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Free Spanish Quiz to Put Your Language Skills to the Test (No Email Required!)



If you’re discovering Spanish, it’s constantly an excellent concept to check your understanding.

This will assist you identify where your strengths lie and what locations you require to concentrate on.

Take the totally free test listed below to see where you’re at on your Spanish knowing journey!


Spanish Quiz to Assess Your Level

This test includes 60 multiple-choice concerns. When you’ve completed, you’ll get your outcomes right away, right on this page. No requirement to go into an e-mail address or register for anything!

If you wish to begin or retake the test over, simply revitalize the page.

¿ Cómo te ____? (What’s your name?)

El coche es ____. (The cars and truck is red.)

¿ Dónde ____ el baño? (Where is the restroom?)

Mi cumpleaños es el ____ de mayo. (My birthday is on the 15th of May.)

Yo ____ café por la mañana. (I consume coffee in the early morning.)

El gato es más ____ que el perro. (The feline is smaller sized than the pet dog.)

¿ ____ a la feast? (Are you going to the celebration?)

Vivo cerca de la estación de ____. (I live near the station house.)

Ella ____ libros en la biblioteca. (She checks out books in the library.)

Nosotros ____ en la playa. (We are at the beach.)

Mañana es el ____ día del mes. (Tomorrow is the last day of the month.)

Mi hermana tiene un teléfono ____. (My sibling has a brand-new phone.)

El web aquí es muy ____. (The web here is truly sluggish).

A mis hermanos ____ los videojuegos. (My bros like computer game.)

Tengo cinco ____. (I have 5 uncles and aunties.)

¿ ____ algún restaurante mexicano en este pueblo? (Is there a Mexican dining establishment in this town?)

No tengo mucha ____. (I’m not really starving.)

No puedo ____ lo que dijo. (I can’t think what she stated.)

Normalmente ____ mi tarea después de la escuela. (I typically do my research after school.)

____ 2 de la tarde. (It’s 2:00 in the afternoon.)

____ camino al colegio. (I constantly stroll to school.)

¡ Gracias ____ el regalo! (Thank you for the present!)

Mario ____ 5 kilómetros esta mañana. (Mario ran 5 kilometers today.)

La profesora tiene ____ ensayo. (The instructor has her essay.)

Estoy cansado ____ quiero descansar. (I’m tired so I wish to rest.)

No encuentro mis llaves. ¿ ____ has visto? (I can’t discover my secrets. Have you appear them?)

¿ Qué ____ haciendo anoche cuando te llamé? When I called you?), (What were you doing last night

____ hace frío, voy a la playa. (Even though it’s cold, I’m going to the beach.)

¿ Puedes _____ mi teléfono, por favor? No lo encuentro. (Can you search for my phone, please? I cant discover it.)

Cuando _____ niña, solía pasar las vacaciones en la playa. (When I was a kid, I utilized to invest my vacations on the beach.)

_____ ver la televisión, prefiero leer un libro. (Instead of seeing television, I choose to check out a book.)

Sara no ____ a la clase ayer. (Sara didn’t concern class the other day.)

Si apruebo el examen, _____ graduarme este año. (If I pass the examination, I’ll have the ability to finish this year.)

Rafael ____ profesor antes de jubilarse. (Rafael was an instructor before he retired.)

¿ Es mi bolso o _____? (Is that my bag or yours?)

Mi abuela nos ____ comida italiana cuando éramos niños. When we were kids.), (My granny prepared us Italian food

Mañana ____ un pastel. (I’ll make a cake tomorrow.)

Tomé prestado su libro pero ____ devolví ayer. (I obtained his book however I offered it back to him the other day.) .

No ____ en el museo. (Don’t run in the museum.)

Todavía no ____ el informe. (I have not complete the report yet.)

Solía trabajar ____ una agencia de publicidad. (I utilized to work for an ad agency.)

¿ Dónde ____ la feast de Jaime esta noche? (Where is Jaime’s celebration tonight?)

Tengo hambre, estoy cansada y, ____, creo que me estoy enfermando. (I’m starving, worn out and, moreover, I believe I’m getting ill.)

Dudo que ya ____ terminado el trabajo. (I question they’ve completed work currently.)

____ de llegar al aeropuerto. (We simply reached the airport.)

Me alegro de que ____ venido. (I’m thankful that you came.)

¿ Dónde ____ mis audifonos? (Where could my earphones be?)

Estoy buscando una bicicleta que ____ bien en senderos. (I’m trying to find a bike that works well on tracks.)

Llámame cuando ____ a casa. When you get home.), (Call me

____ olvidado los documentos. (I’ve forgotten the files.)

Ella es la mujer ____ trabaja en mi restaurante favorito. (She’s the lady who operates in my preferred dining establishment.)

Si tuviera un millón de dólares me ____ un yate. If I had a million dollars I would purchase a luxury yacht.), (

Si no ____ lloviendo, iremos al parque. (If it’s not drizzling, we’ll go to the park.)

No creo que ____ razón. (I do not believe he’s ideal.)

Fue un accidente ____ no se pudo evitar. (It was a mishap that could not be prevented.)

Deberías ____ hecho hace mucho tiempo. (You ought to have done it long back.)

El director insiste en que todos los empleados ____ a tiempo. (The supervisor firmly insists that all workers show up on time.)

____ haber sido mucho peor. (It might have been much even worse.)

Ojalá ____ visto, pero estaba demasiado ocupada con el trabajo. (I want I might have seen you, however I was too hectic with work.)

Si nos ____ antes no habría habido tanto tráfico. (If we had actually left previously, there would not have actually been a lot traffic.) .

Free Spanish Quiz


You’re at the newbie level in the Spanish language. Come back to retake the test as soon as you’ve advanced further along in your language-learning journey!


Congratulations! You’ve made it past the newbie level and are making your method to the intermediate level. Keep operating at it and after that return to retake the test!

Upper Elementary

Nice task! You’re at an upper primary level in Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Keep working towards that intermediate level and return later on to retake the test.


Way to go! You’ve made it to an intermediate level in Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Keep working towards that innovative level and return later on to retake the test.

Upper Intermediate

Look at you! You’ve reach the upper intermediate level in Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Keep operating at it and return later on to ace this test!


Congratulations! You’re at a sophisticated level in Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Offer yourself a pat on the back for your effort to get to this level!

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Congratulations on finishing some self-assessment in Spanish!

Bookmark this test and keep returning to retake it as you advance in your research studies.




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