“Good” in Advanced English: 18 Words You Can Use Instead



Are you tired of constantly claiming “great”?

Eagerly anticipating making use of much more dazzling and also creative ways to describe people, areas and also experiences that you delight in?

After checking out the summaries and also instances we have below, you’ll have the ability to relocate past simply defining every little thing as “great.”


When something is called “appropriate,” it indicates that it satisfies the minimal demands or criteria. It indicates that something is “alright” instead of always “great.”

It’s a word frequently made use of when you wish to reveal authorization without being extremely important or adverse regarding something. While it might not be outstanding, it is thought about sufficient for the offered function or circumstance.

For example, you might claim, “Although the presentation was acceptable, it could have been more engaging with better PowerPoint slides.”

Technically, “outstanding” explains something that influences wonder or marvel. Usually, nonetheless, “outstanding” is made use of to define individuals, experiences or areas that are great or outstanding.

For instance, you might claim“I love your new watch. It looks awesome.”
It’s an adjective that is specifically preferred with more youthful individuals, and also it’s not an expression that you would certainly wish to utilize in an official or service circumstance.

Along with being made use of to define temperature level, “amazing” likewise indicates great or stylish. For instance, you may define fashionable clothing as “amazing” or an efficiency by an artist that you actually delight in.

It can likewise be made use of to reveal approval when a person makes an idea. For instance, if a person recommends conference to visit a flick, you might claim “Cool! I’ll see you at 6 p.m.”

Like “outstanding,” “amazing” is a preferred expression for more youthful individuals, and also you should not utilize it in even more official discussions.

” Outstanding” indicates that a person or something is well above standard. This adjective has a somewhat much more official tone, and also it’s a recommendation to utilize when you wish to appear a little bit much more advanced.

For instance, you might claim “I think Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The scenery is exceptional.”

” Superb” is made use of to define something great or of top quality. Practically anything you can refer to as “great,” you can likewise refer to as outstanding.

It can be made use of when speaking with buddies, family members, or colleagues when you wish to highlight that something is not simply “ok” or “great,” however “ really great.”

If a person asks,“How are you?”
you can react with“Excellent.”
Or you might claim “Have you been to the new restaurant downtown? The food there is excellent.”

Words “wonderful” is made use of to define something great or interesting. It can be made use of in both official and also casual scenarios. It’s an extremely passionate, favorable word, so you must claim it with some focus or exclamation.

For instance, if a person asks you regarding your journey to Thailand, you might claim “It was fantastic!”

” Positive” is made use of to when discussing a favorable end result. It’s typically made use of to define problems, scenarios or point of views that are great or helpful for a circumstance or individual.

Words is a bit much more official and also possibly would not be made use of in daily discussion.

For instance, you can claim, “The weather forecast looks favorable for the conference next week.”

” Great” is a flexible word that reveals a high degree of authorization or appreciation. It’s a word that you’ll listen to in both informal and also official scenarios.

It can be made use of to define points, experiences or individuals. When something is identified as “wonderful,” it usually draws out favorable sensations and also excitement.

For example, you might claim,“I had a great time at the concert last night!”
or “Stephen is such a great person.”

” Spectacular” is a meaningful word that communicates a feeling of marvel and also being astonished at something. When something is “magnificent,” it exceeds being simply great. It can be a little antique and also is not made use of as typically as the various other words in this checklist.

For instance, you may claim, “The chef prepared a marvelous three-course meal that delighted all the guests.”

” Impressive” explains something that “attracts attention” or is significantly much better than the options. An “impressive” publication is much better than all the various other publications you have actually reviewed lately, or an “impressive” resort is among the best resorts you have actually ever before remained in. This adjective is suitable to utilize in informal or official discussions.

Keep in mind that “impressive” can likewise suggest “overdue” relying on the circumstance. So if you have an “impressive” costs, it indicates that you have a costs that requires to be paid, not a “great” costs.

Exactly how do you understand which definition is being made use of? Context is very vital for this. That’s why when you’re finding out brand-new words, you must attempt to discover them in sentences. You can likewise utilize language finding out programs to see words in various situations. On FluentU, for instance, you can look for particular words in the program’s collection of genuine video clips to see exactly how they’re made use of by indigenous English audio speakers.

Perfect explains something that is perfect or precisely matching the demand in a specific circumstance.

If you have an excellent day and also every little thing takes place precisely as you desire it to, you might claim,“It was a perfect day.”
A resort might be“perfect for families”
or a star in a flick might be “perfect for the role.”

If a person recommends a suggestion that you like, you can claim“That’s perfect”
or “That sounds perfect.”

” Favorable” explains something that is confident, positive or helpful. In individual communications, a “favorable” mindset mirrors an unbiased technique, readiness to sustain others, and also a confident overview also in difficult scenarios.

For instance, a company might claim, “Her positive attitude and hard work led to a successful outcome in the project.”

When something is “acceptable,” it indicates that it satisfies the needed assumptions or criteria. While it might not be outstanding, it suffices to satisfy the desired function or attain the preferred outcomes.

It’s likewise a basic synonym of “appropriate” and also would certainly be made use of much more in official scenarios, like at the office.

For instance, you may claim, “The service at by the catering company was satisfactory, but it could have been more attentive.”

” Superb” is a word made use of to define something of outstanding high quality, quality or luster. It reveals a degree of supremacy and also appreciation, surpassing the typical degree of benefits.

For example, you might claim, “The ballet efficiency wassuperb
, leaving the target market amazed of the professional dancers’ abilities.”

” Pleasant” explains something that is satisfying or nice. It can be made use of to define individuals, areas, or experiences.

” Pleasant” is a little much less solid than words like “impressive,” “great” or “wonderful” and also it can be a recommendation to utilize if something behaved, yet not the outright finest point conceivable.

For instance, you might claim “We had a nice time at dinner. It was a very pleasant evening.”

” Terrific” indicates great or wonderful. It’s an additional really passionate adjective, so just utilize it if you’re defining something you actually like a whole lot.

You might define a person’s suggestion or efficiency as “great,” such as “I’m very happy with the results. She did a terrific job on this project.”

Bear in mind that “great” can likewise be made use of to define something really negative relying on the noun it’s coupled with. For instance, you might likewise discuss a“terrific storm”
or a “terrific explosion.”

” Belongings” indicates that something is really vital to a person that has it or desires it.

It can describe both points that you can touch or otherwise. Something can be useful since it’s pricey or it since it has unique definition, attached to memories or feelings.

For instance, you may claim, “The antique vase she inherited from her grandmother is not only beautiful but also very valuable.”

” Remarkable” indicates wonderful or great. Individuals can be terrific, experiences can be terrific and also points can be terrific. You can utilize this word in both official and also informal setups.

For instance, you might claim“The paintings at the art exhibition last night were wonderful,”
or “I think you’ll like her. She’s a wonderful person.”

Bid farewell to “great!” Currently you have some outstanding, great, terrific basic synonyms to enhance your English vocabulary method past the fundamentals.

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