Good, Great, Greatest: Get to Know Your Spanish Superlatives


Words “outstanding” is frequently made use of as an adjective to explain unbelievably fantastic points: an outstanding trainee that masters background, or an outstanding efficiency on Broadway.

In both English as well as Spanish grammar, an outstanding is an adjective or adverb that enhances the highest possible or cheapest level of contrast. Inevitably, they assist us share our ideas with even more accuracy. As an example, to properly explain the elegance of Playa del Carmen in Mexico, a lot of would certainly be attracted to call it not simply “stunning” yet the “most stunning” coastline in Mexico.

Discovering Spanish superlatives enables you to position focus on the important things you enjoy most– or the important things you enjoy the very least. In this article, we’ll study a large range of superlatives that can be made use of to include style to your sentences. And also, we’ll additionally cover relative adjectives, which come in handy in explaining particular aspects as they associate with each various other.

If you wonder regarding exactly how to claim “the most effective pet,” “the most awful pal,” or “one of the most stunning coastline” in Spanish, kept reading!

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Are superlatives as well as relative adjectives the very same?

To comprehend superlatives, it’s practical to additionally discover the feature of relative adjectives. They are comparable because they both count on contrast, which puts on both English as well as Spanish grammar. Relative adjectives in Spanish contrast 2 points, while superlatives contrast 3 or even more nouns.

Relative adjectives in Spanish

Right here are 2 instances of relative adjectives in Spanish:

La playa es más bonita que el bosque. = The coastline is prettier than the woodland.

La playa es menos bonita que la montaña. = The coastline is much less rather than the hill.

In these instances, we’re contrasting 2 points. In the very first, the expression más bonita que contrasts la playa ( the coastline) as well as el bosque (the woodland). In the 2nd, menos bonita que contrasts la playa ( the coastline) as well as la montaña (the hill).

Superlatives in Spanish

On the various other hand, Spanish superlatives are everything about extremes– you’re distinguishing something as being “one of the most” or “the least” somehow.

We can utilize an outstanding to explain something as a whole or within a team. As an example:

Esta playa es la más bella en el páis entero. = This coastline is one of the most stunning in the entire nation.

Es la playa más corta = It is the fastest coastline

In both instances, the coastline is severe somehow. The very first sentence explains this coastline as one of the most stunning amongst a team (all the coastlines in the nation). In the 2nd instance, it’s called the fastest. Notification that when making use of superlatives, the factors of contrast can be suggested, because the size of this coastline does not come under any kind of specific team. We’ll flesh this explain in the following area.

Superlatives as well as comparatives in Spanish both assist us place points according to their features, yet it is essential to bear in mind exactly how their features vary!

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What is the distinction in between a loved one as well as outright outstanding?

A family member outstanding makes a judgment regarding a noun being one of the most or the very least contrasted to others in the very same group or team. As an example:

Mi tía es la character más alta de mi familia. = My auntie is the highest individual in my family members

Lima es la ciudad más interesante de Perú = Lima is the most intriguing city in Peru

On the various other hand, an outright outstanding programs that a noun is one of the most or the least without making a straight contrast to anything else. You could acknowledge it as soon as you see some instances. It’s the adjective created by including a suffix such as– ísimo or – ísima

lindo lindísimo

El caballo es lindísimo.

rather → very beautiful

The equine is very rather

corto cortísimo

La película es cortísima.

brief → very brief

The movie is very brief

Allow’s check out 2 even more instances to bring all of it with each other.

To contrast Carlos to everybody else in the course, we utilize a loved one outstanding:

Carlos es el estudiante más inteligente de la clase = Carlos is the most smart trainee in the course.

Currently, allow’s claim that Carlos is not just wise contrasted to various other pupils, yet very wise. Great, also. We would certainly utilize an outright outstanding like:

Carlos es inteligentísimo. = Carlos is very smart

In this instance, we’re not contrasting Carlos to any person else. We’re offering a standalone judgment that he’s fantastic.

To sum up: You’ll utilize a loved one outstanding to explain one noun as “one of the most” or “the least” contrasted to others in a team. You’ll utilize an outright outstanding to explain one noun as “one of the most” or “the least” without making a straight contrast to anything else.

Exactly how do you develop Spanish superlatives?

Spanish superlatives comply with a straightforward pattern that’s very easy to devote to memory. Many students are eased to listen to that there aren’t numerous uneven kinds to bear in mind!

Routine Spanish outstanding adjectives

Adhere to these straightforward regulations to develop Spanish superlatives. In all instances, bear in mind that the post as well as the adjective in the outstanding expression need to concur with the sex as well as number (particular or plural) of the noun you’re explaining.

To explain something as being “one of the most” contrasted to others, usage post + más + adjective + de As an example:

  • Su escuela es la más nueva del pueblo. = Their college is the most recent in the community.
  • Los masters child los más talentosos de todos = The educators are one of the most skilled of all.

To explain something as being “the least” contrasted to others, usage post + menos + adjective + de As an example:

  • Los niños pequeños child los menos independientes de la escuela = The kids are the least independent in the college.
  • Boy los menos competitivos de todos, también. = They’re the least affordable of all, also.

You can go down the de if you’re talking usually as well as not making a straight contrast within a team. As an example:

  • Los estudiantes child los más artísticos. = The pupils are one of the most creative
  • Las salas child las más amplias. = The areas are one of the most sizable
  • También child las menos oscuras por las ventanas grandes. = They’re additionally the least dark as a result of the huge home windows.

To develop an outright outstanding that does not require a factor of contrast, take a look at the regulations listed below.

If the adjective or adverb finishes with a vowel, go down the vowel as well as include – ísimo:

  • bello → bell o → bell- + ísimo → bellísimo
  • delgado delgad o delgad- + ísimo → delgadísimo
  • grande grand e grand- + ísimo → grandísimo
  • inteligente inteligent e inteligent- + ísimo → inteligentísimo

If the adjective or adverb finishes with a consonant, simply include – ísimo:

  • preferred → preferred + ísimo → popularísimo
  • surface → surface + ísimo → superficialísimo

Uneven Spanish outstanding adjectives

There are a couple of uneven Spanish superlatives that you’ll require to discover. While uneven superlatives aren’t abundant in Spanish, you will certainly utilize numerous of them– like bueno as well as malo regularly in discussion.

  • bueno → mejor great → finest
  • malo → peor poor → worst
  • viejo → mayor old → earliest (when describing individuals)
  • joven → menor young → youngest (when describing individuals)
  • grande → mayor huge → largest
  • pequeño → menor little → tiniest
Spanish English
el mejor, la mejor, los mejores, las mejores the most effective
el peor, la peor, los peores, las mejores the most awful
el mayor, la mayor, los mayores, las mayores the earliest (describing individuals) or the largest
el menor, la menor, los menores, las menores the youngest (describing individuals) or the tiniest

You’ll see that some outright superlatives undertake punctuation adjustments to preserve the enunciations of the origin words they’re based upon.

  • poco → po carbon monoxide → poqu- + ísimo → poquísimo
  • fresco → fres carbon monoxide → fresqu- + ísimo → fresquísimo
  • cerca → cer ca → cerqu- + ísima → cerquísima

In the instances over, the enunciation of the c would certainly be soft, like an s audio, if we simply went down the last vowel as well as included – ísimo The c adjustments to qu to preserve the difficult k audio of the initial word.

Below are a few other instances of uneven outright Spanish outstanding adjectives.

  • joven → jovencísimo young → very young
  • antiguo → antiquísimo antique → old
  • nuevo → novísimo brand-new → very brand-new
  • fuerte → fortísimo solid → very solid

Easy sufficient, right? You’ll have the ability to increase your summaries quickly.

Do Spanish outstanding adjectives need to concur with the nouns they explain?

Yes! Every Spanish adjective, consisting of an outstanding adjective, needs to concur in sex as well as number with the noun it’s explaining.

As an example, take into consideration las actrices (the starlets). It’s a womanly as well as plural noun. So the outstanding adjective that explains las actrices will certainly be womanly as well as plural, also.

Estas actrices chilenas child talentosísimas. = These Chilean starlets are very skilled.

In the instance listed below, los actores ( the stars) is manly as well as plural, so the outstanding adjective expression los más jovenes (the youngest) is manly as well as plural, also.

Los actores peruanos child los más jóvenes del celebration. = The Peruvian stars are the youngest in the celebration.

Master Spanish superlatives as well as past

Spanish superlatives are an essential part of Spanish grammar regulations, as well as they include an aspect of class to your language abilities. With Spanish superlatives, you can raise your discussions as well as properly explain “one of the most” as well as “the least” in a team or as a whole.

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