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Christmas in Mexico: What are Las Posadas?


Las Posadas are a capitivating part of the Christmas holidays in Mexico that provide delight to old and young. Nowadays, any celebration hung on these dates might be called a posada Conventional ones, however, start with a procession in remembrance of the scriptural story in which Mary and Joseph looked for shelter to have their kid.

Each event, held over the course of 9 days before Christmas, includes live music and singing, kids impersonated angels, piñatas, and delicious food. You’ll discover them in every corner of Mexico, though events likewise happen in a couple of other Latin American nations and parts of the United States!

Below, we’ll take a more detailed take a look at this centuries-old custom. You’ll discover we’ve consisted of must-know Spanish vocabulary that will assist you deepen your understanding of Las Posadas. To take your Cultural and spanish understanding an action even more, attemptRosetta Stone Our enjoyable, immersive approach to learning enables our users to get conversation-ready in no time.

What are Las Posadas?

Las Posadas are a sort of taking a trip significant work and extended prayer that happen throughout the 9 nights before Christmas. This custom goes back over 400 years to the early days of Spanish colonization, when Spanish friars led the events throughout Mexico. Nowadays, areas and regional churches arrange these occasions.

Each night is a reenactment of the scriptural story of Joseph and Mary’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in look for a location for Mary to deliver.

To retell this story, next-door neighbors in Mexico begin preparing for Las Posadas months beforehand, however many people simply get to appear and take pleasure in the appeal of Las Posadas. 9 homes are selected for each of the nights, from December 16-24, and obviously the primary stars, normally kids, and artists are picked too.

We’ll take you through the procession, tunes, conventional foods, and more listed below.



Each night, 2 kids are selected to play the function of Mary and Joseph. Others are impersonated shepherds and angels, and sometimes, there’s even a donkey. The individuals are called pastores, which indicates “shepherds.” If you see a great deal of kids worn bathrobes, you’ve discovered a posada!

The procession can begin throughout town, and while a handful of entertainers will wait inside the designated home, an angel or 2 “captains” are selected to lead the procession.

One individual leads the procession with a luminaria, a lit candle light in a paper or cellophane holder. They might bring

luces de bengala

(” sparklers”). The remainder of the group follows through the streets singing and playing music up until they reach the designated home. Flowers or spiritual statuary might likewise be brought by the individuals. Singing and spiritual parts Once the group reaches your house, there’s a call and action that takes place. Individuals of the group exterior

piden posada

(request accommodations), which night’s host and group reacts from within. To mirror the scriptural story, the individuals are declined accommodations. Recited bible or prayers might play a part in case, either at your house or along the method. Often the processions end at the regional church, where mass is stated. But as soon as the procession is over– and in the spirit of the vacations– the neighborhood is invited in and the celebration starts, total with conventional food and beverage. Christmas carols called

villancicos are likewise sung, and dancing might happen. On the last night, December 24, Mary and Joseph are lastly offered



(a location to remain)– in the nick of time for Christmas day events.

Piñatas, punch, and foodRompe la piñata Piñatas are the life of the celebration at any occasion. Throughout Las Posadas, they truly get the possibility to shine! For this vacation, piñatas are typically in the kind of a star, which represents the one that assisted the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem.

A kid is blindfolded and carefully reversed to confuse them a bit, and other kids sing a tune called “piñata ritual” (” Break the Piñata”). The blindfolded kid attempts to strike the piñata, normally held on a rope, with a stick while grownups move the piñata up and down on the rope.

Although not widely known, the has ties to ancient Mayan and Aztec practices, later on embraced by Catholic missionaries in Mexico. Normally handmade of clay pots and painted paper mache, piñatas consist of sugary foods, nuts, and fruit. Adults and kids alike typically get a scrumptious hot ponche (punch) made from dried and fresh fruit, natural sugarcane, and pilloncillo, a sort of brown sugar. Snacks or a snack like tamales are served, and visitors get celebration prefers called

aguinaldosSpanish words and phrases to take home.

>> > > Equip yourself with

so you’ll be prepared for the holiday.

Where does Las Posadas happen?

Las Posadas normally takes place by community. Frequently linked to a specific Catholic parish, Las Posadas needs the dedication and company of a big group of next-door neighbors. Las Posadas are restricted to a little location of a town or city since of the preparation included. Primary schools typically have a single-event posada before winter season break. What do individuals use throughout Las Posadas? Los pastores , the kids who take part in Las Posadas, normally use homemade outfits, or ones purchased conventional Mexican markets called


( originated from the Nahuatl). These outfits include white bathrobes, feathered wings, and sparkly halos. You’ll see great deals of angels and tinsel!

While there are a range of outfit choices for the other characters, there will constantly be a set of kids impersonated Mary and Joseph, and a trio costumed as the Three Wise Men (in anticipation of Three Kings Day). These outfits normally include satiny tunics with a rope belt and potentially an extra piece of material used to the side over one shoulder and a headcovering. Metal trim is popular too.

More sophisticated and codified outfits are likewise utilized, specifically for Christmas Eve. That stated, for easier posadas, there are no outfits, and in either case, grownups seldom dress up.litany What tune is sung throughout Las Posadas? An unique is sung throughout las Posadas by 2 groups, those outside the home, los peregrinos who request accommodations, and those inside,

los hospederos who in the beginning reject entryway to the peregrinos up until they’re informed it’s the “Queen of the Heavens” outside. Though the tune is easy to sing, it is well-known for extending the vowels for a number of notes on each line. Individuals normally bring a little book or paper so they do not forget their part of the tune. By the end of the exchange, los hospederos sing:

¡ Entren santos peregrinos, peregrinos!TruAccent (Come in holy pilgrims!). As soon as you’ve heard this tune, it’ll be difficult to get it out of your head!


>> > > Not sure how to pronounce tune lyrics in Spanish? Attempt

so you can sing your heart out! What conventional Mexican foods are served throughout Las Posadas? Appetizers or

  • antojitos are served for Las Posadas, and the menu can differ a good deal. Here are simply a few of the numerous possible meals that can be served.Oaxaca Buñuelos and hot chocolate
  • : These are a bit like funnel cakes, other than that they’re entirely flat. They’re served with syrup in a bowl and typically accompanied with hot chocolate. In some locations like the clay pots in which they’re served might be (securely) smashed versus a wall or on the ground as one makes a long for the New Year. Tostadas: Tostadas are flat tortillas that have actually been fried or baked. From there, the very first layer is normally refried beans. After that, include whatever your creativity will permit: shredded chicken, fish,
  • tinga (a chicken meal made with tomatoes), cheese, or sliced beef. They’re typically topped with sour cream, salsa or pickled chilis, lettuce, tomato and avocado. Mm! Atole: There’s no excellent translation for the word


other than to state that it’s soothing and warming on a cold winter season night. With an enormous variety of methods to prepare it, let’s simply state atole is an abundant, velvety hot beverage made with some sort of grain, which is gently sweetened and seasoned. Normally made with corn or often oatmeal, strawberry, chocolate, or cinnamon prevail tastes– however there’s even one made with spicy chili! Whatever method it’s made, atole is a welcome beverage after a night of singing.

How to commemorate Las Posadas in Mexico or in the house

  • If you wish to make sure to participate in Las Posadas in Mexico, you can inquire about them at the regional traveler workplace, at your hotel, or with your next-door neighbors. A lot of cities likewise have a main site that publishes occasions. You’ll likewise most likely run into a posada by merely being out and about in the early night on December 16-24 if you’re in Mexico for Christmas. Mexican vacations are a genuine reward, however if you can’t make it to Mexico, there are normally choices in huge U.S. cities, specifically in the Southwest. We’ve made a list of a few of the widely known posada events in the United States for you: La Gran Posada San Antonio, Texas
  • : What’s referred to as , the huge or excellent posada, is kept in 2 locations, the basilica and the cathedral, every year.New Mexico History Museum Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • : Founded by the Spanish in 1607, New Mexico’s variation of Las Posadas has actually been commemorated for forty-six years around the plaza and at the .Mission Nombre de Dios St. Augustine, Florida
  • : Another town established by the Spanish (in 1565), St. Augustine likewise holds a yearly posada at the .Olvera Street Los Angeles, California

: How can a city called The Angels not commemorate Las Posadas? It’s been a custom to hold posadas on

considering that the 1930s. Posadas are likewise kept in a few of the state parks in California.

What other celebrations happen throughout Christmas in Mexico? las Fiestas Navideñas More than a day, Christmas includes a whole season in Mexico. It lasts from mid-December to early February!

  • Here is a list of the crucial dates throughout (” Christmas season celebrations”) in Mexico:
  • December 12: Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe (Virgin of Guadalupe Day)
  • December 16-24: Las Posadas
  • December 24: Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)
  • December 25: Navidad (Christmas Day)
  • December 28: Día de los Santos Inocentes (Holy Innocents Day)
  • January 6: Día de los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day)

February 2

: Candelaria (Candlemas) Make the many of every event Whether you choose to take pleasure in Las Posadas in the house or in Mexico, finding out Spanish will improve your experience as it enables you to interact with more individuals. Your Hispanic customers will value your understanding of their customs if you’re working with a varied neighborhood. Or perhaps you’re a Spanish heritage speaker who wishes to impress your

abuelitanatural language setting (granny) for Christmas. No matter the factor you’re interested in the Spanish language and Mexican customs, finding out Spanish with Rosetta Stone will not bog you down with laborious memorization. Rather, it will immerse you in a , and you’ll be on your method to singing at Las Posadas before you can state

santos peregrinos

Written by Rowena Galavitz(*) Rowena Galavitz is a Spanish translator, multilingual copy editor, and language and literature trainer with 3 master’s degrees who likes Spanish and all things Mexico.(*)



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