Gritty Spanish Review: A Program to Learn How Native Speakers Really Converse



As a Spanish trainee, you can invest years discovering pleasantries and respectful expressions for connecting with complete strangers.

But how do in fact converse with Spanish speakers on a more intimate or social level?

And what do you state in Spanish when somebody insults you, curses you out, yells at you or attempts to rob you?

This is where Gritty Spanish is available in.

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A Brief Overview of Gritty Spanish


Gritty Spanish is a discovering program for Spanish trainees who wish to know real-life Spanish, unfiltered and uncut. The focus is on listening and reading

Each Gritty Spanish program is set out in a series of audio discussions in between native speakers from various nations in addition to PDF records with english and side-by-side spanish variations of the discussion.

” Gritty” suggests these aren’t the respectful discussions you typically find out in class or from a book. You’ll be exposed to social circumstances to see how casual language, slang and curse words are utilized in action.

Gritty Spanish Features


Four Levels to Choose From

With Gritty Spanish, you have 4 various alternatives to select from based upon your level:

• Beginner to low/mid intermediate: Gritty Spanish Basics ($ 29.99)
Mid/high novice to intermediate: Gritty Spanish Beginnings ($ 34.99)
• Intermediate to advanced:
Gritty Spanish Original ($ 44.99) * censored variation readily available
• Intermediate to sophisticated
: Gritty Spanish Parte II ($ 49.99)

You can purchase them in combination loads to conserve cash. Each level includes 28 to 36 lessons and 1,000 to 2,500+ multiple-choice tests to evaluate what you find out.

Rather than spending for a membership, your purchase of a Gritty Spanish series offers you life time access to the product readily available by means of their app for iOS devices or the web app.

Over the previous week, I’ve had an opportunity to try the advanced combination pack, that includes Gritty Spanish Original and Gritty Spanish: Parte II.

Episodes Covering a Variety of Situations


Once you choose and buy your variation of the program, you’ll have the ability to gain access to all of its episodes through the app. You can likewise attempt the very first 2 or 3 episodes before purchasing the entire series.

I discovered the episodes to be well differed to cover various circumstances you may in fact discover yourself in The Beginnings and fundamentals variations cover circumstances like shopping, checking out a bank, speaking about a motion picture and checking out a medical professional.

The advanced variations cover things like gossiping with good friends and taking a taxi home after a night out. They likewise cover some more adult matters like roadway rage, checking out a strip club and an unfaithful sweetheart.

Quality Audio

The audio files are all very clear, and the discussions are spoken equally and easily, even when slang and accents are plentiful. You can listen to some audio snippets on the Gritty Spanish site to get a taste.

The audios likewise have ambient background noises to make the entire experience more reasonable. If the discussion occurs on a subway train cars and truck, then you’ll hear the train brakes screeching, the conductor making guests and statements murmuring in the background.

In addition to the primary audio, each episode includes:

  • A variation of the audio that has actually been decreased 30%
  • A variation of the audio that leaves out the background sound
  • A PDF records of the discussion in English and spanish
  • ” Lyrics” that appear when you listen to the audio file on your Android or iOS gadget (so you do not require to bring up the PDF to check out along)

Interactive PDFs


The interactive PDFs present each discussion with a short summary, a list of characters and where they’re from and the records in Spanish and English.

In the Spanish variation of the discussion, you’ll see that specific words and expressions are connected so you can click them to learn more about them


In the Beginnings and fundamentals series, this consists of grammar descriptions and verb conjugations for expressions like ” estoy disfrutando,” while in the advanced series, they’re normally country-specific slang and expressions like ” ¿ Quihubo?”, a Colombian method to state “What’s up?”

While it suggests you’ll be doing a great deal of clicking backward and forward in between the description and the discussion area, I discovered this function very beneficial for much better comprehending the significances and discovering brand-new words and expressions in context


The “Say That Again” Button

As you’re listening to the audio, there’s an useful button you can click to rewind it 2 seconds back It rewinds 4 seconds back and so on if you double-click it.

This is actually hassle-free when you didn’t rather capture something and wish to hear it once again without losing your location in the audio, or if you wish to practice your pronunciation by duplicating the word or expression.

Realistic and varied Spanish

The Gritty Spanish discussions are spoken by native speakers from various Spanish-speaking nations, so you can get exposed to a range of dialects and accents, consisting of region-specific slang and curse words.

While this program is an excellent peek into the grittier things that Latin American Spanish speakers state, it’s particularly pertinent if you’re residing in New York City or another location where you’ll hear various dialects together in one location

Pay attention to the citizenships of the speakers kept in mind at the start of each records. Listen to them all if you’re going to be taking a trip throughout Latin America. If you’re just checking out one or a couple of nations, begin with the episodes including speakers from those areas.


The Pros of Gritty Spanish

Appropriate for a wide variety of ability levels

Gritty Spanish deals 4 alternatives for various ability levels. For each of these levels, it can assist fill the spaces that official language courses and Spanish books leave– spaces that normally just real-world experience can fill.

Even if you’re at a sophisticated level and have the grammar down, you might never ever have actually found out how to curse effectively or battle to comprehend casual Spanish spoken to a heavy Dominican accent.

Great for conversational Spanish

This program is perfect for enhancing your conversational fluency (your capability to speak and comprehend Spanish throughout discussions) due to the fact that:

  • Tons of listening practice will get your ears attuned to the noises of Spanish.
  • Reading in addition to the PDFs and utilizing the program’s numerous discovering functions will press you towards higher understanding of spoken Spanish
  • Casual Spanish, spoken in a range of local accents, will provide you experience with how locals typically speak.

While enjoying Spanish television programs and motion pictures can expose you to genuine discussion, this program streamlines it down to the listening element with assistance from the records so you can tune your ears and concentrate on what’s being stated without getting sidetracked by visuals.

Teaches you how to reveal yourself naturally

The kind of genuine Spanish you’ll find out through this program will assist you reveal yourself the method you carry out in your native language You will not have to sound like a courteous robotic and provide away that you discovered your Spanish from a book.

For a very long time living abroad, I seemed like my Spanish-speaking good friends didn’t actually understand me unless they ‘d heard me (and might comprehend me) speaking in English. Ultimately, I found out to reveal myself with the vibrant slang and colloquialisms of the language.

Using Gritty Spanish would have assisted me with this from the start. The program lets you discover your own unique brand name of Spanish, permitting you to lastly seem like yourself and release your real character

Prepares you to fraternize Spanish speakers

Most language-learning programs cover standard circumstances like requesting for instructions and buying at a dining establishment. Gritty Spanish goes method beyond that to

cover social circumstances like talking with good friends at a club and going on a very first date. If you wish to surpass pleasantries and deals with Spanish speakers and

in fact make good friends

, this program will assist construct your familiarity with the language required to link and comprehend with them on a more social level.

That suggests you’ll comprehend when a guy is speaking about striking on a lady at the club, or when a couple is having an argument about some social networks drama.

The Cons of Gritty Spanish Lacks composing and speaking elements This program is everything about the audio:

find out and listen The records include a reading element, and the descriptions for the Beginnings and fundamentals variations consist of some grammar descriptions, however without activities for you to practice utilizing the grammar. While you can stop briefly the audio and repeat what the speaker states, language exchange with a native speaker producing the language naturally isn’t part of this program

This is what’s frequently doing not have in language programs, so we suggest matching them with a

Not perfect for real novices The language can be a bit complex in locations, so I ‘d suggest this program for intermediate students and above The program does have functions– like the clickable records with notes and the slowed-down audios– that make the discussions friendly at an upper-beginner level

If you understand the fundamentals and have actually been concentrating on conversational Spanish, you must be fine. In earlier phases of knowing, you can utilize Gritty Spanish as a extra tool in addition to a more official discovering program.

Teaches repulsive language Anyone thinking about utilizing Gritty Spanish must know that the 2 advanced variations of this program ( Original and Part II

) consist of some specific language and circumstances that would not be suitable for kids. While this is in fact a favorable for many individuals who wish to find out genuine Spanish, it may turn others away. It’s essential to keep in mind that the Original variation has actually a censored alternative

, so a lot more sophisticated students who wish to keep it PG can take pleasure in the majority of the program.

If you select the uncensored variation, simply bear in mind that a few of the language may be Pimsleur offending or improperBabbel in specific circumstances and with specific individuals. How Gritty Spanish Compares to Other Programs In basic, Gritty Spanish is a quite special language-learning program. It consists of the genuine, unfiltered speech that numerous programs like

and Duolingo neglect. This makes it terrific for advanced students who are residing in a Spanish-speaking nation and wish to LingoDeer comprehend and utilize more powerful language However, it does not have a few of the more official mentor aspects and gamified knowing tools that programs like

and You do not make rewards or pointsFluentU, and advancing to the next levels simply suggests you’ve finished one series and after that need to buy the next one. If you require a little bit of competitors to maintain your inspiration for knowing, a more gamified program may be much better for you.

Lifetime access to the product with a one-time purchase suggests you can take your sweet time overcoming the Gritty Spanish program, which eliminates the pressure for hectic students. Depending on how quick you get through the product, you may choose a subscription-based program like

with brand-new product included on a routine basis. FluentU likewise consists of the video element that Gritty Spanish overlooks, which includes a home entertainment level that keeps you engaged. Verdict: Gritty Spanish Review

Take Gritty Spanish for a spin with its sample materials for interested learners, All around, I’m providing Gritty Spanish 2 thumbs up.

The program is a revitalizing and informing technique of knowing

Spanish the method it’s in fact spoken

by native speakers in all their state of minds, from pure joy to disgust and outrage.

on the planet of Spanish knowing products.

and you’ll lastly see what your Spanish research study regimen was missing out on all along. will then love FluentU Now you have one student’s sincere evaluation of the Gritty Spanish program, with its highlights, pros, cons and how it compares to other alternatives.

If you’re still not sure, try the very first couple lessons and provide the sample audio a listen. You’ll quickly understand if the program is ideal for you!



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FluentU brings native videos within reach with interactive records. You can tap on any word to look it up immediately. Every meaning has examples that have actually been composed to assist you comprehend how the word is utilized. If you see an intriguing word you do not understand, you can include it to a vocab list. .
. Evaluation a total interactive records under the

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(*) . The very best part is that FluentU tracks the vocabulary that you’re discovering, and offers you additional practice with challenging words. When it’s time to evaluate what you’ve found out, it’ll even advise you.(*) Every student has a really customized experience, even if they’re discovering with the very same video.(*) .
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