Chevere! 340+ Spanish Words That Start with “ch” (with Audio)


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The “ch” audio is comparable in Spanish and also English. Can you state the word “delicious chocolate”? After that you’re all great!

The audio involved the Spanish language from Indigenous American languages, specifically Nahuatl, which is the language of the Aztecs.

When Spanish travelers and also inhabitants came across Nahuatl words like “chocolatl” (implying “bitter water” or “delicious chocolate”), they embraced the “ch” appear right into the Spanish language.

Continue reading to look into greater than 340 words that start with “ch” in Spanish!


Spanish Nouns That Beginning with Ch

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Spanish Verbs That Beginning with Ch

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Spanish Adjectives That Beginning with Ch

Spanish Word English Translation
jade jade
jamaicano Jamaican
japonés Japanese
jaranero cheery, fun-loving
jarocho from Veracruz, Mexico
jaspeado multicolor, discovered
jocoso amusing
jorobado hunchbacked
joven young
jovial jolly
jubilado retired
jubiloso joyous, happy
judicativo judicial
judio Jewish
jugoso juicy
juguetón spirited
jumillano from Jumilla, Spain
juncáceo referring to hurries
junco constructed from hurries
junino referring to June
juntito close with each other
juntos with each other
jurado vowed
jural connecting to the regulation
juramentado vowed, having actually taken a vow
jurásico Jurassic
jurídico lawful, juridical
jurisdiccional administrative
jurisperito specialist in regulation
justiciable justiciable
justiciero exemplary, simply, reasonable
justificable sensible
justificado warranted
justificante validating, justificatory
justo simply, reasonable

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Spanish Adverbs That Beginning with Ch

Spanish Word English Translation
Chabacano Repulsive
Chalaco Individual from Callao, Peru
Chalaco/a From Callao
Chalado Mad, insane
Chaleque Flirty
Chambón Awkward
Charro Cowboy
Chato Snub-nosed, level
Chévere Great, wonderful
Chibolo Youthful, youngster
Chicharrero Chicharrón-related
Chichón Bump, swelling
Chico Little, boylike
Chido Cool, terrific
Chiflado Crazy
Chilango From Mexico City
Chileno Chilean
Chiloso Spicy
Chinchudo Grumpy, grumbling
Chingón Knowledgeable
Chino Chinese
Chiquis Little, little
Chiquitín Tiny
Chiquitito Really little
Chiquito Tiny
Chirle Careless
Chirriante Squeaking
Chirrión Unpleasant
Chismoso Blabbing, friendly
Chispeante Sparkling
Chistoso Amusing
Chito Little
Chocante Surprising
Chocarrero Crude, disrespectful
Chocarriento Shiny, glowing
Choricero Chorizo-related
Chucaracha Roach
Chúcaro Ugly, unclean
Chuchumeco Trifler
Chuchurrío Twisted, deformed
Chula Enchanting, wonderful
Chulito Cutesy
Chulo Cool, pander
Chulón Appealing, good-looking
Chupacabras Goat fool
Chupado Shriveled, slim
Churro Greasy, oily
Chusco Amusing, entertaining

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Spanish Ch-Words Test: Examination Yourself!

What does “chico” indicate in Spanish?

What is the English translation of the Spanish word “delicious chocolate”?

Which Spanish word suggests “glimmer” in English?

What is the definition of the Spanish word “chillar” in English?

What is the English translation of the Spanish word “chisme”?

Which Spanish word is a basic synonym for “joke” in English?

What does the Spanish word “chamarra” indicate in English?

spanish words that begin with ch

Master of Spanish Ch words. Good work!

These Spanish words that begin with ch will certainly be terrific enhancements to your Spanish vocabulary!



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