IELTS Grammar: 7 Key English Grammar Rules You Should Know



Good grammar is important for taking the IELTS examination.

Even though there is no part of the IELTS examination that straight focuses and checks just on grammar, appropriate English grammar is extremely crucial for getting a high IELTS score!

In this post, you’ll discover some crucial grammar guidelines to find out to get ready for the IELTS examination, each followed by examples and a brief workout. You can examine with the response secret at the end of the post when you’ve done the workouts.


7 English Grammar Rules You Need to Get a Higher IELTS Score

Grammar is essential as it assists you make development in all 4 abilities: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Although you’ll primarily see your development in speaking and composing as you actively utilize grammar structures, understanding grammar will likewise assist you comprehend language, both in reading and in listening.

The finest method to enhance your grammar is to study each guideline listed below one by one, checked out some examples, make your own examples and after that practice each guideline by doing workouts.

1. The Simple Aspect

We utilize the basic element to discuss basic, repetitive or long-term actions.

Here, the present simple is utilized to describe a basic, regular action:

I often read business magazines online.

In the above example, it is indicated that you check out these publications online all the time. This is something you do routinely.

We utilize the constant element to concentrate on progressive actions that typically occur around the minute of speaking.

Here, the present continuous is utilized to describe an action that is taking place at the minute of speaking:

I am reading an interesting book.

The exact same guideline uses to all the verb tenses, past, future and present. Utilize the constant element if you desire to focus on the connection of the action. Utilize the basic element if you are more interested in the outcome of the action.

Try this workout with FluentU: Search for the word “checked out” and after that the word “reading” and examine the flashcards and video outcomes for each. You’ll rapidly see the distinction in between the 2 in the example sentences. You’ll likewise get an opportunity to skim clips where the words are utilized for more context.

FluentU can assist you with the other guidelines in this post. It’s a program that utilizes genuine English videos like news sectors, film trailers and clips, video and more.iOS The program likewise has extra knowing tools that can assist you get ready for the IELTS, like pronunciation practice on the Android and

english avengers fluentu

apps, the capability to examine the significance of any word from the video’s subtitles, flashcards that you can arrange into your own themed lists, customized tests and more.FluentU With a program like

, you’ll get an opportunity to see these guidelines in context and find out how to with confidence utilize them yourself.

Why is this helpful for IELTS? In IELTS Speaking Part 1

you need to address concerns about yourself. You will require to ensure you utilize the ideal verb tense and the ideal element

— constant or basic– depending upon what you wish to state. You require the present simple if you desire to talk about basic things that you do routinely. If, nevertheless, you wish to describe actions that are short-lived and occur around the minute of speaking, then you require today constant. When explaining patterns revealed in charts or charts,

Between January and March, the profit rose by 10%.

They produced twice the amount of cars in June.

Hungary accounted for 10% of the students involved in the competition.

You might likewise require this grammar guideline in

. Due to the fact that in this part you report on scenarios that took place in the past, you are most likely going to utilize the previous basic rather a lot.


Let’s practice this guideline by putting the verbs in the ideal tense and element:

1. I ___( workout) every other day, however I ___( not like) going to sports competitors.

2. The chart ___( program) how the overall variety of trainees ___( modification) in the previous 5 years.

3. I ___( do) an internship this spring, so I ___( not desire) to take another task simply.past tense 4. When I ___( show up), Alan ___( watch) a film.

I ate my breakfast with Tony and then we saw a movie.

2. The Simple Past and Present Perfect Verb Tenses When utilizing the previous tense, we see these previous actions as having no connection with today. They belong to the past, so we utilize the to reveal them.

The action above occurred in the past. There is no connection with today, so we utilize the present perfect basic past

I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, I’m starving.

I have been waiting here since 10 a.m.

If, nevertheless, the action took place in the past however it has some type of effect on today, or if it continues into today, we require to utilize the . The above exists ideal since it is a previous action however it has an apparent effect on today, the speaker is now starving.

The above exists ideal since the action began in the past however is continuing into today, when the speaker is



Why is this helpful for IELTS? In the IELTS speaking test you might need to discuss various occasions from the past, either about yourself or about other matters. Choose if the actions are still pertinent in today, if they still have an effect or not. You have more time to make this choice when you are composing than when speaking, however if you practice this guideline you’ll have the ability to believe much faster. Have an appearance at the following sentences and choose whether to utilize the previous

or the

present ideal


5. I ___( start) studying for the IELTS examination 2 months ago however I still ___( not choose) whether to transfer to Australia.

6. According to the bar chart, more ladies than guys ___( take) the course in 2015.passive voice 7. Home entertainment ___( modification) a lot because individuals ___( start) utilizing the Internet every day.

3. The Passive Voice The can be utilized whenever you wish to sound more impersonal and official.past participle You form the passive voice by utilizing the verb ” to be” in the tense you desire, plus the (the 3rd kind of the verb; for instance, for the verb ” compose”

you would utilize

Almost 50% more courses were chosen in the second semester as compared to the first one. ” composed”). Examples:
( the passive voice is utilized here, with the previous tense of the verb
” to be”

More research needs to be done before choosing a certain supplier. and the previous participle of the verb ” pick”).
” do” is utilized in the passive voice in the infinitive, with the verb ” be”

utilized in the infinitive and the previous participle of the verb

” do”


Why is this helpful for IELTS?

You can utilize the passive voice in both composing jobs in the IELTS examination, especially in reports where a more official tone is required.

Now attempt utilizing the verbs in parentheses in the ideal passive voice kind. These are examples you might utilize in your own official reports!

8. As can ___( see) from the figures, the variety of very first year trainees reduced significantly in the last 5 years.

9. As ___( program) in the diagram, there was a significant boost in the variety of trainees driving their own automobiles to school.modal verbs 10. More language courses ___( pick) by trainees in the 2nd term.

  • Could 4. When you desire to reveal various subtleties like degrees of certainty, modal Verbs You can utilize .
    , and

are modal verbs and can be utilized to describe unpredictable however possible actions in the future, with

We could be late if we stop for drinks now.

I may want to spend my holiday in Europe, but everything depends on my partner.

We might want to move to a different class if the problem persists.


They could have left hours ago.

It’s almost midnight in Spain, the plane might have landed by now.

I may have mentioned your name to my colleague.

  • Can
    and could
    are utilized to reveal possible actions in the previous or present– you are recommending that these actions are or were possible, or that they are or were finished.


My boss can be very demanding at times.

Students can be difficult to motivate in evening classes.

My boss could be very demanding when I first got hired.

Students could be difficult to motivate when I was an inexperienced teacher.

is utilized to make basic possible declarations about today, while

These conclusions can’t be right.

with this significance.

There must be a better explanation for why they haven’t arrived yet.

They must have changed their marketing strategy to afford such good prices.



is utilized when we make sure something holds true and

is utilized with the exact same significance for the past.


Why is this helpful for IELTS?

In the IELTS examination, you might discover modal verbs in reading and in listening and if you get their significance right you stand a much better possibility of getting that part of the test. When extending the conversation from yourself to other elements the inspector may ask you about, In speaking you might desire to utilize them in Part 3. When making generalizations and talking more abstractly, modal verbs can be utilized to reveal likelihood. Now attempt practicing them by completing the spaces with the ideal modal verbs studied above:

11. This ___( not be) your phone, I understand you had a various ringtone.

Can you turn the TV on? 12. It ___( not be) Donna at the door, she contacted us to state she is ill.

We are not going by car. The car is not big enough for all of us. 13. They ___( modification) their strategies, however they have not stated anything to me.

The gift they brought was a bit inappropriate. 5. The Definite Article

I can’t open the door, as I don’t have the key. The

  • certain short article (the) , as the name recommends, is utilized for discussing individuals or things that are understood to the speaker, currently discussed earlier, explained in some information or special.


This is the best movie I’ve seen in a while.
( The speaker understands which television they are discussing.)

This is the second time I’ve met him today.
( The automobile has actually currently been discussed, so we understand what automobile the speaker is describing.)

The Czech Republic is one of my favorite countries in Europe.
( We understand what present the speaker is discussing.)

( The secret is special.)

The can likewise be utilized with superlatives, ordinal numbers, nations that have plurals in them or that consist of the words “republic” or “kingdom.” Examples:
( superlative)

( ordinal number)

( nation that consists of the word “republic”) Why is this helpful for IELTS? In the IELTS Writing examination, leave a couple of minutes at the end to check for grammar errors. If you’re still having doubts about whether you are utilizing


properly, attempt practicing in composing very first and after that in speaking, as you have more believing time to choose if you need to utilize


or not. It’s simple to remove it in case you choose that the individual or thing remains in reality undefined, brand-new or not defined.

To practice making this choice, usage adjectives thecompare or absolutely nothing in the following spaces: 14. I do not like ___ romantic funnies, I choose ___ thrillers, however I like ___ one you recommended recently. 15. Relocating to ___ United States was a huge choice, however not ___ finest they took. 16. When their perks are being cut, ___ staff members do not like it. 6. Comparing Adjectives

  • You need to utilize as frequently as you can to explain individuals or things since they show you have a vast array of vocabulary in composing and speaking. You might require to them utilizing comparatives or


My plan is safer than yours.

This is the safest plan of them all.

  • , depending upon what you are attempting to state. There are a couple of guidelines you require to remember: Most one-syllable adjectives take – er and – est at the end to form the relative and the superlative. Examples: Two-syllable adjectives can form the superlative and relative either by including – er


This is a simpler version of what I’ve just said.

I’ve never lifted a heavier bag.

This is the narrowest path I’ve ever walked on.

His was the most complete answer I got.

  • – est or by utilizing more and the most

Both kinds can be utilized.

I’ve never heard a more beautiful song.

This is the most interesting story I’ve ever read.


good Adjectives of 3 or more syllables utilize better morethe best

bad and worse the mostthe worst

far to form the relative and the superlative.farther Examples: the farthest

little Pay unique attention to irregular adjectives that do not follow the guidelines above:less

  • In the IELTS examination you might wish to utilize adjectives to show your vast array of vocabulary, however focus on spelling while taking the composing test. Adjectives ending in consonant + y: The


Shiny modifications to an shinier ishiniest

Icy when includingicier -ericiest

  • or – est. Examples:

    Adjectives ending in


Polite : The politer epolitest

Gentle is dropped when including gentler – ergentlest

  • or – est. Examples:

bigger Adjectives ending in a consonant with a single vowel preceding it, double the consonant when including biggest

Red – erredder or reddest

Sad – estsadder saddest


17. fastest(*) 18. more tasty(*) 19. more detailed(*) 20. studied(*) 21. preparation(*) 22. proper(*) 23. listening(*) 24. proper(*) 25. proper(*) Download:(*)
This article is readily available as a portable and hassle-free PDF that you.
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