Exploring Mexico: The Full List of Holidays in 2024


From the vibrant celebrations of Día de los Muertos to the more mournful event of Semana Santa, Mexico understands how to commemorate the vacations in design. Something is for sure: if you’re preparing a journey to Mexico, you’ll wish to summon up the guts to brave the crowds on a vacation weekend. Vacations are the best window into Mexico’s culture, and commemorating together with the residents is no doubt an experience to bear in mind.

Bear in mind that in Mexico, as in lots of other nations, some days like Christmas are constantly commemorated on the specific day of the year, however other days are commemorated throughout a three-day weekend referred to as a puente (bridge).

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And now … on to the vacations! When banks, many workplaces, and lots of shops will be closed,

  • Complete list of public vacations in Mexico
  • These are the main vacations. You need to remember that lots of facilities will close (or close early) even for informal vacations!
  • January 1: Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day)
  • February 5: Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day)
  • March 18: Natalicio de Benito Juárez (Benito Juárez’s Birthday)
  • May 1: Día del Trabajador (Labor Day)
  • June 2: Jornada Electoral (Election Day)
  • September 16: Día de la Independencia (Independence Day)
  • October 1: Cambio de Gobierno (Change of Government)

November 18: Día de la Revolución (Revolution Day) December 25: Navidad (Christmas) Mexican vacations

en detalle (in information) Below, we’ll dive into more information on what each vacation needs to use. Keep in mind that unlike the list above, we’ve consisted of both main



informal vacations, given that facilities tend to close on both.


January 1: Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day)

Not much occurs on New Year’s Day given that all the enjoyable takes place the night before on the Víspera de Año Nuevo (New Year’s Eve) when events tend to happen in the house. When really couple of facilities and none of the banks open, anticipate the next day to be really peaceful. January 6: Día de los Tres Reyes (Three Kings Day) Though not a main vacation, el Día de los Tres Reyes is the day children get their Christmas presents, so it’s still a crucial day and typically the last day of getaway before going back to school. Children and grownups alike get together to consume hot chocolate and consume a


rosca de Reyes

, a scrumptious pastry which contains a little plastic Baby Jesus. You’ll be anticipated to purchase the tamales on February 2 if you get it in your piece of bread!

February February 2: Candelaria (Candlemas) While not a main vacation, Candelaria is an enjoyable day when statues of Baby Jesus get dressed up and required to church to be blessed. On the nonreligious side, whoever discovered the plastic Jesus in the


will be purchasing tamales for the exact same group who got together for the Día de los Tres Reyes the month previously. This is the really last day of the Christmas season. February 5: Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day) February 5 marks the day to commemorate the Día de la Constitution, and it’s likewise the 2nd authorities



of the year. With just a few celebrations, the most significant one typically being a parade, this is not a significant vacation in Mexico.


March 18-March 23: Semana Menor

Known as the Semana Menor, this is the week before Palm Sunday with the most considerable day being Viernes de Dolores (Friday of Sorrows) when processions are held and altars are constructed.

March 18: Natalicio de Benito Juárez (Benito Juárez’s Birthday)

Benito Juárez’s real birthday was March 21, 1806, however nowadays, it’s commemorated on the 3rd Monday of March, which falls on March 18 this year. This is among the main three-day weekends of the year, and this year it accompanies the start of the Semana Menor.

March 24-30: Semana Santa (Holy Week)

As we pointed out, Semana Santa is in some cases called the Semana Mayor since it’s a crucial week for Catholic events of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ. It starts with Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday).

Jueves Santo and Viernes Santo (Holy Thursday and Good Friday) are solemn days when households might go to church, stay at home for peaceful reflection, or participate in a simulation of Christ’s Passion. Not main vacations, many organizations will be closed these days.

  • Sábado de Gloria (Holy Saturday) tends to be a more positive day when many people come out of their serene time in the house and prepare for Easter. Easter mass, or the Easter vigil, is held late during the night on this day.
  • Here are the particular dates for Semana Santa:
  • March 24: Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday)
  • March 25: Lunes Santo (Holy Monday)
  • March 26: Martes Santo (Holy Tuesday)
  • March 27: Miércoles Santo Holy Wednesday
  • March 28: Jueves Santo (Holy Thursday)
  • March 29: Viernes Santo (Good Friday)

March 30: Sábado Santo/S ábado de Gloria (Holy Saturday)


March 31: Domingo de Resurrección/ Pascua (Easter)

Note that kids are off from school this year March 25-April 7, so the rhythm of daily life might be a little various the week after Easter.



Although there are no vacations in April this year, all school kids will be off from school the very first week of the month, and some households select to continue their getaway today. April likewise brings crowds of university student from the United States who take a trip to Mexico on spring break, that makes popular locations that much busier.

May May 1: Día del Trabajador (Labor Day) Also referred to as International Workers Day, el Día del Trabajador is constantly commemorated on May 1. It is a main vacation in 80 nations around the globe! Considering that this day falls on a Wednesday in 2024, there will not be a


( vacation) in Mexico. This vacation remembers those who marched in Chicago in early May of 1886 in assistance of employees striking for an eight-hour workday.


June 2: Jornada Electoral (Election Day)

While this day falls on a Sunday, employees who generally deal with Sunday are provided the day of rest to exercise their civic right to vote.


There are no main vacations in Mexico throughout July.



There are no main vacations in Mexico throughout August.

September September 16: Día de la Independencia (Independence Day) The Día de la Independencia falls on a Monday this year, so there will be an authorities


in 2024. Among the most significant Mexican events of the year, this day celebrates the start of Mexico’s self-reliance from Spain. The core of the celebrations begin the night before with El Grito de Dolores (The Cry of Dolores), joyful food and beverage, and fireworks, amongst lots of other activities. There’s typically a parade the next day on September 16.



October 1: Cambio de Gobierno (Change of Government)

After an election, Mexican presidents have actually typically participated in workplace on December 1. Due to an electoral reform in 2014, the present president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, AMLO for brief, will be the very first president to leave his post on October 1. Mexican workplace employees get an additional day off in 2024!


November 1 and 2: Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Though not a main vacation, Mexicans take 2 days to commemorate Día de los Muertos, and it prevails for all banks and workplaces to be closed either both days or on November 2.

Mexicans begin preparing to establish their altars with flowers, food, and consume a couple of days previously. There are cemetery sees, scary parades, and skull-shaped sweet too.


November 18: Día de la Revolución (Revolution Day)

The conventional day for commemorating the Día de la Revolución is November 20, however this year it will be commemorated on Monday, November 18 to permit a three-day weekend. This is a main vacation celebrating a crucial historic minute– the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920)– there are not lots of occasions on this day, with the exception of a parade.guide to Christmas traditions in Mexico December

Christmas in Mexico suggests nearly 2 months of commemorating from start to complete. If you would like to know more, have a look at our extensive


December 12: Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe (Virgin of Guadalupe Day

Las Posadas As the customer of Mexico and a crucial spiritual figure, the Virgin of Guadalupe is commemorated in lots of methods, usually by visiting her basilica in Mexico City. This day likewise marks the start of the Christmas season. Although this is not a main bank vacation, banks might be closed on this day.

December 16-24: Posadas

happen on the 9 days before Christmas. These are processions and events with singing, music, pleasing food and beverage, and most importantly … piñatas.

December 24: Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)

Some organizations and federal government workplaces might close early today, so get your shopping done quickly! Nochebuena is really more vital than Christmas day in Mexico. When individuals go to church and have a late night dinner, it’s.

December 25: Navidad (Christmas)

This year there will not be a three-day weekend for Christmas, however almost everybody gets Christmas off. When individuals rest from the night before and consume leftovers, Christmas Day is typically a peaceful affair.

December 28: Día de los Santos Inocentes (Holy Innocents Day)

Though absolutely not a bank vacation, Día de los Santos Inocentes is an enjoyable day comparable to April Fool’s Day. Numerous tricks are pulled! Víspera del Año Nuevo (New Year’s Eve) Though not a main vacation, workplaces and organizations frequently close early this day. New Year’s Eve typically includes a

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(late night supper) and something bubbly to consume. Mexico City Fun celebrations in Mexico

With many enjoyable celebrations in Mexico we barely understand where to begin, however here are a few of the more noteworthy celebrations in Mexico. Too lots of to point out in this post, alone has 125 celebrations per year, some conventional and others more modern. February 12 and 13: Carnaval (Shrove Tuesday) in numerous placesMazatlán Carnaval is held the Tuesday before Cuaresma (Lent), which begins on Miércoles de Ceniza (Ash Wednesday) accompanying Valentine’s Day this year. Events might begin about a week previously, and among the most significant


remains in Festival Internacional Cervantino, held this year February 8 to 13.

October 11-27: Festival Internacional Cervantino (Cervantino Festival) in Guanajuato

The holds its fifty-third model in 2024. With worldwide movie, dance, art, and drama, this is among the most interesting celebrations of the year. Each year, one Mexican state and one nation is picked to be included, and this year that’s Sonora and the United States. December 18: Fiesta de la Virgen de la Soledad (Virgin of Solitude Feast) in Oaxaca

The Patron Saint of Oaxacans, spiritual folks might take a trip from all over the nation to see her at the Basílica de la Soledad in downtown Oaxaca. Her statue participates in a procession lasting the majority of the night. Parades called calendasNoche de Rábanos or regional fairs might be held.

December 23: Noche de Rábanos (Night of the Radishes) in Oaxaca

This one of a kind occasion hung on December 23 on the

zócalo (public square) of Oaxaca can’t be missed out on! Individuals in

sculpt huge radishes into fancy sculptures, however just one entry wins the grand reward!

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