English for Restaurant Staff: 6 Positions and 200+ Essential Vocabulary and Phrases [With Audio!]


brunch table with food and drinks

Think of a dining establishment employee.

You most likely visualized a chef. Perhaps you envisioned a waiter or waitress.

But there are many other tasks in the dining establishment market! In this post, we will cover the tasks of waiters, hosts, bartenders, bussers, cooks and supervisors.

For all of these tasks,knowing English is a huge advantage English for dining establishment personnel differs by task type, however in general it’s official, courteous, relatively easy and worth finding out!

Below, you will discover details for each task type, typical expressions, research study resources, extra vocabulary for dining establishment employees and even how to practice this kind of English!


English for Restaurant Staff Positions

1. Waiter/ Waitress

waiter with a tray of colorful drinks

Waitresses and waiters are a few of the most noticeable workers of a dining establishment. They take food and beverage orders, serve drinks and meals and simply usually assist clients get what they desire.

As a waiter, you’ll speak and see to lots of clients every day. Excellent English abilities are necessary! There’s a lot of repeating in this position, which you’ll find out rapidly as you work.

This task is likewise among the most convenient to practice for, because you’ll discover waiters in almost every dining establishment you check out. You can likewise gather some menus from your preferred dining establishments (or online) and find out the various type of meals you may need to serve.

Common expressions:

Study resources:

  • Here’s a useful list of sample discussions you may have as a waiter or waitress.
  • Before you go to a genuine dining establishment, you can watch this video to understand what you need to anticipate to hear. This is likewise a great location to find out how to provide yourself as a waiter. (Hint: You require to be considerate and courteous.)
  • Here’s another great video that teaches fundamental dining establishment and waiter vocabulary.
  • Waiters likewise need to talk to the personnel in the back of the dining establishment. A few of the terms you may require for that can be found here.

2. Host/ Hostess

hostess smiling outside cafe checking clipboard

The task of a host or person hosting is to welcome and seat clients (clients). A dining establishment host welcomes the clients with a smile, speaks pleasantly and often takes appointments.

A host likewise requires to be skillful (courteous in a subtle method). If there’s a long wait to be seated, it’s the host’s task to let the clients understand they’ll require to wait– without making them upset about the wait.

Good English and a real (genuine) smile are necessary for this position!

Common expressions:

Study resources:

  • What makes a terrific host? This article discusses a few of the most crucial qualities a dining establishment host need to have.
  • How do you pleasantly state “no”? This page teaches the distinction in between rude and courteous English.

3. Bartender

bartender pouring orange cocktail drink

A bartender’s task is to blend and serve beverages. A lot of locations need an unique license to be a bartender, because you’re typically serving alcohol. Not every dining establishment has bartenders since of this.

A bartender requires to understand several alcohols and mixed drinks (alcoholic drinks). It may likewise be a great concept to brush up on your small talk, as some clients truly like talking with the bartender.

More pricey dining establishments may likewise have a sommelier, which is somebody who focuses on great white wines. The expressions utilized by a sommelier are particular and extremely various to the white wines they serve.

Common expressions:

Study resources:

  • This page has a guide to the vocabulary words a bartender will require to understand.
  • What type of beverages should you called a bartender? Here’s a list to get you began.
  • What should you discuss as a bartender? Some leading bartenders share their suggestions in this easy article.
  • If you wish to focus on white wines, here’s a list of vocabulary words associated to white wines.

4. Supervisor

female restaurant manager fixing tables before opening time

The supervisor supervises of making certain the dining establishment runs efficiently. They make lots of crucial choices (options). As a supervisor, you will require to provide clear directions to everybody included, and action in to assist if a consumer has a problem.

As a supervisor, it’s handy to understand expert and organization English, while still having the ability to link in casual, less official English. Due to the fact that the supervisor’s task needs them to speak to clients, workers and experts in the field, that’s.

Common expressions:

Study resources:

  • When a consumer has a problem, the supervisor typically gets employed to manage the issue. This article supplies actions for dealing with problems with clients.
  • Want to see those suggestions in action? This video has some examples of a supervisor reacting properly to a consumer’s problem.
  • Of course, your task as a supervisor isn’t simply to handle problems. In this video, a variety of supervisors discuss their tasks and what it requires a supervisor. You can discover some excellent organization vocabulary therein, too!

5. Prepare/ Chef

male and female professional chefs cooking

You thought it: The cook cooks! There are various type of cooking positions, each with their own name and experience requirements. Chefs and cooks have their own terminology too– vocabulary that’s just utilized by them.

The kind of vocabulary you’ll require might differ depending upon the type of dining establishment you operate at. There are a number of expressions and restaurant vocabulary words that you’ll discover anywhere, so it’s a great concept to begin there.

Common expressions:

Study resources:

6. Busser

restaurant busser pouring red wine for customer with a salad

Not every dining establishment has a busser, however they can be a substantial aid to the remainder of the personnel. A busser’s task is to clear tables and fill up beverages.

The busser likewise assists keep things moving at a fast lane, so that clients can move in and out of the dining establishment at a stable speed (speed). Therefore, bussers require to understand how to be courteous to clients.

The regular quantity of time for clients to remain at their table differs by nation, so know these cultural distinctions. In the United States, a busser may clear plates from a table as quickly as the plates are empty. In Spain, clients typically have actually long, unwinded meals, and they generally remain at the table to talk long after they’ve completed consuming.

Common expressions:

Study resources:

  • This article discusses the value of bussers, and why they should not be neglected by dining establishments. It’s a long, rather intricate short article, however the bottom part has some beneficial suggestions on how to be a great busser.
  • What else does a busser do? This page explains all the prospective task obligations of a busser.

More English Vocabulary for Restaurant Workers

Here are some beneficial and typical terms utilized by dining establishment team member:

How to Practice Restaurant English

As a worker in a dining establishment,your most important concern is communication You require to be and comprehend comprehended.

You might have currently seen that the English utilized by dining establishment personnel can be repeated. This is excellent news for you! Discover the most typically duplicated words and expressions, and you’re currently midway there.

Here are some methods you can practice utilizing English dining establishment vocabulary:

  • Role play. All you require is a good friend to practice talking with! Function play is when you pretend to be another person, or you pretend to be in a particular kind of scenario.

    So, get a good friend and select your functions. If you’re intending to be a waiter, for example, you can pretend to be the waiter and your good friend can be the consumer. You can likewise function have fun with a fellow trainee, an instructor and even a Skype tutor.

  • Go to a dining establishment. If you currently reside in an English-speaking nation, simply go check out a dining establishment! Keep your ears and eyes open, and you’ll hear a lot of expressions and vocabulary duplicated by the dining establishment personnel.

    If you check out an open cooking area dining establishment (where you can see the food being prepared), you might even get to hear some “back of your house” English. Take your note pad with you and make a note of any expressions you hear typically however do not understand.

    If you do not reside in an English-speaking city, take a look at locations that are traveler heavy. The tourist market typically utilizes English, and any dining establishments in traveler locations are most likely to have English-speaking personnel. (If your waiter is a native, ask to speak English to you!)

  • Watch dining establishment television programs. To get a check out the back of a dining establishment, you can view dining establishment programs. Television programs like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Restaurant: Impossible” take you inside the dining establishment organization in a special method.

    These programs not just teach you the English you may utilize in a dining establishment cooking area, however they likewise reveal you what it’s like to operate in one. (Of course, you most likely will not have a well-known cook chewing out you as you work!)

  • Watch cooking travel programs. You can “check out” dining establishments all over the world by seeing cooking travel programs. By seeing “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” for instance, you can take a trip throughout the United States and hear the method dining establishment team member speak in various parts of the nation.

If you wish to view genuine English videos that have handy knowing tools, you can take a look at FluentU. This language finding out program utilizes genuine English videos– like video, talk programs, vlogs and more– to teach you the language.

Remember that the English you’ll require is a bit various for each kind of dining establishment task. Choose a focus: Which task do you intend on requesting? What nation do you wish to operate in? If you desire a various function in the future, Prepare for the position that you’re using for now— even. The remainder of the knowing will be simpler once you’re really operating in a dining establishment since you’ll be

immersed in

(surrounded by) dining establishment English.professional English

English for dining establishment personnel is truly simply a particular kind of working in the tourism industry.

And discovering it provides you the choice of


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