice is

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish uses over 230 interesting episodes of about 20 minutes each, divided into 4 seasons that represent 4 various language levels (Season 1– newbies, Season 2– intermediate, Season 3– upper-intermediate and Season 4– innovative). The site likewise has complimentary travel journals, an audio publication concentrated on culture, an Espresso area concentrated on grammar, a To Go videovlog in which Marina, among the hosts, asks individuals concerns on the street, and the area

En Marcha ( On the relocation), which is a series of videos tape-recorded in Malaga where various individuals are talked to in Spanish. There are various subjects covered in this podcast, from

musical instruments and summer season in Spain to the conditional tense and birthdays Coffee Break Academy( and whatever in between).Reading Club If you wish to invest a bit of cash, take a look at the


VideoELE logo

, where you can purchase online courses (the course is great to develop your Spanish vocabulary and enhance your reading abilities) and have access to resources like video and audio lessons, research study guides, records and more! VideoEle ( e spañol como l engua e xtranjera — Spanish as a foreign language) is a totally free online course that covers levels A1 (total newbie), A2, b2 and b1, so it’s

finest for newbies or early intermediate students

who wish to include some structure to their knowing.

From the course page (connected above), merely pick a level to begin.

Wikitravel Castilian Spanish Phrasebook

Wikitravel logo

Each level has in between 30-40 video lessons, and each lesson includes a video, a records, a PDF guide with options and interactive on-screen activities. It’s not the flashiest website out there, however all of the material remains in Castilian Spanish, and it’s all complimentary– so if this looks valuable to you, capitalize! The

Wikitravel Castilian Spanish Phrasebook

is a guide chock-full of helpful info for anybody knowing Castilian Spanish. It starts with a basic pronunciation guide and continues with expressions for a range of convenient classifications. There are

standard expressions, expressions for issues you may experience, numbers, seasons, days, colors, transport, shopping, consuming and more.Lonely Planet travel guide about Spain You can discover a considerable quantity of vocabulary from this resource alone.

Does a phrasebook offer you the desire to remove and take a trip to Spain? Your next action ought to be discovering an excellent

Lonely Planet.


Preply logo

They use some which can assist you in Spain, however none that specify to Castilian Spanish.

exists to direct you through your journeys and get you through easy discussions with locals.


is a site where you can discover personal tutors to discover the language of your dreams.

Start by typing the word “Spanish” and you’ll get a list of all the tutors that teach Spanish worldwide. Since you wish to discover Castilian Spanish, make certain you inspect the choices “Native Speaker” and “Tutor is from Spain” (you’ll observe the Spanish flag next to the photo of each tutor after you do that).

You can likewise specify the cost per hour you wish to pay and your schedule, and after that arrange the outcomes by cost, score or significance, to name a few specifications.

If you choose to discover Castilian Spanish with a tutor, remember

not every native Spanish speaker is always an excellent Spanish instructor. Teaching needs a set of abilities not everyone has, so check out the tutors’ evaluations prior to you select one, and do not be reluctant to search for a various one if you’re not pleased.

There are over 900 Castilian Spanish tutors on that page alone, so take your time.

Learning with a tutor has the benefit of

having a native speaker all to yourself throughout the entire period of the class.

Granted, by doing this of knowing isn’t the most affordable one, however it can offer you amazing outcomes if you discover the ideal individual for you.Actually hearing the accent is a great way to do this Learn Castilian Spanish from Authentic Sources

Watch Spanish YouTubers

  • Dulceida When discovering Spanish particular to a specific area, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the regional accent. . Here are a couple of more put on YouTube where you can swoon over that suave Castilian accent (plus get lots of real-world slang expressions!):
  • AuronPlay posts a brand-new YouTube video every

miércoles ( Wednesday). keeps it genuine, from interviews and jokes to entertainingly stating occasions that occur in his days.more A Google look for watch” mejores vloggers/youtubers españa”

(finest vloggers/YouTubers Spain) ought to get you plenty

to . If you get hooked on one vlogger, still blend it up from time to time. That’ll assist guarantee you’re getting direct exposure to both ladies and males, young and old (some television reveals below will assist with this, too).

There are great deals of various designs of voices within all the charming people who speak

castellano“Lazarillo de Tormes”, so it’s terrific ear training to hear a range of them.“La sombra del viento” Read Castilian Spanish Literature Whether it be classics like

(” Little Lázaro from Tormes”) or modern-day books like Spanish audiobooks iVoox(” The Shadow of the Wind”), getting lost in an excellent book composed by a Spanish author will undoubtedly benefit your Castilian research studies, specifically if you listen in addition to an audiobook recording while checking out!

While there are great deals of methods to get iVoox’s search filter, such as your library and . In , choose ” castellano”

Classic books will have the advantage of more support materials online and

” audiolibros y relatos”

for audiobook lead to Castilian Spanish (and do not forget to set the nation to “España” up in the leading right corner).

( summaries, audiobooks, complimentary e-books, translations, conversation concerns, and so on), as they’re typically taught in literature classes both to native Spanish students and spanish speakers, whereas modern books will have more present language. Opt for whatever interests you most!

Here are a couple of modern Spanish books to think about, simply to get you began. After each Spanish title, you’ll discover the English translation in parentheses. These aren’t always the book titles in English, however, which is why they aren’t capitalized:

And here are a couple of popular authors from Spain to take a look at too: a complete guide to TV in Spain here This is just the suggestion of the iceberg! Keep in mind to do your Googling in Spanish to discover suggestions that match your tastes more quickly.

“Los Protegidos,” Watch Television Shows from Spain

Luckily, you currently have , which you ought to take a look at now to choose the very first program you’ll begin enjoying. That’ll actually get your ear utilized to the Castilian accent. which is gushed about in the previous link, is specifically terrific for discovering the Castilian accent. Here’s why: One of the primary characters, Jimena, is played by Colombian starlet Angie Cepeda. All of the other primary functions are played by Spaniards, so in every episode, you can compare and contrast Jimena’s Colombian voice with the Castilian Spanish of the other stars and starlets.this one for “Los Protegidos” You can utilize a television program’s Wikipedia page in español

( like shadowing practice)

to rapidly inspect where the primary stars and starlets are from prior to enjoying. Or, for an enjoyable plot, enter into it blind and make those forecasts as you enjoy. In addition to getting your ear accustomed to the accent, keep in mind that you can constantly duplicate and stop briefly to utilize television programs for speaking and . Another concept is to turn enjoying into a video game with a pal: One point for every single ceceo

, 2 points for each Castilian slang word/phrase, and 5 points for each


you hear! Sing Along to Music from Spanish Pop Stars Play music sung by artists from Spain throughout extra minutes throughout the day– while you’re preparing yourself, bathing, working, cooking, and so on– to assist sharpen your ear in on the words and noises utilized in Castilian Spanish.

Singing along is a wonderful method to deal with your ceceo! Find a specific tune you like filled with the well-known lisp and sing along while utilizing it yourself.

You might likewise print a copy of the lyrics and very first shot to highlight which words you believe will have the

La Quinta Estación: The diva from this group are both from Madrid. (Remember Me), including American vocalist Marc Anthony, is an effective tune with wicked consistency.this list of the top 40 songs in Spain in 2023 You can likewise look for present leading tune listspop bands from Spain (” las mejores canciones”)

from Spain, like

, or lists of

to broaden your musical tastes.when you’re using these sites to look for a conversation partner Speak with Actual Spaniards Lastly, among the most efficient approaches to discover Castilian Spanish is to speak to native speakers from Spain.


, look for somebody in Spain who speaks Verbling castellano! When you’re browsing through pages of prospective Spanish tutors online,

The very same goes for. Try to find somebody who comes from Spain. Even much better, search for somebody from the specific area of Spain where you ‘d like to take a trip one day!

Apart from Preply (pointed out in the previous area), an exceptional location to discover an online Spanish tutor who’s presently being in Barcelona or Madrid is

, hands-down. There, you’ll quickly have the ability to sort and filter by area of origin, suggesting that you’ll

with little to no effort. You may not feel “prepared” for speaking with a genuine Spaniard, however that’s totally typical– it suggests that beginning now will just assist you discover and grow, since there are lots of unknowns at this moment.

The more you do it, the simpler it’ll get and the more comfy you’ll get understanding and speaking Castilian Spanish.

You simply need to do something about it, enabling your interest and desire to discover Spanish to be more powerful than your worry of making errors, since the fact is you’ll make numerous errors! Each of them will be a stunning knowing chance, so there’s absolutely nothing to be stressed about.

In addition to speaking practice, do not forget to

ask your Spanish language partner for suggestions on more native material.

What are they enjoying on YouTube? Which websites do they go to daily? What books are their pals raving about? What television programs are they hooked on?

This post is readily available as a portable and hassle-free PDF that you.
can take anywhere.
Francisco J. Vare enjoys mentor and discussing grammar. He’s a happy language geek, and you’ll usually discover him discovering languages, teaching trainees or reading. He’s been composing for FluentU for several years and is among their personnel authors.(*)
Rebecca Thering found out to speak Spanish and French while living abroad in Spain, South Korea, and France. She has actually taught English as a 2nd language in numerous capabilities considering that 2009. From her present house in Arizona, Rebecca is now discovering languages of the building and construction trades and the recovery arts, while sharing genuine productions on her individual website. (*).


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