How to Ask for and Give Directions in English: 200+ Essential Words and Phrases


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Thanks to Google Maps, it’s simpler than ever to discover your method around, however having the ability to request for and provide instructions is still a vital English ability.

After all, speaking to residents is enjoyable too. They may be able to inform you about a cool coffee shop where you can stop en route to your location. You’ll get to practice English conversation— and all of us understand that practice makes best.

Read on for helpful expressions for asking and offering instructions in English Inspect out an example discussion that puts these into practice!


Important Direction Vocabulary Words

woman standing in front of traffic lights

Before we enter expressions for asking and offering instructions, let’s take a look at one of the most fundamental words that you’ll require to understand.

Verbs Related to Directions

The following verbs are really crucial. You can provide reliable however really easy instructions simply with the verbs “turn …” and “go directly …” Position Words You’ll require to understand position words for clearer instructions. The location may be


tourist asking for directions

a coffee store or listening skills next

to a bank.

General Direction Words

These words represent the 8 primary instructions in English. You’ll still see them on maps (and even on street names often):

Asking for Directions

I understand you may be shy and it’s tough to stop a complete stranger on the street. Possibly you’re not positive about your spoken English fluency. Possibly it’s your

that you’re stressed over.

But requesting for instructions in English is really rather simple if you understand the best vocabulary!

Basic Phrases

When you’re approaching somebody to request for instructions, start with these respectful expressions to get their attention:

Then you can request for instructions to the particular location you want:


Distance can be explained by miles or kilometers, however you can likewise inquire about time– for how long it’ll take you to get to your location.


Common modes of transport consist of strolling, taking the bus or train, driving and even riding a bike. thank the other person Landmarks

Landmarks are really valuable for examining if you’re on the best track with the instructions.


girl giving directions to tourist

Since listening to instructions can often be complicated, you can make certain you’re comprehending it properly with these expressions:

Saying Thank You

Of course, do not forget to

later on!

For more conversational expressions like this, you can have a look at FluentU.

Giving Directions

Chances are, you’ve experienced being requested for assistance before with instructions. Providing instructions in English is a little harder since you require to think of the path that the other individual will take, however you’ll master it with practice! It’s crucial to provide the best instructions since you do not desire other individuals to get (more) lost, do you?

Basic Phrases

These are the most crucial expressions for you to keep in mind:


Most of the time, individuals will need to know for how long it requires to get someplace.

Suggesting Other Routes

If you understand other methods to get to the location, these are the expressions to utilize:


woman giving directions for driving

Don’t forget to point out landmarks so individuals you’re assisting will be less most likely to get lost!

Checking In

If you’re not hurrying, you can ask these to make certain the other individual comprehended your instructions:

young women waiting at bus station

Directions for Transportation

The vocabulary above is excellent for basic instructions, however there are likewise more particular expressions depending upon the mode of transport.


Asking for Directions

young woman walking in airport

Giving Directions

Riding the Train or Bus

The expressions listed below are for taking the bus, however you can quickly adjust these for taking the train! Rather of stating “bus stop,” simply state “station.”

shops on the street

Asking for Directions

Giving Directions

At the Airport

Asking for Directions Excuse me, do you know where the Central Library is?

Giving Directions Oh, sure! The Central Library, right? Let me give you directions.

Common Place Names That’d be great, thank you!

Wherever you are, the majority of cities will have these locations in typical. When it concerns instructions, these are frequently utilized as landmarks (so yes, you do need to find out nouns!): No problem! So you’ll want to make a left on Maple Street, then go straight until you see the city park. Pass the park, and it’s right next to the big bookstore. You’ll see a fountain on your right just before the library.

Example Conversation Should I take the bus or is it walkable?

To see how these instructions words and expressions operate in action, here’s an example discussion. Olivia is a tourist who’s searching for a library, while Alex is a complete stranger who’s prepared to assist her with instructions: It’s definitely walkable. But if you’re in a hurry, you can catch the number 5 bus. It stops right in front of the library.

Olivia: How far is it to the library from here if I walk?

Alex: It’s about a 15-minute walk. Not too far.

Olivia: Are there any landmarks I should look out for, apart from the fountain?

Alex: Yes, after you pass the park, there’s a big mural of a tree on a building’s side. The library is just two blocks from there.

Olivia: Did you say turn left or right on Maple Street?

Alex: Turn left on Maple Street.

Olivia: Got it. Thanks for the directions!

Alex: Oh, do you need me to explain again?

Olivia: No need, that was clear. I appreciate your help so much. Thank you, and have a great day!

Alex: You too! Bye!





Asking and offering instructions are necessary parts of fundamental conversational language. We hope the structure and words in this post will expand your vocabulary and make you comfy adequate to ask and provide instructions.FluentU lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials Knowing these words will make you feel more positive to go locations and begin talking with the residents. Who understands what’s awaiting you!


Happy journeys!



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