Chores in Spanish: 30 Essential Words and Phrases for Keeping the House Tidy


chores in spanish

Nobody delights in tasks, however all of us need to do them– and in some cases discuss them.

In truth, discovering to discuss tasks in Spanish is among those things that will take you out of “fundamental survival” and into genuine interaction.

If you get welcomed to a Spanish speaker’s house, for example, think of how fantastic it’ll feel when you can provide to assist your host clean the meals!

Read on to find out how to discuss tasks in Spanish.


Vocabulary for Chores in Spanish

There are a couple of fundamental methods to state “tasks” in Spanish:

los quehaceres
( tasks)

las tareas domésticas
( tasks, or household chores)

And here are some Spanish expressions for the most typical home tasks:

Spanish Chore Phrases with Irregular Verbs

There are likewise numerous task expressions that utilize of typical Spanish verbs such as hacer
( to do/to make), dar
( to provide) and ir
( to go).

All three of these verbs are irregular, so you’ll wish to take some additional time to discover their conjugations.

Here are a couple of expressions that utilize these 3 typical irregular verbs:

Using Chore Phrases in a Sentence

So, what do these task expressions appear like in a sentence?

They’ll alter a little depending upon how you utilize them. You’ll need to conjugate your verbs in among a couple of various methods.


To ask somebody if they did a task in the past, usage the preterite form of the verb.

For example:

¿Cortaste el césped?

( Did you trim the yard?)

To ask somebody if they will do a task in the future, conjugate the verb in the simple future tense, thus:

¿Sacarás la basura?

( Will you get the garbage?)

You can likewise utilize the verb poder (can/be able to) plus the infinitive to ask if somebody will do a task:

¿Puedes cambiar las sábanas?

( Can you alter the bedsheets?)

And obviously, you can be courteous with your demand by including “please” to your concern:

¿Puedes limpiar la cocina, por favor?

( Can you clean up the kitchen area, please?)

The Present Tense

Use the simple present tense to discuss doing a task regularly.

For example:

Yo paso la aspiradora todos los días.

( I vacuum every day.)

Yo siempre lavo la ropa.

( I constantly wash.)

To discuss what another person is doing, utilize the proper present tense ending:

Nosotros sacamos la basura.

( We get the garbage.)

Mi amigo siempre plancha la ropa.

( My pal constantly irons his clothing.)

On the other hand, to discuss a task that you’re in the procedure of doing, utilize the present progressive tense:

Yo estoy sacando la basura ahora.

( I’m securing the garbage now.)

Ellos todavía están arreglando la casa.

( They are still cleaning your house.)

The Imperative

Use verbs in the imperative form to inform another person to do something.

This is really helpful when speaking about home tasks, particularly if you do not seem like doing them!

¡Saca la basura!

( Take out the garbage!)

¡Lava los platos!

( Wash the meals!)

Remember, you can utilize the important while still being courteous. It’s everything about tone and minding your good manners:

Mamá, por favor, cocina para nosotros.

( Mom, please cook for us.) When they’re utilized with another verb,

The Infinitive Verbs are utilized in their .

Me gusta arreglar la casa.

You can utilize the infinitive to

No me gusta limpiar las ventanas.

discuss likes and dislikes,

Le gusta barrer el piso.

for instance:

( I like to clean your house.)( I do not like to clean the windows.)

Pedro va a dar de comer a las mascotas.

( He likes to sweep the flooring.)

Yo voy a poner la mesa.

You can likewise utilize it to

Yo voy a limpiar el polvo.

discuss future jobs:

( Pedro is going to feed the family pets.)

( I am going to set the table.)

( I am going to dust.)

Tips for Learning and Practicing Chores in Spanish

Because tasks are a huge part of every day life, you’ll have numerous chances to utilize these vocabulary words. And the more you utilize them, the much better you’ll remember them.learning Spanish independently Try several of the following methods to practice.

Use Chore Words Around your house This is an excellent technique for those

. Label typical home products to assist you remember what they are. Put one on the vacuum, the door of the oven, the meal soap on the kitchen area counter … Anywhere! Insert task expressions into discussion

whenever possible. (” Don’t fret, Mom! I’m going to

hacer la cama


As a bonus offer, your relative or roomies might wind up discovering a couple of Spanish task expressions with you! Play a Game Do you like to draw? Do you have buddies who likewise wish to practice their Spanish?

Play a video game of


It’s an excellent method to examine– having a good time will assist the words stick. For Pictionary, produce a stack of index cards with the Spanish task words composed on them. Divide into groups. Take turns selecting a card and illustrating of the expression on a white boards. (Remember: No words!) The drawer’s staff member( s) will attempt to think the right expression. Appropriate guesses get a point.

If you do not like drawing, attempt a video game of


rather. Employee need to act out the task rather of drawing it. (No spoken ideas!)

Use Online Study Sites Apps and sites provide you access to Spanish vocabulary practice right on your preferred gadget. Get going with:

Happy knowing!

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