Gigante! 150+ Spanish Words That Start with G (with Audio)


A sunflower in a field

G just happens in 1% of Spanish words, however that does not imply it’s not an essential letter.

G is a challenging one to pronounce in Spanish. In basic, it seems like an English H, so gente ( individuals) seems like “hente” and girasol (sunflower) seems like “hirasol.” This is referred to as the soft G and it happens before the vowels E and I.

This H noise prevails throughout the Spanish-speaking world, however in Spain, there’s a 2nd pronunciation.

This noise is represented by the/ x/ on theInternational Phonetic Alphabet This/ x/ noise resembles the H, however it’s more guttural You can hear this noise by listening to the Castilian Spanish pronunciations of gente ( individuals).

The 3rd G pronunciation in similar to the one in English, so guitara ( guitar) seems like “geetara.” This is referred to as the tough G and it happens before A, O, U or any consonant.

Now let’s get onto the list of Spanish words that begin with G!


Spanish Nouns That Start with G

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Spanish Verbs That Start with G

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with G

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with G

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Spanish Words That Start with G Quiz: Test Yourself!

What’s Spanish for “individuals”?

How do you state “to delight in” in Spanish?

In football (soccer), when a gamer kicks the ball into the objective, they score a _______.

How do you state “to strike” in Spanish?

If your vision isn’t that excellent, you might require ____________.

What is a kind of bird that you frequently see on the beach?

What is the Spanish word for “balloon”?

If you bite into an apple and see a ___________, you’ll most likely stop consuming.

So there you have it, gente (individuals). By the time you’ve completed this post, ideally you’re a lot more comfy pronouncing the Spanish G and establishing your G word vocabulary perfectly.


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