Daily Spanish Practice: 30 Fun Challenges for Learning That’s Never Boring


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Are you up for an obstacle that will catapult you to Spanish success?

If you require to kick-start your day-to-day Spanish practice, we’ve assembled a list of enjoyable mini-challenges Every one will target a particular ability: reading, composing, listening or speaking.

Try to do one every dayfor a month Mix ’em up, integrate them and duplicate the ones you like.

By the end of the month, you’ll not just be an action better to fluency, however you’ll likewise understand how simple it can be to get your day-to-day dosage of Spanish knowing.


Writing Challenges


1. Compose a postcard to a penpal in Spanish

MyLanguageExchange permits you to look for penpals by target language so that you can quickly determine a penpal to practice your Spanish with. For this difficulty, discover a penpal and send them a message presenting yourself.

This will assist you practice fundamental composing abilities and construct self-confidence in your Spanish capabilities.

2. Prepare a letter to the editor of a Spanish-language paper or publication

Have you check out something in a Spanish-language newspaper or magazine that outraged, concerned, interested or baffled you? Prepare a letter to the editor with remarks and concerns. This will assist you deal with grammar and syntax. If you desire,

You do not really have to send out the letter– however you can!

3. Discover a response to a Spanish grammar or vocabulary concern on WordReference online forum

I’m sure every language student handle a minimum of one consistent grammar concern that they simply can’t understand. (My greatest trouble was constantly the distinction in between indirect and direct things pronouns!)WordReference.com forum The

is a location where Native speakers and spanish students come together to talk about the trials and victories of language knowing. You can ask your concerns and send your replies in either Spanish or english– reward points for composing in Spanish!

Posting on the online forum is a terrific method to practice your composing abilities, conquer your language obstructions and get in touch with others in the Spanish language neighborhood.

Lang-8 4. Post a piece of composing you’ve done on Lang-8 and get a native speaker’s feedback

is a totally free site that links language students with native speakers going to check out and modify their writing. Post a piece of your initial Spanish writing (not something that has actually currently been fixed in class!) to Lang-8 and get feedback on it.

The native speaker might point out specific mistakes that you would not have actually observed or let you understand that a particular expression simply does not sound. This is a terrific method to get your composing to native level.Spanish practice exercise 5. Compose a journal entry or post in Spanish

Writing about your day is a timeless

to deal with vocabulary, grammar and specifically past-tense verb building and construction.

To finish this difficulty you just need to compose one journal entry or post– however if you enjoy it, attempt to keep it up every night.

6. Compose your grocery list or order of business in Spanishfood vocabulary If you’re going to compose an order of business or wish list currently, do it in Spanish rather of English!

This job will not always assist you with sentence development however it’ll be a terrific workout in vocabulary recall. You’ll deal with either

or day-to-day regular vocabulary.

If, in the middle of making your list, you understand you do not understand a specific word, compose it in English in brackets. At the end of composing your list, search for all the vocabulary words you were uncertain of.Argentina 7. Compose a Reddit post on a country-specific subredditMexico Many nations have Spanish-language subreddits, consisting of Chile, everyday, slangy Spanish and

These are fantastic for practicing your



They’re specifically great for discovering country-specific vocabulary and use guidelines.

Reading Challenges 8. Attempt your hand at a Spanish-language crossword puzzle Important: This ought to

notcrosswords for children be a crossword developed for a Spanish class! If you total one developed for native speakers, it’ll be much more difficult (and more gratifying).El Pais Beginners can attempt

, while advanced speakers may attempt the day-to-day crosswords in

.list of Spanish-language Twitter accounts for language learners 9. Follow a Spanish-language Twitter or Instagram feed you like

Twitter and Instagram are fantastic locations to discover native-speaker Spanish and especially modern-day slang. To get you began, here’s a terrific

You can likewise follow your preferred Spanish-speaking artist, artist, newscaster or merely a good friend who publishes in Spanish.

This difficulty can absolutely be integrated with # 11 or # 13 listed below. 10. Discover a dish in Spanish and utilize it to make supper It does not need to be a Spanish- or Latin-inspired meal, however it absolutely can be. Find out how to state your meal of option in Spanish and look for it online utilizing the word


( dish).

This difficulty will assist you discover particular food vocabulary and cooking verbs. Plus, it’ll end in a tasty meal!

You can quickly integrate this difficulty with # 6.

11. Check out trending hashtags in the Spanish-speaking world and check out tweets in Spanish

You most likely currently hang out putting things off on social networks, so why not utilize that time to practice your Spanish?

Pick a couple of hashtags that intrigue you and invest a couple of minutes seeing what individuals are tweeting about in the Spanish-speaking world.

This is a terrific method to get slang and other casual elements of daily Spanish.

12. Search the Spanish-language area of your public library

Libraries are a remarkable, under-appreciated, totally free resource for language students. If you do not yet have a library card, what are you waiting on?children’s book Most libraries in the U.S. will have an area dedicated to Spanish-language books.

Check out one that interests you– do not fret, it can be a

or collection of narratives if you’re a newbie!

13. Discover a blog site associated to your pastime composed by a Spanish speakerhas a blog devoted to it Do you like gardening? Homebrewing? Basketball?

Surely, there’s a Spanish-speaker who likewise likes your pastime and


Do some web research study (this is likewise part of the difficulty) to discover an intriguing blog site, then checked out a couple of posts.

You’ll have the ability to concentrate on reading and likewise discover helpful Spanish vocabulary associated to your pastime.

14. Strategy your dream trip to a Spanish-speaking nation

I invest great deals of time considering dream getaways to other nations– perhaps you do, too!Wikiviajes For this difficulty, attempt to utilize just Spanish-speaking resources to prepare a journey.

The crowd-sourced

is an excellent location to begin, however you can likewise search sites for particular hotels, dining establishments, museums and so on in your dream location.

15. Google or Wikipedia something in Spanish

a guy is talking to a girl online

You’ll require to find out how to equate the search terms into Spanish, which is great vocabulary practice, and after that you’ll need to check out for material, which will assist establish your reading abilities.

Speaking and Pronunciation Challenges

16. Connect to a Spanish-speaking language partner

Not everybody has a Spanish discussion group in their location or a Spanish-speaking buddy to experiment.these resources for online language exchange If you do, fantastic! This difficulty will be simple.

If not, take a look at among

to discover a native speaker going to practice by means of Skype.

17. Tape yourself speaking Spanish and listen to the recording

I understand, I understand– I likewise dislike listening to my documented voice. All of us do.

Singing along to music But listening to a recording of yourself can be a terrific method to observe pronunciation errors you do not capture while speaking. Starting students can check out a ready text while innovative speakers ought to speak off-the-cuff about a subject of their picking.

18. Discover the lyrics to a Spanish-language tune and sing along

is a timeless method to practice pronunciation. For this difficulty, choose a preferred Spanish tune and discover its lyrics. (Maybe among these Disney tunes will interest you?)

Try to follow the lyrics while simply listening a couple of times, and as soon as you feel great, attempt to sing along. If you can remember the lyrics and sing along without them in front of you, offer yourself unique reward points!list of Spanish tongue-twisters 19. Try and discover a spanish tongue-twister to state it as quickly as you can

Practicing among these challenging expressions is a terrific method to home in on pronunciation and target challenging noises. Here’s a terrific

to get you began.

20. Change your phone to Spanish and have a discussion with Siri

If Siri does not comprehend what you’re stating, she will not have the ability to return details to you. When you talk, this is a terrific method to inspect your pronunciation to make sure that native speakers can comprehend you.makes them great for language learning 21. Discover a joke in Spanish and inform it to a Spanish-speaking buddy

Jokes are challenging and typically include wordplay, which

Practice the joke up until you have it down pat, then share it with a Spanish-speaking buddy to see if they comprehend it. (This can be integrated with difficulty # 16!)

22. Discover a Spanish poem you like and read it aloud“Los Nadies” by Eduardo Galeano Neruda, Guillén, Martí … there are numerous incredible Spanish and Latin American poets to check out.

For this difficulty, checked out some Spanish-language poetry up until you discover a poem that specifically talks to you. (Personally, I like


Read the poem aloud. You ought to focus not just on proper pronunciation however likewise on feeling and significance. If you have a prepared audience, feel totally free to recite the poem for other individuals.

23. Drill some important expressions for Spanish discussionbasic phrases Do you get tongue-tied in discussion? For this difficulty, invest 15 to 30 minutes drilling helpful expressions that are most likely to come up in daily discussion. This will assist soothe your nerves so that you can speak more with complete confidence.common greetings Here are some interesting phrases for newbies,

for beginner-intermediate speakers and


for innovative speakers.

LyricsTraining Listening Challenges

24. Do a Spanish tune difficulty on LyricsTraining

is a very enjoyable method to drill your listening abilities while likewise exposing yourself to Spanish-language music and culture.

Plus, it has numerous trouble levels, making it helpful for all ability levels.TuneIn 25. Turn your vehicle radio to a Spanish-language station download a Spanish podcast Again, you’ll practice your listening and likewise discover a thing or more about Latino or spanish culture. Usage

to discover a web radio station or

if you do not commute in an automobile.

26. Enjoy genuine Spanish videos

The finest method to enhance your listening abilities is to soak up as much real-world Spanish as you can. Genuine videos are a available and fantastic resource that can sharpen your ears and offer you a visual context to what you’re hearing.

Plus, they can expose you to numerous vital parts of Spanish: the various dialects, appropriate use of expressions in context, cultural bits and more.Webseries en Español Videos are simple to discover online, though you’ll need to filter through the material to discover ones proper for your research study. You ought to likewise watch out for inaccurate Spanish subtitles, especially on YouTube, where the captions are typically produced. this article 27. Discover Spanish-language web-series on YouTube Spanish web-series are a completely various animal than news briefs, podcasts, TED Talks, and so on. These programs will be hectic and typically will consist of great deals of existing slang, which will work for evaluating your language abilities. Check out the YouTube channel


from TED Talk La Voz

to begin.

28. Enjoy a TED Talk in Spanishthis one For something somewhat more instructional than a YouTube series, take a look at a

in Spanish.

Depending on your capability level, you can see the talks with English subtitles, Spanish subtitles or no subtitles at all.

Some of the Spanish TED Talks, like

on Argentine soccer, are fantastic due to the fact that they offer insights into Latin American culture along with the Spanish language.

29. Change your map app to Spanish

The supreme test in Spanish listening capability: Can you process and comprehend what your phone states and reach your location?great resources This difficulty works listening abilities along with particular directions/navigation vocabulary.

30. Listen to a news short in Spanish on a subject that intrigues you

Newscasters tend to speak gradually, plainly and properly, making this difficulty specifically fantastic for newbies.

Check out these for discovering Spanish through the news. How to Use This List for Daily Spanish Practice

The above list of 30 obstacles can assist you practice Spanish in enjoyable, engaging and imaginative methods. If any) resources, many of the obstacles are totally free and need couple of (. Plus, great deals of them take less than 15 minutes to finish!

Try to finish one difficulty every day for a month, in whatever order you want. Do these

in addition to your routine Spanish practice

— they’re not extensive sufficient to completely change Spanish classes.

With each of these obstacles, you’ll discover yourself getting self-confidence, constructing your language abilities, and ideally having fun at the same time.

How numerous obstacles can you finish in one month? will then love FluentU Download:
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And One More Thing …

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Dialogue tab, and discover expressions and words noted under Vocab

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(*) .(*) with your computer system or tablet or, even better, (*). .


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