Italian and Spanish Similarities: Shared Vocabulary, Similar Phrases and More!



Do you speak Italian?

Are you thinking about finding out a brand-new language?

Then I have some amazing news: You can utilize your Italian abilities to assist you discover Spanish!

In this post, you’ll find a variety of Spanish and italian resemblances, from shared and comparable vocabulary in each language to some incorrect buddies to keep an eye out for!


Seeing Double: Similarities Between Italian and spanish

There are a lots of resemblances in between Spanish and Italian! Here are a few of the most essential ones to be familiar with:

  • They’re both thought about Romance languages, which indicates they’re part of a biggroup of languages derived from Latin Numerous Romance languages are at least partially equally easy to understand.
  • The lexical similarity between the two languages has to do with 80% That indicates that the vocabulary of the 2 is extremely similar most of the time. By extension, the lexical distinction in between them is small.

    To put it in easy-to-grasp terms, Italian and spanish are more comparable than not– which’s exceptional news for anybody who wishes to speak both languages.

  • The sentence structure is likewise the very same: They follow the subject-verb-object building that anybody knowledgeable about either language will acknowledge.
  • Vocabulary, as we discussed, is likewise exceptionally comparable You’ve got a huge head start on finding out the other if you understand one of the languages. Some Italian and spanish expressions and words sound alike and imply comparable things, while others imply precisely the very same thing.

    You may believe this is complicated, however take a look at it by doing this: Knowing these words in one language indicates you understand them in the other, too. Which equates to a substantial piece of shared vocabulary! When and you’ll be set for both languages, discover it.

  • The vowel sounds of Italian and spanish are the very same, too. If you’ve got your Italian pronunciation down, you’ll be able to use that understanding to Spanish words and expressions.

Similar Spanish and Italian Words to Get You Started

Shared Vocabulary

Below is a tasting of the words the 2 languages share. You’ll see even in this little list that vocabulary sharing is helpful to language students!

Notice that in some circumstances, the only distinction in between the words is an accent mark.

Vocabulary with Some Minor Spelling Variations

These words are essentially the very same. If you hear them spoken out loud, in lots of cases you would not even hear the distinction.

All the words in this area and the previous one are called cognates, which are words that sound comparable and imply the very same thing. To discover a lot more Spanish-Italian cognates, take a look at Quizlet’s enjoyable cognate flip cards!

You can likewise listen to locals utilizing these words with genuine Spanish and Italian videos on the FluentU program.

Italian Words of Spanish Origin

Italian and spanish do not simply share similar-sounding words: In some cases, they even obtain words from one another.

Here are a number of fascinating Italian words that originate from the Spanish language. If you ever discover yourself talking with another language fan, they’re helpful conversational bits– particularly. If you in some way discover yourself yearning a stogie in the middle of a typhoon,

They’re likewise useful.Italian words that came from the Spanish language EZ Glot has a list of more


Spanish Words of Italian Origin

Spanish has actually likewise obtained a couple of words from Italian vocabulary.

Like the Italian words drawn from Spanish, these noise the very same and imply the very same in both languages however have small spelling variations.

These examples are beautiful and creative, and sure to be helpful if you’re ever in Barcelona when the opera is carrying out!even more examples over at EZ Glot Check out


Similar Spanish and Italian Phrasesmany phrases While these 2 languages share a great deal of standard vocabulary, their resemblances do not end there. They have Expressions also add color— the majority of them extremely useful and typical!– that can make discussions in either language much less demanding.

to discussions, so take down these.

Let’s admit it: The expressions are so comparable that if you’re in a Spanish-speaking nation and slip in an Italian expression or 2, you’ll still be comprehended. * Note: Both salud and salute ¡Salud!
are likewise things you state when you clink glasses (like the English “cheers!”). In addition, you state Salute!
in Spanish and

in Italian when somebody sneezes. What a wide range of usages for such an easy word!

A Word to the Wise: Beware of False Friends Sometimes, the resemblances in between languages can in fact journey you up. You may’ve heard a story about a guy attempting to state he’s ashamed in Spanish and winding up revealing that he’s pregnant (embarazado),


So make sure to keep an eye out for “incorrect buddies,” or words that look comparable in Italian and spanish however in fact have various significances or usages. :

I ‘d be remiss if I didn’t point out one extra-special shared vocabulary word. This one may trigger some confusion and would definitely result in great deals of laughter so I’ll idea you in before you get things blended.

This is a case where the spelling equals however the significances are extremely various!

If we had time, I ‘d share a story about the time I fulfilled a possible mother-in-law and accidentally asked for a donkey to place on my Italian bread. No, I’m not joking, it in fact occurred.

And that’s why I made the effort to point this word out to you! Do not make my error!a Spanish language program

If you currently speak Italian and are thinking about finding out Spanish, keep all the commonness of these 2 love languages in mind. You currently have a lot Spanish understanding (and most likely didn’t even recognize it) that contributing to it with

will be an interesting experience.

Spanish and italian share a lot. Not just are they Romance (and romantic) languages, however their stunning native lands make this pairing a match made in paradise for language students who like a difficulty.

So why select simply one? Buona fortuna!
Learn both and optimize your foreign-language experience. Understanding several languages increases your possibilities of interaction as a worldwide person and that’s a really excellent thing! ¡Buena suerte!
Good luck! Or as they state in Italian,


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